At Ringside Presents: TNA Against All Odds 05 Review

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-Another solid opening video from TNA

-Shane Douglas interviews Zybsko and nothing comes of it

-Scott Hudson is suppossed to interview Kevin Nash but ummm he instead says how cool Nash is and plugs The Longest Yard

-Elix Skipper vs Petey Williams: Takedown by Elix to start things off. Arm lock by Elix but Petey comes back with a head scissors. Arm lock and trip by Petey. Leap frog and a dropkick by Elix. Lock up and Elix powers Petey to the corner. Petey goes to the middle rope and Elix arm drags him off. Snap mare followed by a kick to the back by Elix. Petey escapes a scoop slam and throws Elix to the outside where D’Amore hits him. Slingshot hurricanrana to the outside by Petey to Elix. Back in the ring Petey puts Elix in the tree of woe, the National Anthem follows. Suplex followed by a side suplex by Petey. Petey goes for a cross body block but Elix ducks matrix style. Atomic drop by Petey and he goes to the top. Elix gets up and catches Petey on the top and hits a double underhook superplex. Side kick by Elix. Inverted suplex onto the ropes by Elix. He goes to the top and hits a leg drop on a hung Petey for 2. Elix tries a tilt o whirl side slam but Petey turns it into a russian leg sweep for 2. Elix sets Petey on the ropes and he goes to the top. Elix tight rope walks the ropes and tries a hurricanrana but D’Amore holds onto Petey. Elix gets up and goes after Petey but runs into a tornado DDT. Petey reels in Elix foes goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Elix backdrops Petey who lands on his feet. Elix goes for the Sudden Death but Petey turns it into a roll up for 2. Elix flaots over and rolls up Petey for 2. petey bridges out and goes for the Destroyer again but Elix shoves him into the corner. Elix sets Petey on the top and goes for a spring board enzuguri but Petey Williams don’t dance, he just pulls up his pants, and lean back. Petey hops off the rope and again goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Elix counters it with the Sudden Death for the win.
Winner – Elix Skipper
Rating – **1/4
IP – Always good to open the show with the X Division

-Michael Shane & Kazarian vs BG James & Jeff Hammond: 3LK do their usual before match mic routine. Kazarian and James start it off. Kazarian wants Hammond and wont fight James. Shane tags in Kazarian and he wants Hammond. Hammond tags in. Arm lock by Hammond and he tags in James who does his own arm lock before tagging in Hammond. Axe handle on the arm on Shane. Arm lock by Hammond and he tags James who arm locks Shane. Shane shoves James into his corner and Shane & Kazarian double team James. They go for a double clothesline but James hits a big boot on both. Clothesline followed by the shakey knee drop by James for 2. Dropkick by Shane and he tags in Kazarian as James goes to the outside. Kazarian dives over the top onto James. Back in the ring, Kazarian dropkicks James before tagging in Shame. Kick/neckbreaker combo by Kazarian & Shane. James ducks a double clothesline and hits both Kazarian and Shane with a clothesline. James makes the tag o Hammond. He shoulder blocks Kazarian. Shane goes for a piledriver but James stops that. Shane backdrops James to the outside and Kazarian holds Hammond for the superkick. Hammond ducks and Shane superkicks Kazarian. James pulls Shane to the outside and Hammond hits the Pit Stop on Kazarian for the win.
Winners – BG James & Jeff Hammond
Rating – DUD
IP – Moving on

-Jarretts Lawyer tries to change that stipulation that says “If Jarrett uses the guitar, he loses the title.” Dusty aint havin that.

