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06/11/2005 – DAVIS ARENA

A cheering, active audience was in attendance at Davis Arena, as Dean and Al Snow welcomed viewers to the program. With the finale of the Television Title Tournament set and a Three-Way for the Southern Tag-Team Titles, it was no wonder that the audience was excited. Before the action in the ring could get started, Jerry “The King” Lawler had a few words to say to the viewers and the Blonde Bombers in particular.



Jerry appeared on camera, happy to be coming to Louisville on June 17 at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. For him, it is a chance to remind everyone in Louisville what “old school” wrestling is all about. Speaking of memories, Lawler remembered some Blonde Bombers that came before The Tolands; specifically two men that he and Superstar Bill Dundee fought in a match that will be forever known as “The Concession Stand Match.” Destroying a concession stand while at the same time destroying the Blonde Bombers then was a great time, Lawler said. As for the new “Blonde Bombers,” Lawler promised that both he and Chris Cage will take The Tolands and trash them just as Lawler had with the previous men who share the name, concession stand or not.


REF: Chris Kay

If the Tolands were worried about the upcoming match with Cage and Lawler, they didn’t show it as they came to the ring with Jillian Hall on Tank’s arm. Chad wasn’t alone either, as he had his issue of Muscle Mag that featured a pictorial of Melissa Coates. When Tank tore the magazine out of Chad’s hands and kicked it away, Chad came up with a better solution – that of bringing out Melissa Coates with him instead.

Gangrel and Suzuki were already in the ring waiting for the Blonde Bombers, and the two teams turned to see Danny Inferno come out on his own. Not for long though, as he was soon joined by the man who had beaten down on the Tolands the previous week, and who had faced a beatdown from Gangrel and Suzuki afterwards, thanks to the manipulative nature of Aaron “The Idol” Stevens, Chris Cage.

The match began with Danny Inferno and Chad Toland, and with Inferno comfortable in control. As Inferno tagged in Chris Cage, Chad made a break for it and tagged in Gangrel just as the fanged one had turned his head towards the audience. Surprised and a little miffed at being tagged in, Gangrel was lucky enough to find Cage unwilling to let go of a chance to pound the Tolands, ignoring Gangrel and heading straight to the Toland’s corner. With his back to Gangrel, Cage left himself open to an attack. Cage eventually fought back with some punches and elbows before trying for a quick pin attempt. When that didn’t work out, Cage tagged in Inferno. A quick knee to the guts allowed Gangrel to tag in Suzuki.

Suzuki got a good back-kick on Inferno, but Inferno began working Suzuki’s arm before tagging in Cage. Cage avoided a kick from Suzuki after a whip to the ropes, thanks to a baseball slide between Suzuki’s legs. Chris then performed an atomic drop on Kenzo, followed by a double-kick to the chest for a near-pin. Suzuki fought back with some punches and a kick before attempting a pin. When that fell through, Suzuki tagged in Gangrel.

Gangrel dropped Cage on the ropes and then dropped an elbow on Chris’ chest for a near-pin. Cage fought back until Gangrel hit him in the stomach with a knee and then tagged Suzuki back in. Kenzo went for a couple of sharp chops to the neck and then a jab to the throat and a slap to bring Cage down. Chris recovered and hit Kenzo with a double-kick to the face before tagging in Inferno.

Inferno hit Suzuki with two hard clotheslines and then a shoulderblock before attacking the Tolands and Gangrel on the outside. Going back to Suzuki, Inferno slammed him to the mat and began to pin Kenzo until Gangrel came in from the apron and dropped an elbow on what he thought would be Cage. Cage moved and Gangrel’s elbow hit Suzuki instead. Cage got Gangrel out of the ring, as Suzuki tried to tag in one of the Blonde Bombers. They refused to help and Inferno front-slammed Kenzo to the mat for a pin.

