TNA At Ringside: WHO BETTA DAN ME?!?!

Welcome back to ringside everyone. I’m back from vacation and tired as hell which is good for all of you because you won’t have to read much.

Impact/No Surrender Recap

*America’s Most Wanted defeats Alex Shelley & Michael Shane: Way to put over the new young tag team
*Sonjay Dutt defeats Primetime & Mikey Batts & Shark Boy: He’s been jobbed for months and now he wins a match that Skipper deserved to win
*Sonny Siaki & Apolo defeat Simon Diamond & David Young: Give Simon a big man partner, even if it means hiring coughcoughMattMorgancoughcough
*Samoa Joe defeats Chris Sabin: No beef with this match or outcome
*Team Canada defeats Lance Hoyt & The Naturals: Can Team Canada buy a clean win?
*Kip James/The Outlaw/Monte Sopp/Mr. Ass/Billy Gunn/The One/Rockabilly/Kip Winchester & Monty Brown defeat 3LK: Call me when BG James turns
*AJ Styles defeats Sean Waltman: Like there’s a bad AJ match
*Christopher Daniels defeats Petey Williams: Give Daniels a face challenger
*Raven defeats Abyss: RHINO!!!!! Oh yeah and Jarrett

Click here for PK’s report. Click here for Hollyrics report on the last Impact before the PPV.


So Rhino is in TNA has Jarrett’s little bodyguard person. I hate that role because Rhino is a better loner. He was a loner in ECW and he destroyed everyone, which ECW fans loved. As Jarrett’s buddy the only purpose he’s going to serve is helping Jarrett get the title back down the road. Why did Monty Brown lose his job as Jarrett’s helper in the first place? Is that whole thing dropped just because Jarrett attacked a fan? Let us not forget that Jarrett still “owes” Monty a favor.

Sacrifice was spoiled for me a bit though as I heard that Jarrett and Rhino will team up to take on Raven and Sabu. That’s 3 ECW alum in one match. What’s that mean? It means TNA will some how turn this into a gimmick match. I’m going to love to watch how Raven gets Sabu to be his partner after there history. Last time I remember seeing Sabu was when Raven was screaming at him “THE SHIEK IS DEAD!”

What’s this mean for Rhino? It means he could get a World Title shot at “Unbreakable” TNA’s September PPV. I say this because “Bound For Glory” (TNA’s October PPV) is supposedly TNA’s Wrestlemania. So of course they will hold out and give Jarrett the title shot at that PPV. It’s pretty easy to set up a Rhino/Raven title match for “Unbreakable”. Have Rhino pin Raven at “Sacrifice” and then he will feel he has earned a title shot. Or just have Raven “want revenge” for the gore at “No Surrender” and the match at “Sacrifice” just wasn’t enough.
Rhino is TNA, thumbs up

Good Choice Matt

Asshole. I won’t comment on Hardy this week because there are more important things in life, like NCAA Football 06. I will leave you with the following picture that I stole:

VT ekipS oT gnimoC er’yehT

I can be cryptic too.

So what’s the perfect time slot for TNA on Spike TV? Thursdays from 9-11 PM. Why? It’s simple really. In primetime wrestling (WWE Raw and Smackdown) there are 3 main segments: The Opening, The Top Of The Hour, and The Main Event.

Smackdown will still have it’s opening left alone as they start at 8. Their top of the hour will have to compete with TNA’s opening thus losing them viewer ship. Their main event will compete with TNA’s top of the hour, more lost viewer ship. TNA will have its main event untouched.

Overall TNA should win the ratings battle because more people will want to see AJ Styles in the Main Event over JBL’s opening promo. If TNA was real smart, they would put an X Division match at the top of the hour so when Smackdown takes its main event commercial break, people will flip to the X Division and won’t turn back.

Have I lost anyone? At this point, I’ve lost myself. Anyway, Campbell this is a nice topic to argue on I think, so hit me back.

Oh yeah, why did I pick 9-11? Because the OC starts its new season this fall and that show airs at 8, that’s a tough choice for me to make. So if TNA starts at 9, I miss nothing.