-Raven vs Dustin Rhodes: Punches and kick by Raven to start. Bad looking spear by Dustin and the brawl spills to the outside. Dustin rams the head of Raven into the steps. Back in the ring, Dustin hits a big boot on Raven and then boot chokes him. Low blow by Raven followed by stomps. Punches and a spinning clothesline by Raven. What is he, DDP? Raven goes to work on the leg of Dustin by using your normal leg work offense. Raven hits two leg to knee drops but Dustin fights out of the third. Dustin hits a clothesline and goes for another but Raven drop toe holds him and puts him in the ankle lock. Dustin almost gets to the ropes but Raven pulls him into the middle of the ring. Dustin stands up and shoves Raven off. Horrible looking clotheslines by Dustin followed by an atomic drop. Dustin hits the 10 punch on Raven in the corner. Dustin goes for a bulldog but Raven shoves off and goes for his own bulldog but Dustin shoves off and hits a clothesline. Dustin goes to the top but Raven cuts him off. Raven goes up top with him but Dustin shoves him off. Dustin jumps off the top but Raven gets the feet up. Raven goes for the Evenflow DDT but Dustin fights it off and hits a savat kick for 2. Raven puts Dustin in another ankle lock. Dustin rolls through sending Raven to the floor. Raven gets back in and its another ankle lock. Dustin reverses with an ankle lock of his own. Raven rolls through sending Dustin into the turnbuckle. Raven rolls up Dustin, puts his feet on the ropes, and gets the win. Raven attacks Dusin after the match. Dustin fights back until he hits the ref by accident. Raven hits a superkick on Dustin then goes under the ring for some toys. Raven puts Dustin in a straight jacket. Dustin kicks Raven until Raven hits him with a trashcan. Raven is about to beat Dustin with a strap but out comes Cassidy Riley who gets met with the Evenflow DDT. Raven whips Dustin and security with the strap.
Winner – Raven
Rating – 1/2*
IP – Horrible match but atleast Raven won. Too slow at too many points

-The lights go out and now we get the biggest waste of money ever…Trytan. 2 months of video packages for a guy that lasted a month

-Lance Hoyt & Kid Kash vs America’s Most Wanted (c) for the Tag Team Titles: Storm and Kash start it off. side headlock by Kash to start followed by a takedown. Each men knee each other until Storm hits a shoulder block. Hip toss by Storm, arm drag by Kash, and we go to a stand off. Hoyt and Harris tag in. A brawl to start with these two. Hariss goes for a suplex but Hoyt blocks that and tags in Kash. Harris knocks down Kash and tags in Storm. AMW throw Kash at Hoyt but Hoyt catches him. AMW duck a double clothesline then knock down Kash. AMW throw Hoyt into Kash and they go to the outside. Harris backdrops Storm onto Hoyt and Kash. Hoyt hiptosses Storm on the outside. Kash scoop slams Storm back inside and Hoyt suplex flips Kash on Storm after he is tagged in. Kash tags back in and puts Storm in a side head lock. Kash goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Storm for 2. Hoyt tags in. Lifting powerbomb by Hoyt and he covers for 2. Kash tags back in. DDT by Kash and he goes to the top. He goes for the frog splash but Storm gets the knees up. Each man goes for a cross body which means a gut collision. Hoyt and Harris tag in. Harris hits 3 clotheslines on Hoyt follwed by a bulldog. Spine buster on Kash. Standing suplex on Hoyt. Springboard hurricanrana on Harris by Kash. Eye Of The Storm on Kash. Storm goes for The Noose on Hoyt but he fights out. Hoyt goes to the top with Storm and hits a super sidewalk slam and that only gets 2. Kash goes to the top but Harris shoves him off. Storm hits a top rope hurricanrana on Hoyt and Harris follows with a top rope elbow for 2. Kash level Storm with one of the tag belts and that only gets 2. Harris spears Kash. Storm superkicks Hoyt. Harris handcuffs Kash to the turnbuckle. AMW hit the Death Sentance on Hoyt for the win
Winners – Still Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted
Rating – **3/4
IP – Very good tag match with good false finishes. Kash 4 Life

-A limo arrives and Shane Douglas wants to see who it is but security won’t let him