With Gangrel and Suzuki out of the match, Tank Toland leaped in and attacked the recovering Danny Inferno, throwing him out of the ring where Jillian Hall stood waiting to punish Inferno. Back in, Chad was tagged in and was getting the better of Inferno. Still, a pin-attempt was stopped by Inferno and Tank was brought back in by Chad. Tank choked Inferno on the ropes, for which Chad continued as Kay pulled Tank back to lecture him. After Chad stopped, Jillian Hall slapped Danny. After all that, it was easy for Tank to slam Inferno to the mat, hit him with an elbow-drop and then go for a pin. Inferno managed to break out of it and Tank decided to let Chad have a go at Inferno again.

After another near-pin, Chad found himself on the reverse of a whip attempt and hit the corner so hard that he fell forward. Unfortunately for him and Inferno, Danny was too close to the corner and the two popped each other in the head as Chad went down. With both in pain, they tagged in their partners, with Tank Toland and Chris Cage – former tag-team partners – going at it. As Cage dominated both Tolands and was ready to pin Tank, Jillian Hall got on the apron to distract Kay.

Just as Chad was about to attack the distracted Cage, Inferno got into the ring and hit Chad. Chad went out with Danny Inferno in hot pursuit, but Inferno was attacked on the outside by Blaster Lashley. Lashley drove Inferno to the back as Chad stopped a pin attempt by Cage in the ring. Cage slammed Chad to the mat and was ready to finish off Tank for good when Jillian jumped in and lowblowed Cage, allowing Tank to roll Chris Cage up and get the pin.

As the Blonde Bombers took off with their women and belts, Chris Cage looked on in pain and rage.

In the locker room, Lashley met up with Beth Phoenix and Aaron “The Idol” Stevens. Phoenix paid Blaster for his services that night in attacking Danny Inferno. Stevens then told him that there would be ten times the amount Blaster received if Lashley agreed to “wipe out” Inferno at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Summer Sizzler Series on June 17. Blaster agreed and the two shook hands.

In another part of backstage, the every stylin’ Mo’ Green asked Cage about Stevens paying Lashley to attack him as well as challenge him to a match on June 17. Inferno, with an icepack on his shoulder, stated that he wasn’t surprised at all that Stevens did such a thing as pay someone to do his dirty work for him. No matter, Inferno went on to say, as he would agree to the match with Blaster at Six Flags, with one stipulation – After he beat Blaster, Inferno wanted two minutes alone with The Idol in the ring. Just “¦ two “¦ minutes.

REF: Deuce Mahoney

After stating that women should not be in the ring, it must have been a very trying experience for Mike Mondo to agree to Ms. Blue facing a challenge from Alexis Laree. As for Alexis, she sneered at Mondo before entering the ring and immediately took Ms. Blue down for a beating. Mondo tried to stop Laree from the outside by grabbing her legs, but Alexis merely kicked him away and performed a face-first slip over the top of Ms. Blue that gave Laree a unique roll-up advantage for the pin.

In anger, Mondo jumped into the ring and threw Laree down for one thing most mortals would fear. Yes, that’s right, a sloppy French Kiss from Mondo. Alexis slapped him before he could perform the lascivious act, clouding Mike’s mind further with fury. As he picked Alexis up on his shoulders to drop her, Seth Skyfire entered the ring and chased Mondo and Blue away.

Getting on the microphone, Alexis and Seth challenged the Mondo/Blue duo to a match at Six Flags on June 17. Mondo accepted, while getting in one more verbal slap at Alexis in the process.


The week before, Lance Cade had come to the ring to challenge Brent Albright to the OVW Championship Belt in retribution for injuries he suffered in OVW that supposedly ruined his chances in WWE. This week, Albright took to the ring to accept Cade’s request. Brent also made a point of showing footage of Lance tapping out to the Crowbar a few months back, and followed up by promising Cade that he would make him tap out all over again.

Cade came out and through a monologue that could barely be heard over the chants of “YOU TAPPED OUT” from the audience told Albright that there would be no tapping from him when they meet up at Six Flags on June 17. Albright came out of the ring to attack, but Lance managed to DDT Brent on the floor. After taunting Albright with a few taps on the floor next to Brent’s head, Cade ran into the ring and picked up the OVW Championship belt, daring Albright to come in and make him tap.