So now I learn that the timeslot is sometime Saturday Night….ummm it’s a start.

Backstage at Impact

As reported by Matthew Michael; Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon, Jeff Hardy, and Shannon Moore were backstage at Impact

That’s good news for TNA as Kidman (pending he can stay healthy, I personally think he’s worn out from all the sex with Torrie Wilson) and Moore (pending they don’t give him a stupid gimmick) will add a lot to the X Division.

Jeff Hardy will add his usual spot blowing self that the girls will go crazy for back to the company.

Chris Kanyon (who’s been one of my favorite wrestlers for awhile) will add a lot to any division they stick him in. I mean really….WHO BETTA DAN KANYON!?!?!?!

The E-Mail Bag

Jindrak-No, he just don’t fit TNA.

Maven-maybe but he still have ALOT to learn and am not sure TNA is willing to teach him

Akio-used to be a member of the Flying Elvises in TNA. He would be great for the X division and tag team division with Siaki. TNA is thinking about bringing James Gibson in, maybe Jung Dragons can re-unite? The bad thing is that AKIo left TNA on bad terms.

Haas and Jackie-they both been too many Impact shows, they will be in TNA

Dudleyz- I don’t know if TNA have enough money for them

Shannon Moore- Matt Hardy pretty much confirm himself to be in TNA, if Matt goes and Shannon chances to TNA is HUGE

Kidman- Michael Batts is his cousin, Kidman problems is injuries. I’m not sure if TNA is willing to take that chance

Morgan-no, not TNA style

Dawn Marie- No, I think Dawn and Simon is not a couple no more

Kenzo- used to be in TNA and suck there, he is going back to JAPAN for sure

Gangrel- he will be joining Dave Nelson new wrestling fed “World Wide Wrestling Alliance”, that will debut this fall on a major cable channel —–(filled in the blanks)


Spike-only if the Dudleyz come, the X division is too good for Spike.

At the end of the day, I see TNA signing Matt Hardy,Shannon Moore, and Haas(without his wife). They will probably sign the Dudleyz if the money right(Bubba Ray is too greedy, he is just like HAWK). If Dvon decide to leave Bubba, Dvon and Spike can be a team. TNA already sign Rhino.

Shawn E.

Hardy is out of the TNA picture it seems but Moore is still in. TNA may be willing to teach Maven considering Jerry Lynn is the teacher. TNA doesn’t need the Dudleyz because they save money if they don’t have them but it would sure as hell help to have them. I agree with most of your comments though, thanks for the e-mail.

Plugs Around The Pulse

Review: Sid Meier’s Pirates! (XB) Tom reviews a pirate game. Why couldn’t the little boy rent the pirate game? Because it was rated arrrrrgh. I slay myself

[Beats] Eminem Considering Retiring! Mike breaks a rumor. IT’S A RUMOR DAMNIT! HE WON’T RETIRE!

Not-the-Weekend News I’ll plug Campbell because I like him

Remote Destination Mathen talks Emmy nods

Who’s Who in the DCU Mathen also talks commics

[NHL] On The Blue Line Omar talks about the greatest sport in America. My Avs should sell the Rockies and re-sign Peter “The Great”

Images of KB Toys Exclusive WWE Ring Sets Triple H truly owns the ring

The Island Review Scott Sawitz reviews a film that he’s seen before you and it stars my girl Scarlett Johansson

The C-Cup

Oh man, people actually voted and I didn’t have to use the phrase “VOTE OR DIE!” Here are the results:

Wrestler Of The Half-Year: AJ Styles
Match Of The Half-Year: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
PPV Of The Half-Year: Slammiversary
Feud Of The Half-Year: BG James vs. The Outlaw

This weeks C-Cup:

*TNA Has Money: TNA has enough money to sign one major superstar (or 2 stars or a bunch of jobbers.) Who should they sign and why? Best answer wins.

The End

That’s all this week, I’m going to go rest. I want to thank Matthew Michael and Dan Hevia for covering me on TNA News.Happy Birthday John. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.


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