-Jeff Hardy vs Abyss in a Full Metal Mayhem Match: To explain the rules a bit, it’s a ladder match with two envelopes hanging. One contains nothing, the other contains a shot at the World Title on Impact! Hardy dropkicks Abyss and follows up with punches. Abyss just press slams Hardy. Abyss goes for a leg drop but Hardy moves. Hardy hits the leg drop to the groin. Hardfy goes outside and gets some chairs. Hardy rolls in and Abyss rolls out. Hardy springboards off a chair and hits the poerty in motion to the outside on Abyss. Hardy rams Abyss into the steps a few times. Hardy gets back in the ring, Abyss gets on the apron. Hardy charges Abbys and Abyss just picks him up press style. Hardy escapes and hits Abyss with a chair. He tries another poetry in motion using in the chair as the springboard but Abyss hits Hardy with a chair while he’s in mid air. They go back outside and Abyss throws Hardy ino the rail. Abyss sets up 2 tables next to each other then sets 2 tables on top of the other 2. Abyss goes to powerbomb Hardy but Hardy escapes, he ducks a clothesline from Abyss and springs to the top rope. Hardy goes for the whisper in the wind but almost overshoots. Hardy rams the ladder into Abyss into the corner. He scales the ladder and dropkicks a chair into Abyss. Hardy sets up the ladder catapult. He leg drops one end of the ladder sending the other end into the face of Abyss. Hardy charges Abyss but Abyss over-head throws Hardy over the top through a table. Abyss goes to the outside and is met with a chair by Hardy. They fight up the entrance ramp. Abyss sets a table up at the start of the entrance. Hardy hits the twist of fate times 2 on Abyss. He then sets Abyss on the table and climbs the entrance setting. He leaps and hits a Swanton Bomb on Abyss through the table. Hardy goes under the ring and pulls out the super ladder. He takes an hour to set up the super ladder and another hour to climb it. He pulls down one envelope and it contains drugs. No I’m kidding, it’s empty. He tries to get the other envelope but Abyss pulls him down. Abyss whips Hardy over the ropes and Hardy goes through the 4 tables Abyss set up earlier. Abyss climbs the ladder and pulls down the winning envelope. Hardy throws a hissy fit after the loss by breaking tables. Who is he, Sabu?
Winner – Abyss
Rating – *1/2
IP – The expected spot filled match with Hardy. Sort of dumb to have two envelopes and should have been a cooler move through the 4 table set up

-Team Canada vs Monty Brown & Diamond Dallas Page: Young and Brown kick things off. Arm lock by Young but Brown reverses with his own arm lock. Brown just throws Young around while still holding onto his arm. Young fights up but runs into an arm drag followed by a clothesline. Brown goes for The Pounce but Roode saves his partner by pulling him out of the ring. Another arm lock and DDP tags in. They do a double arm lock followed by a double back elbow on Young. Young tags in Roode. Arm lock on Roode. Side headlock by DDP. Spinning clothesline by DDP and he tags in Brown. Double clothesline by Brown and DDP. Suplex by Brown and he covers for 2. DDP tags back in and hits a neckbreaker for 2. Roode clotheslines DDP. Corner shoulderblocks by Roode. Double team in the corner by Canada. Young tags in. He throws 2 punches and tags Roode in. DDP fights out of the corner but runs into a drop toe hold from Roode. Jaw jacker by DDP. Roode and DDP collide and DDP falls into the downstairs of Roode. Young and Brown tag in and Brown hits everything that moves. Back body drop on Young. Fallaway slam by Brown. Roode grabs the hockey stick and hits Brown with it as D’Amore grabs the ref. Suplex by Roode on Brown. Young tags in and hits a top rope elbow drop for 2. Brown tosses Young aisde and tags in DDP. DDP hits everything that moves with punches and big boots. Scoop slam on Young. DDP clotheslines Young and Brown clotheslines Roode. Canada gets their heads rammed into the turnbuckle. DDP clotheslines Young to the outside. Brown Pounces Roode to the outside. Young goes to the top but his met with a top rope Diamond Cutter by DDP for the win.
Winners – Monty Brown & Diamond Dallas Page
Rating – *1/2
IP – Good enough to hold my attention and seemed short enough to not make me get a drink

