InsidePulse’s WWE Smackdown Report – 07.14.05

WWE Smackdown for July 14th, 2005. Taped from Worcester, MA
Report by Gene Lindberg, EXCLUSIVELY for

I’m subbing for Brad, who’s been tied up and locked in Eric S’ basement due to “inappropriate comments” made during last week’s episode. He should be back next week…

We kick off Smackdown! with a recap video of Batista coming and JBL being interuppted by the bWo. They show Batista giving JBL a spinebuster, costing him the match to Blue Meanie. They announde later tonight there will be a champion vs. champion match between Batista and Orlando Jordan.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring. He tells the crowd that Rey Mysterio isn’t going to be here tonight. He says he is more disappointed then the fans are. Eddie say he can’t believe that by not coming to work, Rey thinks he can hide from Eddie. Eddie says he can make Rey do whatever he wants because he knows something that he doesn’t want everyone to know: his secret. They show some footage of Eddie and Rey over the last couple of weeks. Eddie says Rey is wrong if he thought that Eddie would have nothing to do. Eddie says he’ll just tell his secret. Eddie tell’s Dominic to listen to him from home so he can tell him the “bedtime story” he promised him. He forces Tony Chimmel to give him a chair, which he sits down on in the middle of the ring. Eddie begins the story with “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a little boy named Dominic. Dominic ran into the woods to play with his Uncle Eddie.”

Eddie’s wife and kids make their way to the ring. Eddie tells her to head to the back. Eddie’s wife reasons with him not to tell because it could hurt a lot of people, including herself, the kids, and Rey’s family. Eddie grabs his wife and forces her to the back.

We head to a commercial break.

We return to the backstage area where Eddie and his wife are. Eddie’s wife tells him the secret is not important. Eddie yells at her and tells her to leave. Hardcore Holly tries to calm Eddie down. Eddie pushs Holly away and starts yelling at his wife more. Holly pushes him back into a car. Eddie tells his wife to get in the car. He comforts his kids and yells at his wife to leave. She drives off and Eddie looks back angrily.

Six-Man Tag Match: Mexicools vs. Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Funaki
The match starts off with Funaki and Super Crazy. Funaki gives a flying head scissors to Super Crazy. Crazy tags to Psicosis and Funaki tags to Scotty. Scotty and Funaki double-team Psicosis. Psicosis Irish Whips Scotty to his corner and Crazy gets a cheap shot. Scotty superkicks Crazy. Psicosis distracts the ref and Juventud beats on Scotty. Psicosis tags to Juvi. Scotty breaks out of a wristlock. Scotty gets dropkicked. Psicosis is tagged in. Psicosis and Juvi double dropkicks Scotty. Psicosis slingshots Scotty into Crazy’s boot. Scotty kicks out at 2. Psicosis tags to Juvi. The Mexicools beat on Scotty in the corner. Juvi tags to Crazy. Funaki pulls Crazy out of the ring. Crazy slams Funaki’s back into the corner. Scotty tags to London. London runs into the cornor and knocks down Crazy and Psicosis. Back body drop, followed by dropkick to Juvi. Paul London takes out Crazy and Psicosis. Belly-to-Belly to Juvi. London goes up to the top rope. Crazy knocks him on the rope. Crazy moonsaults London. Juvi goes up to the top rope. The Juice hits London with a 450 Splash for the win.
Winners: Mexicools

Christian vs. Booker T is announced for tonight.

We go to another commercial break.

We come back to Candice Michelle. Christian comes to her and says if she needs any advice he’s there because his a huge star. He says people are asking him how to be as big as him. Booker T says Christian can’t back it up. Christian tells Booker to back off. Booker says that if he wants respect he has to earn it. Booker says he can earn it in a match with the 5-Time WCW Champion.

