En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

First, check out Jeremy Lambert’s TNA’s mid-year awards here .

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. Next PPV is No Surrender on July 17.

Chris Sabin vs David Young: Back & forth leads into an atomic drop, a jawbreaker, and finally a hurrincarana by Sabin. Young is outside, Sabin slides out, Young goes in, Sabin on the apron with a dropkick to Young. Back in, Sabin hits a springboard elbow for a 2. Young fights back with a german suplex and a clothesline for 2. Chinlock. Sabin gets out, but Young is back on the attack with a suplex and back to the chinlock we go.

There is an ad for WWE RAW coming to Montreal! On a TNA show no less.

When we come back, both men are trading rights. Young is whipped to corner and Sabin gives him an elbow. Tornado DDT by Sabin gets 2. Young with 2 rights, but Sabin hits a superkick. Young comes back with a swinging move for 2. Young goes to the top and misses a moonsault. Sabin to the top with a dropkick to the back of the head. Cradle Shock gets Sabin the 3 count. Samoa Joe comes out and attacks Sabin by putting him in the sleeper.


Zach Gowen vs Mikey Batts: Both men going for a takedown. Back & forth and it’s stalemate. Zach is in control with a kick to the knee, a clothesline and an elbow. Zach misses a moonsault and Batts gets an enziguri for 2. While Zach fights back, Jeff Jarrett arrives, takes the microphone and tells the timekeeper to ring the bell, which he does poorly. Jarrett tells the two competitors to get out of the ring, which only Batts does. They’re two and he’s one, and Batts leaves? What a pussy. Zach doesn’t leave and pushes JJ. Jarrett takes his guitar, kicks Gowen and smashes him with it. Jarrett says that Raven has his belt and Abyss has his shot. At No Surrender, he will there and taking them both out.


Samoa Joe vs Elix Skipper vs Shark Boy: Skipper & Joe are face to face with Shark trying to get their attention like Kurt Angle at Vengeance 2002. They push Shark Boy away. Skipper and Joe trade kicks until Shark gives them both a dropkick from the top. Joe goes out and Skipper gets dropkicked. Joe comes back with a stungun and a clothesline keeps Shark out. Joe is in control against Skipper. Joe gives Skipper a superplex while Shark gives Joe a powerbomb! Shark Boy gets a one count on both of them. Now, Samoa Joe hits a German on Shark and Elix at the same time! Elix with a kick, but Joe gets him with a takedown. Joe misses a charge and goes outside. On the apron, Elix hits a spinkick. Shark is back in the ring, Elix dropped on Shark’s knee, suplex coming, no, Shark is placed on the ropes, Elix going for his tightrope hurrincarana, but Joe knocks him down. Reverse DDT by Shark coming, no, Muscle Buster by Joe. Samoa puts Shark in sleeper and that is enough for the tapout.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Exclusive interview with Christopher Daniels on RDS. Funny interview with Daniels calling Marc Blondin different names for each question.

– Got the name “Fallen Angel” by at first trying to do good things, until there was a dark side that came out of him.
– Calls himself Mr. TNA because he did everything he said he was going to do.
– Prefers to wrestle in singles because he is the show, while in tag teams, he had to carry whoever was his partner
– He’ll hold on to the X title for a long time
– Next time he comes to Quebec, he’ll beat whoever faces him

Petey Williams vs Amazing Red: Christopher Daniels is on commentary. Amazing starts it off with chops in the corner. Whip to the corner, dropkick. Williams in the 619 position, no, Red with the shoulder to the gut of Petey, who is on the apron, powerbomb coming, no, Williams misses a legdrop and Red with the Shooting Star Press from the apron to the floor. Dropkick by Red off the top gets 2. Whip, powerbomb by Williams for 2. Resthold, Red gets out it, Williams with a German for 2. In the corner, after a few chops, Williams does his famous singing of the Canadian anthom while putting his foot on Red’s crotch while in the Tree of Woe. Petey hits a backbreaker for 2. Red comes back with an enziguri. Shooting Star Press gets 2. Red misses a twisting move from the top. Williams gets the Canadian Destroyer and the sharpshooter ends the match. Williams and Daniels stare at each other.


Abyss (w. James Mitchell) vs Cassidey Riley: Riley starts it off with a springboard clothesline. Kicks in the corner, whip, reverse, Abyss misses a charge and Riley runs into a boot. Abyss with the torture rack sitdown and the Black Hole Slam gets him the trrrrrrrois. After the match, Abyss gives Riley another Black Hole Slam. Going for another one, Raven shows up. This coming from the guy who broke Riley’s fingers. With his arm wrapped in chain, Raven clotheslines Abyss out of the ring. Abyss trips Raven and sends him crotch first into the post. Abyss chokes Raven out with the chain until security intervenes.


Naturals (w. Jimmy Hart) and Lance Hoyt vs Team Canada: Eric Young and Chase Stevens begin. Stevens starts the attack with armdrags, a forearm, a back kick and a pinning combo for 2. Tag to A1, who walks into a back body drop. Tag to Andy Douglas. Double whip, Andy with a bulldop on Chase’s knee gets 2. Andy hits a high knee. Ralph ducks a clothesline, Bobby Rude grabs Andy, but Andy ducks and A1 hits Rude. Douglas gets tripped and now the attack from the Canadians is on for awhile. Hoyt and Stevens distract the referee a bunch of times so triple teaming happens. Finally, Douglas comes back with a neckbreaker. Tag to Hoyt. Clothesline to A1 and Rude, while Young gets thrown out. Hoyt hits a flapjack on Ralph and gets 2 when Roode stops the count. Hoyt gives the 10-count punch to Ralph and instead of the fans counting, they chant “HOYT”. A1 pushes away, Hoyt misses a charge, A1 misses a charge and Hoyt with a huge boot on Ralph for the 3 count. A brawl errupts until Williams shows up with a hockey stick to give Team Canada the advantage.

We end it in the RDS studios.

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