Will Lance be the one to finally break Albright’s cycle of wins over the past several months? The fans will find out for sure at the Summer Sizzler Series show on June 17.


REF: Ray Ramsey

Deuce came out with his deck of cards that he threw out to audience members, while Ken came out to a somewhat cold reception from certain members of the audience – a situation that seemed to throw him a bit as the duo began with a lock-up that Shade tried to turn into a pin. The two broke off and head back in with Doane getting Shade down before they break off for a second time. Third time in and Deuce hit Ken with a takedown. Doane worked himself up to his feet and then hit a strong elbow to Shade’s head for a break.

Shade elbowed Doane in the face, then clotheslined Ken and hit him with a backdrop before going surfing on Doane’s back. A toss to the corner for Ken, found Deuce following in, but a leap turned into a bad decision as Doane moved out of the way and Shade ate turnbuckle. Doane moved Shade to another corner and slammed his head into the turnbuckle there, but Shade halted an attempt to do the same in another corner and struck back. The offense did not last long, however, as Doane dropped Shade on the ropes for a near-pin.

Doane dominated until Shade rolled Doane up for a near-pin. Doane responded with a kick to the gut on Deuce and then an abdominal stretch, using the ropes as leverage, after another pin attempt went nowhere. Shade tried to turn the tables with some punches and a couple of clotheslines for a near-pin, but Doane came back immediately with another near-pin.

Shade grabbed Doane by the hand and jumped up to the second and then third rope for a dropdown on Ken’s arm and body for a near-pin. Shade whipped Doane to the corner next, only to eat boot as Ken pulled up his legs when Deuce ran into the corner. Ken then attempted to go for the pin with his legs up on the ropes, for which the ref saw as Deuce kicked out.

In the center of the ring, Shade got ready to finish Doane off by putting Ken’s head between his legs. Doane surprised Deuce by lifting Shade up and backflipping him, only for Deuce to save the day by pulling Doane down and rolling him up for the pin. As the 1-2-3 came and went, Deuce Shade became the new Television Title Champion and recipient of $1,000 along with a new huge trophy that OVW had for the winner. Congrats to Deuce Shade!

As to Ken Doane and his temper tantrum afterwards, perhaps he needs to work on his interpersonal skills a bit.

REF: Chris Kay

Johnny Jeter was still wearing his eyepatch as he started the match against Birchall. That didn’t last long, however, as Birchall soon tagged in Anderson and dived out of the ring to hit the floor as if to keep on running. Jeter tagged in Cappotelli and after the Thrillseekers double-elbowed Anderson the mat, Cappotelli went for a pin.

Anderson kicked out of the pin only find himself the victim of an atomic-drop by Capotelli. Matt whipped Anderson to the corner and began pounding away. Birchall ran in to spear Cappotelli from behind, but Matt jumped up and out of the way, forcing Birchall to hit Anderson full-force.

Birchall made up for it soon after by interfering with Cappotelli from the outside, allowing Anderson an advantage. Birchall and Anderson then began a massive beatdown on Cappotelli in their corner, as they traded off on tagging each other in. After witnessing the slaughter for a short time, Jeter had enough and threw Birchall out of the ring and then punched Anderson, causing a DQ in the contest.

Just as Jeter was to commence an attack of Anderson, Birchall dragged Ken out by his feet and the two hurried to the back as Jeter dared them to come at him, showing little concern for his partner rolling in pain behind him.

Will the attacks that Jeter has suffered over the past few weeks finally drive him over the edge? Will Inferno get his two minutes with The Idol? With Alexis and Seth put Mondo and Ms. Blue in their place? Will Albright make Cade tap out again? Will Jerry Lawler and Chris Cage show The Blonde Bombers the wonders of the concession stand? Come to Six Flags on June 17 for the next in the OVW Summer Sizzler Series to find out for sure!

Credit: Dale Sherman and OVWrestling.com

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