Josh Matthews tells Batista that he’s made quite an impact on Smackdown! so far. Footage is shown of Batista giving a spinebuster to JBL. Batista said even on RAW he knew that JBL was a bully. Batista says last week he punked JBL and at the PPV he is going to take him out. Batista says if JBL thinks hes walking away with the World Heavyweight Title, think again. The only thing he’ll leave with is an attitude adjustment.

MNM are backstage. Melina interupts Torrie Wilson signing a magazine. Melina said she’s big because she didn’t have any competition. Now she does. Torrie asks Melina to settle it in the ring. Melina says to do it at the Great American Bash. Torrie challenges her to make it a Bra & Panties Match. Melina says she won’t lose and people will forget all about Torrie Wilson.

Commercial Break #3…Hulk Hogan promotes an XWF DVD…

Heidenreich is making his way to the ring. He gets jumped by MNM. They throw him into the ring and continue beating on him. Melina grabs the mic and asks where his friends are. She says he has no friends and tells Nitro and Mercury to finish him. Legion of Doom music hits and Animal makes his way to the ring. He jumps in and beats up MNM. He hits a powerslam on Mercury. Clothesline to Nitro. Clothesline to Mercury out of the ring. He throws Nitro out of the ring. MNM escape through the crowd. Animal grabs a mic and says that fans have told him that MNM says they are the best tag team. Animal says that MNM are a couple of baby punks. Mercury says that if he wants to relive past memories, he has a shot with Heidenreich for the Tag Team Titles at Great American Bash. Mercury says they’ll face the Road Warriors. Nitro says he can’t because his partner is dead. Heidenreich stops Animal from chasing after them and offers to be his friend. Animal tells MNM that they accept. Heidenreich and Animal pose for the fans.

We head to another commercial break.

They show what happened earlier in the night with Eddie and his family, and his confrontation with Holly.

Single Match: Eddie Guerrero vs. Hardcore Holly
Holly and Eddie lock up. Holly forces Eddie to the corner. Eddie slaps Holly. Holly punches Eddie. Lock up and Eddie pushes Holly in corner. Chop to Holly. Four chops to Eddie. Eddie with a thumb to the eye. Three chops to Holly. Two chops to Eddie. Eddie rolls outside…

Another commerical.

We come back to Eddie and Holly brawling. Chop to Holly. Irish Whip to Eddie. Two arm drags to Eddie. Arm bar by Holly. Holly Irish Whips Eddie to the corner. Drop toe-hold to Holly into turnbuckle. Eddie chokes Holly with his boot. Eddie chokes Holly with rope. Snapmare to Holly. Armar to Holly. Head Scissors to Holly and uses the ropes. Holly reverses with an Eletric Chair Drop. Both men down. Referee counts to 8 and both men are on their feet. Right hooks by both men. Irish Whip to Eddie into a clothesline. Another clothesline to Eddie. Big Back Body Drop to Eddie. Holly with another Irish Whip. Dropkick by Holly for 2. Full Nelson Slam reversed into a roll-up for 2. Full Nelson Slam connects for a 2 count. Holly goes to the top rope. Flying Clothesline for 2. Holly with an Irish Whip into corner. Holly goes for an Alabama Slam. Eddie holds the ropes. Holly kicks Eddie in the stomach. Chop to Eddie on the outside. Second chop. Eddie throws Holly into the turnbuckle. Eddie slams Holly into the mat. Holly grabs onto Eddie’s legs. Eddie pokes the referee in the eyes. Eddie reverses and slams Holly’s back into the announcer table. Another slam to the mat by Eddie. Eddie grabs a pipe and hits Holly in the hamstring area. Eddie gets a Texas Cloverleaf onto Holly and he taps.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Eddie grabs a mic and says he’s sorry about what he did to his wife earlier. He has thought about what she said and he loves her and the kids. Eddie says he doesn’t want to hurt them. Eddie tells the fan to shut the hell up, because he’s apologizing to his wife. Eddie gets bleeped out for about 5 seconds. Eddie says he wants to show how much he loves her by saying that maybe she is right about Rey. He says at the Great American Bash that if Rey beats him, he will keep the secret to himself. But if Eddie wins, he will finish his bedtime story to Dominic. He says he is a man who keeps his promises and heads to the back.

