InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 6.06.05


Let the draft lottery commence.

Who will be the first SmackDown! Superstar drafted over to RAW, and what will the ripple effect be across WWE? Chairman Mr. McMahon has made it clear that no one is safe from the draft process — and that trades can occur up until June 30. We also learned that Y2J will interview the first pick exclusively on The Highlight Reel.

Many Superstars have expressed concerns about being drafted, although last week Christian seemed excited by the potential of a move. But now the waiting is over. All that remains is for name No. 1 to be drawn — as a SmackDown! Superstar says goodbye to his familiar surroundings and heads to Monday nights. Don’t miss the event that could change the face of RAW.

Meanwhile, Triple H and Batista will make it official when they sign the contract that will put them inside Hell in a Cell. Last time these two were in the ring for a contract signing, Batista put The Game through a table with a Batista Bomb. Surely, both men will be ready for anything.

It all begins next Monday at 9/8 CT on Spike TV.

Bischoff pops up and says that in fact he has already picked out a superstar to come to RAW tonight. He rants on about it, until Coach butts in and warns him of Heyman’s possible appearance tonight. Uh, okay.

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Hosts are Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

The Highlight Reel is all set up for business, and the first person to come to RAW from Smackdown! is…John Cena! The fans go nuts! Y2J immediately brings up that BOTH champs are here on RAW, and last time that happened, he beat them both to become the Undisputed Champion. Jericho also brings up that both have music careers, and gives some advice to Cena – do whatever it takes to suceed, even if it means ignoring the wrestling fans. Cena begs to differ, and calls an open challenge for the whole RAW locker room. So, Christian intterupts. Hell yeah! He bashes Mark McGwire as being a fraud, and says that Cena is the same. CC puts him in his place verbally, and Cena fires back with a rap! He even does his own five second pose, causing Christian and Tomko to attack. Cena fights them off however, and FUs Tyson for good measure.

Commercial break.

Muhammad Hassan & Daivari(3-1) vs. Shelton Benjamin(5-2)(c) – Intercontinental Championship match
Hassan gets the belt even if Daivari gets the 3. Shelton starts out with Hassan, and gets in a couple of armdrags. Benjamin deals with Daivari for a while, but Hassan gets the upperhand. Shelton knips up and gets a back suplex to set up the running knee lift. Daivari moves Hassan out of the way for the splash, and Hassan hits him with the Modified STO for…2, but the ref sees the foot on the ropes late, so Hassan celebrates for a while as we go to a:

Commercial break.

We’re back and the match has ben restarted. Shelton gets a somoan drop for 2, thanks to Daivari. Shelton tries to take out his anger on him, but the heels double team him. Hassan works him over for a while, and brings in Daivari. Daivari stays on the arm, but Shelton gets a quick small cradle for a 2 count. Daivari gets back in control, and gets some near falls over working the shoulder. Benjamin fights back eventually, and cleans house on both the heels. Splash in the corner, Hassan gets dumped, and a T-bone suplex on Daivari helps Shelton retain his title.

Another Batista/HHH video package.

Commercial break.

Man, I am so hyped to see One Night Stand. ECW! ECW!

Speaking of which, we’re back with Regal telling Tajiri not to be involved in the ECW ppv. Benoit walks in and sticks up for Tajiri and ECW. Regal has taken it one step further though, as he announces he’s a part of Bischoff’s anit-ECW team. Tajiri is forced to make a decision between the two sides by Regal, and responds by chanting ECW a bunch of times, which is actually really funny.

Meanwhile, Coach is still freaking out about Heyman coming, as he’s apparently rumored to not be alone. Eric doesn’t care, as it’s just a rumor. Hassan and Daivari barge in, mad about not winning, and being told they did. Eric calms them down by saying that someone will hear them out next week. Hassan thinks it’s Vince McMahon, but in fact it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Commercial break.

Chris Masters(8-0) vs. Val Venis(1-2)
Venis jumps him before Chris is even done with his entrance. Val destroys him with a bunch of offense, and gets a full nelson slam for 2. Venis rolls Masters back in, and HOLY CRAP THERE’S A ROACH IN MY ROOM! Okay I killed it. Anyways, Master eventually locks in the Masterpiece and that’s all she wrote.

