The Sunday HEAT Wave

It’s another week, another show. Thankfully not another re-cap one, so where off to a good step in the early going. But we might as well live it up as much as we can, as I’m sure we’ll get another semi- recap show next week due to Smackdown’s Great American Bash PPV. And we start of things with a surprise; a woman’s match.

Host: Todd Grisham and The Coach

Victoria vs. Thalia
Kinda funny because you know the crowd really isn’t in it at the get go as there is a low grumble from the crowd that can be heard. You’d think they key that sound out. Anyway, match starts off fast and quickly shows the way as things are going the way of a Victoria squash while the announcers try to plug in her “feud” with Christy. Haven’t they gotten the hint that nobody cares about Christy as a wrestler? Victoria sends Thalia to the turnbuckle and follows it up by a few hard slaps across the chest and a hard clothesline that sends her to the ground. Strong sleeper hold is applied that really goes nowhere as Thalia finally fights out as does a top rope cross body but is reversed into a pin. Kick out at 2 with a sudden widow’s peak from Victoria that ends the sleeper for the win.
Winner: Victoria

Maria is backstage with Rene Dupree interview as Rene tries to mock her, but does a fine job of doing it herself.

Rene Dupree vs. Val Venis
Haven’t really seen Dupree in a while since he was traded to Smackdown, but he sure has that weird “French” look to him. Dupree starts off match with a cheap shot to the back of Venis and is in the early momentum stage with a few hits over the chest. Dupree plays to the crowd until he goes back to work on Venis over the mat. Pretty even match as it goes back and forth until Val misses the money shot. And what has to be the surprise move of the night, Rene pulls out a camel clutch with Venis tapping out.
Winner: Rene Dupree

Recap of the John Cena vs. Chris Jericho feud.

Maria is once again backstage for her HEAT interview with Robert Conway, who decides he wants to pull a Buff Bagwell look-a-like and ditches the old La Resistance gimmick. So now it’s “Rob” (because he’s cool) and with his new catchphrase at hand, he’ll “do it the ‘Con’way”, get it? Conway… do it the ‘Con’way… you know, cuz it’s his last name and… ah forget it, I tried.

Rob Conway vs. Jobber of the Night
Like I said earlier, since he’s “cool”, Rob starts the match off by keeping his sunglasses on because all cool people need to do that. Rob pummels on the poor little guy named Moe (shouldn’t he be running the bar to keep Homer happy?) then tries to get a little cocky that actually gets some heat from the crowd. Moe actually gets a kick in before Rob starts to mercilessly beat him down to the mat. And Rob gets the “Ego Trip”, which is almost a modified twist of fate while hanging Moe’s feet onto the top ropes then pulling him down for the TOF part of it, for the win… you know, cuz he did it the Con- never mind.
Winner: Rob “The Conman” Conway

Lame Diva Search video package that saw one of the ladies get eliminated and reminds us all that we have to sit through the horror of it all over again this Monday. Sigh.

Video recap of Shawn’s heel turn against Hulk Hogan and the review of last week’s sweet chin music kick on Roddy Rowdy Piper. They’re playing this turn slowly, which I like. It’s something different from Shawn who’s been playing the good partner- stand up for all the little guys role for quite some time now. And nice that they put that little innuendo in making Shawn wear all white with his interview with Piper. So it should be interesting in what they do from here on out up leading up to the Summer Slam match against Hogan.

The Heartthrobs and Tyson Tomko vs. Hurricane, Rosey (World Tag Team Champions) and Viscera w/ Stacy Kiebler
Hurricane and Antonio start f the match with some sea- sawing action going back and forth. Hurricane tags in Rosey and pummels down Antonio before getting knocked down by a tag to Tomko. Rosey goes up top however for the big move, but Tyson narrowly avoids the fall switching momentum back to his team. Romeo finally gets his first action of the match, wearing down Rosey. And with a rush of confidence, Romeo hits Hurricane off the top rope and does the stupid mistake of hitting Viscera who gets knocked over the head for his trouble. And with the disturbing move of the night, Viscera falls on top of HT and spanks both of them until it’s broken up by Tomko. But HT suddenly bails on the match as a flying cross body is hit by The Hurricane, splash from Rosey, and an even bigger splash by Viscera to pick up the three count.
Winner: Hurricane, Rosey and Viscera

Heat Wave of the Night: Wow, have to say impressive night from HEAT tonight as they kept me busy with a handful of matches. Guess they have to make up for loss time on the past two recap shows. But hey, I’m not complaining. So the wave of the night is going to a new aspect of the show, Rob Conway’s new adjustment to post- Resistance. I know I ragged on it, but I guess we just have to wait and see where they go with this, if anywhere at all. So that’s it for me tonight with a pretty good overall show. And stay tuned for next week as I put my perfect streak on the line in PPV predictions for the Great American Bash. Oh and for those of you keeping track, no reality show offers for me yet, oh well… maybe when I get everything right next week, I’m sure the offers will be flowing in. Peace.

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