-The Evil Lawyer talks with Trinity and Traci about nothing

-Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles (c) for the X Division Title in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match: 30 Minutes? Thats not an Iron Man Match, thats like a Rubber Man Match…or something. Lock up to start and we get some mat wrestling to start. AJ controls with a front face lock. Daniels with a leg sweep and a leg lock. AJ controls a wrist lock battle. AJ with a leap frog and Daniels with a quick roll up. AJ comes back with roll ups of his own. Every roll up gets a quick 2. AJ goes for a dropkick but Daniels moves. Daniels bounces off the ropes and is hit with a dropkick. Daniels goes to the outside and AJ goes to the apron and hits a running hurricanrana. They trade chops on the outside. They both get back in the ring and AJ hits an arm drag and holds on for an arm lock. Daniels shoves off and AJ hits a shoulderblock followed by another arm drag/arm lock combo. Daniels gets out with a head scissors. AJ knips up and hits another arm drag with an arm lock. Daniels fights out but is met with Low Ki like kicks by AJ. AJ with another arm bar. Daniels fights off again. Another kick by AJ followed by an arm drag that sends Daniels to the outside. AJ baseball slides Daniels. AJ rolls back in and hits a springboard splash on Daniels. Daniels gets back in the ring and AJ gets on the apron. Daniels knocks AJ off the apron into the railing. Back in the ring, Daniels shoulderblocks AJ in the corner. Knees to the midsection by Daniels. Daniels covers and gets a 2. Daniels side suplex flips AJ onto his stomach. Slingshot moonsault by Daniels and he covers for 2. Daniels whips AJ into the ropes and is met with a kick follwed by a spinning clothesline by AJ. More clotheslines by AJ followed by a spin kick. Spingboard inverted DDT by AJ and that gets 2. Neckbreaker by AJ and that gets 2. Side suplex by AJ. AJ goes to the top but Daniels cuts him off. AJ knocks Daniels off the ropes and he goes for a 450 splash but Daniels gets the knees up. Daniels quickly gets up and hits the Angels Wings on AJ for the 1st fall. 15 minutes remain in the match. Gutbuster by Daniels. Daniels stomps AJ. Daniels rams his knees into the gut of AJ and he covers for 2. Back body drop by AJ after fighting back. AJ goes for an arm drag but Daniels counters with an abdominal stretch. AJ fights off with a hip toss. AJ charges Daniels but Daniels drops him on the ropes and covers for 2. Suplex gut buster by Daniels and he again covers for 2. AJ hits a hand spring back elbow and both men are down. AJ with more kicks. DVD back breaker by AJ and he covers but only gets 2. AJ goes to the apron and hits the spring board forearm for 2. 10 minutes left. Daniels ducks a spinning clothesline and hits a springboard inverted DDT for 2. Spinning powerbomb by Daniels but AJ kicks out at 2. AJ ducks a clothesline and AJ hits my favorite move, The Pay Lay. Daniels hits a samoan drop. Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but AJ moves and Daniels lands on his ffet. AJ hits a german suplex and rolls through, he goes for a side suplex but Daniels flips out and goes for an inverted DDT. AJ spins out of that and hits the Angels Wings on Daniels but only gets 2. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels shoves off. Daniels goes to lift AJ but AJ hits a quick roll up and that gets 3 to tie it up 1-1. Daniels knocks AJ to the outside and throws him into the post. 5 minutes remain. AJ is busted open. Daniels rolls AJ back in the ring. Daniels covers AJ but only gets 2. Daniels pounds on AJ. Head butts by Daniels. More punches by Daniels. STO by Daniels and he covers but only gets 2. 2 minute warning. More punches by Daniels. A huge head butt by Daniels, he covers and only gets 2. 1 minute left. AJ starts to fight back. Daniels hits a downward spiral and hooks AJ in the koji clutch. That looks painfull. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..Ding Ding. We have a draw. Daniels gets on the mic. Daniels wants Sudden Death, Dusty grants it. Daniels gets back in the ring and punches AJ some more. Neckbreaker drop by Daniels but he only gets 2. Daniels sets AJ on the top rope. Daniels follows him up. Daniels tries a hurricanrana but AJ shoves him off. AJ hits a leaping hurricanrana, he rolls through, lifts Daniels and hits the Styles Clash for the win.
Winner – Still X Division Champion, AJ Styles
Rating – ****1/2
IP – If this thing didn’t go to sudden death, I might have giving it the full 5. Sudden Death just kinda ruined it for me.

