Rasslin Roundtable: TNA Slammiversary


King of the Mountain Match: AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Abyss vs. Monty Brown vs. Sean Waltman
Jeremy Lambert: You knew Waltman was going to be the wildcard once he and AJ teamed on Impact. Never seen a King of the Mountain Match so I don’t know what I’m in store for. AJ Styles is in the match so I’m expecting his best and for him to bring out the best in everyone else. No way they take the title of AJ after all this build and only a month of being champ.
Winner – AJ Styles

Jed Shaffer: So, I figured, since this might be the end of TNA (if they don’t get off their ass and get a TV deal), I might as join in on this. And what do I get? Jeff Jarrett, in the main event, AGAIN. Abyss, having won the #1 contendership, getting buttsurfed on his title shot AGAIN. Monty Brown and AJ Styles, the company’s REAL top two stars, being told they’re not good enough to carry the fed on their backs AGAIN. And the “wildcard entrant” is meaningless; mystery opponents always are (remember Road Warrior Animal?). Let’s bottom line this: TNA needs TV, and they’re gonna want to go into the negotiations with their strongest champs present so the company looks shiny…and in the mind of the Panda and the Jarretts, that means a trip back to Status Quo Land.
Winner – Welcome (back) to Planet Jarrett

David Brashear: Let’s take a look at these five. Waltman has no business with the title. Monty Brown’s on his way, but I don’t think he’s there yet. Ditto for Abyss, although an Abyss-AJ feud could be interesting. Jarrett had that belt too long to begin with. It’s too soon for AJ to drop the title, so I see him retaining.
Winner – AJ Styles

X Title: Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin
Jed Shaffer: And TNA’s signature X-Division needs it’s best Champ too, so that means…
Winner – StatuX Quo (i.e., belt stays put, nimrods)

David Brashear: Great match here. I expect to see Shane and Sabin going after each other more than Daniels, and that’ll let Daniels retain.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

Jeremy Lambert: I expect this to take MOTN honors considering who is in this. Adding Daniels to the feud with Shane and Sabin was a good idea in my mind. It gives the feud more credibility because there’s now a title invovled. I’ll pick against Daniels because I hope his X Title run will put him in the World Title picture.
Winner – Chris Sabin

NWA Tag Team Title: The Naturals (c) vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young)
David Brashear: With the way the crowd’s gotten behind the Naturals after Chris Candido passed away, TNA’d be crazy to take the belts off them now.
Winner – The Naturals

Jed Shaffer: This is sad. When you only have four teams, they’re bound to face each other too much in the two face/heel combinations. That means, sooner or later, the faces have to face…and, by elimination, the heels too (unless the Naturals turned face and I missed it). There is no stronger team then the AMW, and since they’re inexplicably busy with the 3LK, and Canada/Naturals are a push for importance, it’s more fun with the Status Quo Rules.
Winner – The identical blondes

Jeremy Lambert: Aren’t both team heels? I wish they would put Roode and Young back together instead of mixing and matching Team Canada. I’ll go with the Naturals because I don’t like this Team Canada.
Winners – The Naturals

America’s Most Wanted vs. 3 Live Krew (Konnan and James)
Jeremy Lambert: I beg them to pull the trigger on the James turn. I pray it happens during this match because we all know it’s coming, why put it off another month?
Winners – America’s Most Wanted

Jed Shaffer: What in the FUCK did AMW do to deserve this? All I can see here is an Angle Advancement (tm Eric) match to further the teased 3LK split. But that would mean 3LK has to job…and that goes against the AMW “struggling to find their winning ways” gimmick…unless The Outlaw helps James win. Oy, this is making my head hurt. So, we turn to a quarter…
Winner – 3 Dead Gimmick

David Brashear: I’m still waiting for the BG James turn to join up with The Outlaw again…
Winners – America’s Most Wanted

Lance Hoyt vs. Bobby Roode
Jed Shaffer: What in the blue hell is this? Is Hoyt a face? Is Roode suddenly a singles wrestler? Why isn’t he in the tag match while Petey goes for the X Title? Can I make this whole paragraph a series of questions? Can there really be one with these participants?
Winner – Who cares?

David Brashear: It’s really surprising to me to see how over Hoyt’s gotten with the TNA fans. While I think that Bobby Roode does have a lot of potential as a good big man, I don’t see him taking the win tonight.
Winner – Lance Hoyt

Jeremy Lambert: For some reason, Hoyt is real over with the crowd. If TNA is smart, they run with Hoyt’s current overness and put him over Roode in this matcg
Winner – Lance Hoyt

Ron Killings vs. The Outlaw
David Brashear: And here’s the other part of the equation. Does BG James come in to help Killings and wind up nailing him with a cheap shot? I say yes.
Winner – The Outlaw

Jeremy Lambert: This match depends on where it falls on the card. If this match is after my called James turn, then I say Outlaw wins. If it’s before the James turn, I think Killings will win. I’ll say that it’s before the tag match.
Winner – Ron Killings

Jed Shaffer: Killings can draw face heat and be a credible upper-mid-carder. Instead, we get this: battle of the Road Dogg’s former WWE tag partners. The match no one bothered to think of, let alone wish for.
Winner – The Ass-law

Samoa Joe vs. Sonjay Dutt
Jed Shaffer: Let’s see…the scrawny X-Division guy who comes and goes, or the new, absolutely HUGE guy from Ring Of Honor who had like a 16 month title reign? Choices, choices.
Winner – The FNG

Jeremy Lambert: There is no way, I repeat NO WAY, Samoa Joe jobs in his first TNA Match
Winner – Samoa Joe

David Brashear: Like Lambert said.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Shocker vs. Alex Shelley
Jeremy Lambert: The return of Shelley, and he ends up with a great pairing. This would be a hot opener to get the crowd into the PPV. I think Shelley will go over in his big return
Winner – Alex Shelley

David Brashear: I’ve seen Shocker in action in Mexico, so I know what he can do. I expect a really good match here, but I’m going to go out on a limb and hope for the good old fashioned time limit draw.
Winner – Draw

Jed Shaffer: First time I saw Shocker, I wasn’t impressed. He wasn’t horrible, but he wasn’t great…then I saw that hsi finisher was a small package. Yet, despite this glaring weakness, TNA seems to have hard-on for the overrated sack of crap, and hasn’t done shit with Shelley since the Goldilocks storyline came to a crashing halt, so why change things now?
Winner – The second-rate Spiderman villian

Primetime Elix Skipper vs. The Amazing Red vs. Shark Boy vs. Zach Gowen vs. Delirious vs. Jerrelle Clark
David Brashear: In my view, there’s only one or two guys who should conceivably win this – Red or Shark Boy. And Red’s coming back tonight…
Winner – The Amazing Red

Jed Shaffer: Can’t be a TNA PPV without an X-Division clusterf*ck. This will probably translate into “winner is #1 contender for the X Title”, so that eliminates Gowan, Sharky, Clark and Delirious right there. Red needs more time to build, so by process of elimination…
Winner – Flix Pecker

Jeremy Lambert: Get Gowan out early, that’s all I ask. The rest should be awesome. I’ll go out on a short limb with this pick.
Winner – Shark Boy

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!