[OVW] Cornette Back at OVW Tapings


Jim Cornette was at OVW for the June 15th taping (the episode to air tonight). He cut about a 20 minute promo about how he’s the matchmaker at OVW and he cares only about the OVW fans.

We’ve previously reported that there has been tension between Cornette WWE, since while much of OVW’s talent are under WWE developmental deals (meaning, once they’re “ready” they can be called up to the big leagues at any time), there are also OVW superstars that don’t have WWE contracts who Cornette likes to book on TV since he knows they’ll be around for long-term storylines. Also, when WWE talent comes back under new WWE gimmick names, Cornette feels it will confuse the OVW fans (i.e., Nova and Simon Dean). This led to a leave of absense from Cornette, and a storyline written into OVW that he was “missing.”

At the TV tapings this week, the situation was turned into an angle blaming his absense on Kenny Bolin’s fault, which will lead to some sort of match at the July 1 Six Flags show.

Cornette was also at this weekend’s Six Flags show and popped in a couple of times to set up matches for the next Six Flags show in two weeks.

In other OVW news, the Dudley Boyz – who recently claimed they’d never work in OVW again if Cornette was around – will be special guests in two weeks.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.