-Jarrett says he’s gonna win tonight. Thats nice

-Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett (c) for the TNA World Title: A lot of stalling to start. Knee to the gut by Nash follwed by an elbow to the back. Ok, Nash has used 2 of his 8 moves. Knees to the gut in the corner by Nash followed by a choke toss. More corner knees followed by corner back elbows. Boot choke by Nash. Jarrett kicks Nash in the knee. Jarrett goes to work on Nash in the corner. He tries to whip Nash to the other corner but Nash reverses and follows with a clothesline. Nash clotheslines Jarrett to the outside. Nash drops Jarrett onto the announce table. Back in the ring, Jarrett kicks Nash in the leg and then punches him a bunch of times. This is scientific wrestling folks. Nash goes for a backdrop but Jarrett kicks him. Jarrett charges Nash but Nash just tosses him to the outside. Here comes the over-booked crowd brawl. Jarrett jumps the rails followed by Nash. Nash throws Jarrett into everything he can throw him in to, including the catering table. Nash rams Jarrett with the table. Jarrett hits Nash with a chair in the gut and Nash doesnt sell it. Nash hits Jarrett with the chair in the back then chokes him with the chair. Nash pounds on Jarrett. Jarrett has been busted as the make their way back to the ring. Nash tosses Jarrett over the rail. Nash exposes the arena floor. He goes for a powerbomb but Jarrett low blows him. Jarrett goes under the ring and pulls out a guitar case. Jarrett opens the case and its a chello. The handle of the chello breaks so Jarrett just hits Nash in the knee with the string part. Jarrett wraps Nashs leg around the post. He then hits Nash with the guitar case. He puts Nashs leg in the case then jumps of the middle rope and closes the case on Nashs leg. Jarrett puts Nashs leg on the bottom rope and drops down on it twice. Jarrett puts Nash in the figure four. Nashs shoulders hit the mat for the 2 count. Nash ends up getting to the ropes. Jarrett pulls Nash to the middle of the ring and drops the elbow twice on the leg of Nash. Jarrett puts Nash in a leg. Nash fights out of it by using the other leg to hit Jarrett. Jarrett ducks a back elbow but runs into a big boot. Sidewalk slam by Nash and he covers for 2. Nash hits the snake eyes twice on Jarrett. He goes for it again but Jarrett slips out and chop blocks Nash. Jarrett gets the chello again. Nash low blows Jarrett. Nash goes to hit Jarrett with the chello but the ref gets in the way…o..k. Nash goes for the Jacknife on Jarrett, he lifts him once and Jarrett kicks the ref. He picks him up again and Jacknifes Jarrett on the chello. He covers but theres no ref. Out comes The Outlaw. Outlaw hits Nash with the chair. Jarrett covers Nash as the ref comes alive but he only gets 2. Outlaw tries to help again but the ref stops him. Out comes Sean Waltman. Waltman hits the spin kick on Jarrett followed by the bronco buster followed by the X Factor. Nash covers Jarrett but he only gets 2. Outlaw is back in with the world title. He goes to hit Nash but BG James comes out and grabs the title away from Outlaw. Nash clotheslines Outlaw out of the ring. Jarrett hits Nash with the title belt and cover but only gets 2. Jarrett hits The Stroke on Nash and covers but gets 2 again. Jarrett goes to the top. He leaps but Nash catches him by the throat. Jarrett low blow Nash and hits The Stroke for the win.
Winner – Still TNA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett
Rating – *1/2
IP – Your typical over-booked Jarrett title victory. Nash actually did well all things considering.

The Inside Pulse
Your typical TNA PPV. One match that makes the PPV worth renting, good X Division match, good tag match, typical gimmick match brawl, and Jarretts over booked title win. The whole Jeff Hammond thing really brought this PPV down for me. I want to know where Chris Sabin was though. Oh yeah, Don West is a horrible announcer. Still an above average PPV put on by TNA.