Backstage, Ric approaches HHH and gets him amped up for the contract signing up next.

Commercial break.

The red rug’s out and it’s time for some contract signing. There’s a bunch of security in the ring as well. Eric dares Heyman to show up beforehand, and introduces HHH to a smattering of compliments. Eric goes on to say that no matter who gets drafted before Vegeance, as long as HHH and Batista sign the contract, Hell in a Cell will take place at Vengeance. HHH says that it doesn’t matter where he ends up, no one will be able to beat him. He shows a HHHell in a Cell video package, as he HAS never lost one. Batista comes out to a big pop, and gets in some words of his own. Bischoff hurries up the signing process, and the two sign the contract. HHH tells Batista that he just signed his own death warrant, to which Dave says good, because HHH will have to kill him to take the WHC. HHH promises that after Vengeance, the two will be over for good. Batista responds by saying that he’s going to kick the devil’s ass. What does that have to do with anything?

Commerical break.

Victoria & The Heart Throbs vs. Christy Hemme, Rosey, & The Hurricane
Hurricane and one of Throbs start off. Vertical suplex gets 2 for Hurricane, thanks to the other male heel. Double russian legsweep gets 2 for the Heart Throbs. Vertical suplex gets 2 for the heels. Victoria comes in, but Hurricane tags in Christy and SHE GOES WILD! Christy chokes the hell out of her, causing the ref to call for the DQ.

Backstage, Bischoff walks in on Cena in his office, and makes the main event for next week – John & Y2J vs. Christian & Tomko. Eric also persuades Cena to join his anti-ECW team, but John apparently doesn’t play politics.

Smackdown! Rebound.

Commercial break.

Kane comes out for a match, but instead gets Edge, who announces that he will face Kane once again at Vengeance. Why? He’s already beaten him. Edge calls out Lita, who I kinda like as a slut. Lita brings up that Vengeance is in Las Vegas, so her and Edge just may get married that night as well. A liplock takes us to a:

Commercial break.

Chris Benoit(3-4) vs. Snitsky
Coach is doing commentary. Benoit attacks the knees right away, and beats him with a trash can lid. Benoit goes for an early Crossface, but Gene hits him in the head with the lid to break it up. He sets up two trash cans in seperate corners and whips Benoit into both of them. Sideslam on the trash can lid gets 2 for Gene. Benoit ducks a boot, hanging Snitsky up on the top rope, allowing Chris to kill him with a trash can shot. Benoit goes out to get a table, and sets it up in the ring. He gets the triple germans, and sets Gene up on the table. Chris goes up, but Snitsky crotches him and hits him with a trash can lid. Benoit’s out of the ring, allowing the Duleyz to run in and hit Gene with a table 3-D! They run off as we go to a:

Commercial break.

We’re back, as Benoit got the pin off of a Diving Headbutt during the break.

Backstage, Coach orders the police to arrest the Dudleyz and Heyman. Heyman rags on Eric for challenging them and then having them arrested, so Coach orders the police to take the handcuffs off. He invites Heyman to come back in the ring, and can even bring the Dudleyz with him.

Commercial break.

Back in the ring, Bischoff comes out with Edge, Christian, and Tomko. Eric isn’t impressed with the Dudley Boyz showing up tonight, and promises to take them and Heyman out tonight. Fans chant “ECW”. Eric calls Paul out, and Heyman is seen walking with the Dudz. They make it through the crowd, and Heyman gets the stick. He says that Eric keeps making it about him(Heyman), when it’s really about ECW itself. ECW never backed down to anyone, so the Dudleyz face off with Eric’s goons. Eric calls out more guys, and so does Heyman. This rules. The wrestlers go nuts! ECW kicks ass, and Rhyno GORES some pathetic soul. Maven is left alone, which lead to a big ass beating, including a 3-D! Eric backs off as Heyman and his ECW stars stand tall.


No matches announced on-air for One Night Stand, but you can find them over at

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2)Everything ECW

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3)Hassan & Daivari