'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Spelling Bee Food Comp w/ Pics!

Today’s food competition involved something we all remember from our youth: spelling bees. The HGs were brought to a stage, and given a silver tray with a covered food item. They were given 60 seconds to spell that food item correctly. Behind them hung a wheel shaped as a round PB&J sandwich. When a HG got a word spelled correctly, they removed a slice of PB&J, with the word “FOOD” underneith.

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Ivette gets the word avocado, spells is correctly.

Janelle gets the word spaghetti, spells it spagetti, incorrectly.

James gets ham, spells it correctly. I hope so!

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Rachel gets broccoli, spells it broccli, and Big Brother tells her she is correct. BB flubs up again! Later in the game, her slice is replaced back on the board.

Jennifer gets mayonnaise, spells it correctly.

April gets the word pepperoni. The HGs go wild with excitement, since April has a dog with that name. She spells the word correctly.

Beau is told to spell asparagus, and does so correctly.

Eric gets the word marshmallow. He spells it correctly.

Maggie’s word is papaya, and gets it right.

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Howie spells the word rhubarb without the “h”, gets it wrong.

Lastly, Sarah gets the word jalapeno and uses the only pass in the game to avoid spelling it. Her second word is cauliflower, and spells coliflower, incorrectly.

With a total of 7 right, and 4 wrong, the contestants choose a member of the house to spin the wheel, to see if they are on a PB&J diet for the week, or on a regular food diet. If the spinner lands on FOOD, they get normal diet. PB&J slices mean a week of the classic food. They choose Kaysar.

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Kaysar gives it a spin, and it lands on PB&J! The whole house spends the week on the PB&J.

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