Tazz and Michael Cole annoucne that Muhammad Hassan will have a representative speak for him next.

Yet another commercial…

Muhammad Hassan’s music hits. His personal attorney makes his way to the ring with a book. He puts on his glasses and opens up his book. He says he is the legal consule for Mr. Muhmmad Hassan. He reads a statement made by Muhammad Hassan explaining that he left Smackdown! for a brief time because of the comments that have been made. Muhammad is as american as the next person and has the same rights as everyone else. His attorney says he has the right to speak his mind. He says that they don’t have a right to face prejudism. Muhammad will not be on TV until he faces Undertaker. The Undertaker’s music hits and the attorney shuts up. Undertaker makes his way to the ring. Taker takes his trench coat and his hat off. He rolls his eyes back in his head and the attorney looks horrified. Taker forces the attorney into the corner. The attorney remind Taker that he is an attorney, not a wrestler. Undertaker chokeslams him. He gets him up for the Tombstone Piledriver and it connects. Some officials come in and help the attorney.

Commercial time, once again…

Single Match: Christian vs. Booker T w/ Sharmell
Christian jumps Booker T on the ramp. He throws him into the turnbuckle. He
slams him into the stairs. Another slam into the stairs. Christian rolls Booker in the ring and the refeere tries to hold Christian back. Christian hits Booker with the Un-Prettier for the 3.
Winner: Christian

More commercials.

A promo for the Boogeyman is showed.

JBL’s music hits and his limo is driven to the ring. JBL and Orlando Jordan come out. JBL grabs a mic and says that last Thursday was the most embaressing day of his life because of him. JBL said that thanks to him, he lost to a little fat kid. He said that Batista didn’t punk him out, he cheap-shotted him. JBL says that Batista only defeated one man for his title. JBL says he beat everybody in the locker room. JBL says that at the PPV he will go one-on-one with the one and only Wrestling God.

Commercial break.

Single Match: Batista vs. Orlando Jordan w/ JBL
Jordan attempts to hit Batista from behind, but Batista hits him away. Batista hammers OJ in the corner. Irish Whip to OJ followed by a clothesline. Batista clothesline OJ out of the ring. OJ gets back in. OJ gets some left hooks on Batista. Batista Irish Whips OJ but gets kicked in the face. JBL trips Batista and OJ dropkicks him out of the ring. OJ distracts the ref and JBL throws Batista into the stairs. OJ rolls Batista in the ring. Chop block ot Batista. OJ hammers on his knee. OJ jumps on the knee. OJ gets Batista in a leg lock. Batista hammers on OJ. OJ kicks Batista in the corner and distracts the ref. JBL pulls on Batista’s leg. Batista hammers on OJ. OJ distracts the ref once again, and JBL slams Batista’s leg into the turn buckle. OJ continues to step on his leg. OJ gets Batista in another leg lock. Batista clubs his way out of the move. Right hooks back and forth. Back body drop to OJ. Batista eats boot in the corner. Spinebuster to OJ on the turnbuckle. Irish Whip to oppisite corner. Clothesline into turnbuckle. Batista hits JBL off the apron. OJ accidently hits ref. Spinebuster to OJ. Batista sets OJ up for Batista Bomb. Chair shot by JBL to Batista. JBL puts OJ on Batista. Referee comes to, and counts 2. OJ distracts ref, and JBL tries to clothesline Batista. Batista reverses and clotheslines JBL. Batista Bomb to OJ for the 3.
Winner: Batista

JBL hits Batista leg. He throws his jacket off and hits Batista with the Clothesline From Hell. He stands over Batista with the World Heavyweight Title.

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