Notorious: In A Totally Hetero Way

Another edition of Notorious, and I’m proud to say that I’m not behind at all on my favorite shows. In fact, I even decided to let another show into my life. Speaking of that show, let’s lead off with Hogan Knows Best.

Now, certainly, I’m only watching this show as a wrestling fan, just to see what kind of guy Hogan is like when he’s not wrestling extended squashes with Hassan and Daivari or getting superkicked by HBK. First thought: Brooke Hogan is amazingly hot. Even though she’s 16 and incredibly illegal. It doesn’t take long for her to attract the 22 year olds, of course, and that makes Hulk paranoid. Which is awesome, because he grabs a GPS and keeps a watchful eye on Brooke during her date…at the suggestion of Brian Knobs. Yeah, the former Nasty Boy, of all people, is the one who gives Hogan the bright idea to spy on her daughter. Nick stirring up shit was incredibly funny, and I must say that I’m incredibly glad that this show is only 30 minutes long, since most reality shows are hard to appreciate when they get any longer than 30 minutes. Kind of a softcore version of The Osbournes, without all the swearing, of course.

The 4400

Another whopper of an episode, as Jordan bites it thanks to Kyle blacking out again, as you really have to trust Maia when she tells you something terrible is going to happen to you. Not entirely sure why Jordan’s body disappeared, as that’s very, very weird. I’m not entirely sure if the pretty vagrant that Shawn falls for is hotter as a bum or as a well-dressed lady, but she looks good either way. Very fresh face that brightens up every scene she’s in, even if she’s surrounded by streetwalkers. Otherwise, this episode was just centered around the 4400 Reunion, which didn’t get a whole load of attention except for Jordan’s speech which he was repeatedly warned NOT to do. And of course, Isabel lying to Jordan about whether or not he had anything to worry about continues the trend of Isabel being the most wicked woman of the cast of 4400.

Family Guy

For once, a couple of the pop-culture references went over my head (what was the deal with the second interviewee for the nanny job?). Not a fantastic episode by any means, but any episode which not only features Stewie but also the incredibly awkward Neil Goldman is still a winner in my book, even if it is only a minor victory for Seth and crew. “Ow, you’re bending it!” The vomiting montage and the Blind Date stuff was probably some of my favorite non-sequiturs.

The Dead Zone

Not much to say about this episode, as we finally seem to be getting the point where the storylines are scraping the bottom of the barrel. It seems that every episode is about a person going missing and there are only a few alterations to the story itself. I miss the days of original stories like the bank robbery episode or the witchcraft episode, two of the best episodes that didn’t have anything to do with the main storyline of Stillson. Speaking of which, I imagine they’ll revisit the Stillson storyline here pretty soon, so that we keep that fresh in our minds and the writers have an excuse to do some more crime-solving episodes with John finding more missing people.

I’m not sure if American Dad’s season is over or what, but I was kinda expecting some more episodes, only to find that I must’ve caught up with this show for good.

Robot Chicken

Horror Movie Big Brother was pretty lame until the ending as was the Godzilla remake remake, but the Huggytime Bear skit was alright and the short pieces here and there were much better than the longer pieces. Robot Chicken keeps chugging along, as I think they still have some new episodes to go.

30 Days

Another great episode from Mr. Spurlock, as a straight-laced Christian goes to the “gayest place on Earth” and ends up getting drunk off his ass and taking his shirt off in a gay bar, which was perhaps the most riskiest thing he had done in his entire 30 day stay. There was plenty of argument about homosexuality in the Bible, and one of my favorite parts was watching the incredible bigot with signs like “No Tears For Queers” and so forth. Amusing at how unmoving that guy is in his discrimination. I never believed in homosexuality being a choice, and it was further confirmed by this show with the argument that why would any guy choose to put themselves through the discrimination they would get by being gay?

Some quick thoughts:

— WWE seems to be going through a phase with appealing to the smarks, which makes for rather enjoyable TV. Despite there being too much focus on HBK turning on Hogan, Matt Hardy becoming the next Brian Pillman is a wonderful idea and will certainly have me watching Raw next Monday. And with the Blue World Order reforming on Smackdown, things are looking up in terms of entertaining shows in the future. Although this next episode of Smackdown doesn’t seem to be including any bWo stuff, so maybe it was a one-night only thing.
— I am anticipating Murderball more and more as there’s more publicity for it, it seems like it’s going to be an awesome movie, but I still have to see War of the Worlds, Land of the Dead, and other movies first. So it’ll probably be awhile before I get around to it.
— Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is still a great game, but I’m waiting to play Destroy All Humans! and also that seemingly ridiculous game where you can crash the driver and so forth. I’d say something hear about realism in racing video games, but there doesn’t seem to be anything realistic about the way they crash in that game.

Anyway, that’s all that I’ve got for this week. Come back next week, where I’ll hopefully still be keeping up with everyone else in terms of watching my favorite shows, which may include Hogan Knows Best soon.