[OVW] OVW TV Taping Results Including MNM (Spoilers)

A bunch of us from the Louisville MMA club went to the OVW Tbv Tapings last night on Sheperdsville Road in Louisville. We were invited by Daniel Puder, who works out at our dojo every now and then. This was most of our first time to the OVW, and we’ll be back next week. I went to the one last week, and enjoyed it a lot. Very cool environment.
The show opened at 8pm with Brent Albright, who is the OVW Champion, coming out with a bunch of other babyfaces including Chris Cage, Alexis Laree, Danny Inferno, and Seth Skyfire. Brent didn’t use the mic, he did a speech where he simply talked to the crowd. Loved the crowd control on this one. Brent thanked everyone for coming. He invited everyone to Six Flags for this Friday’s big OVW card, and he pushed his dark match main event tonight v/s Paul Birchall from England. Good promo, got the crowd really into the night.
Then Al Snow and Dean Hill came out and warmed up the crowd from the desk.
A dark match took place in which Aaron The Idol Stevens came out with not only his valet Beth Phoenix but also some new brunette who looks like a younger version of Elvira. Stevens cut a lousy promo. He had a match with Louisville native Robbie Dawber. Nothing special, but the girls were dressed hot.
Then it was time for the TV taping.
The show opens with MNM (Mercury, Nitro, and Melina) coming into the locker room and Maria stating she is there to interview the former WWE Tag Team Champions. Melina viciously grabbed Maria by the neck and slammed her up against the wall. Melina said, “We have to hear this all week long, now I have to hear it from a RAW girl?” Really cool moment. As MNM leave Maria, Nitro classicly says, “eho gave her a mic anyway?”
The first match of the tv show was Ken Anderson and Daniel Puder against two guys whose names I did not get. Anderson introduced everyone in a nice touch. Puder shot on the two guys, which was over big, partially because there were 10 of us from the Louisville MMA club in attendance tonight. After wiping the mat with the two unknowns, Puder tagged in Anderson who hit a senton for the win.
Backstage again, and MNM run into The Tolands. Good stuff again. Tolands reference new Smackdown diva Jillian Hall, who will be MNM’s publicist in WWE. Tolands say “maybe next time you can give us the courtesy of a call if you want to use our publicist.” Nitro, who was classic all night, says, “Maybe if you stopped obsessing over your titles, you’d hold onto your broad.” Tolands shot back, “Maybe if you stopped obsessing over your broad, you’d hold onto your titles!” MNM said they wanted a title shot, Tolands told them to get in line.
Second match of the night saw Ken Doane defend the TV Title against Chet The Jet Jablonski. Good match. Doane hit the RKO. As he crawls over for the pin, Nick Nemeth’s music hits. Nemeth has been laid out by the RKO on both last week’s show and the week before (since Heyman took over). Nemeth came out, kissed Doane’s pretty valet. Doane chased Nemeth. Nemeth went through the ring, and came out in a baseball slide and nailed Doane’s manager Kenny Bolin for a big pop. Now when Doane slid out, Nemeth turned around, and reversed the chase. Great stuff. Nemeth cut across the ring, Doane was running, slid in the ring, and Nemeth hit Doane with Doane’s own RKO finish and the place exploded.
Backstage, MNM run into The Thrillseekers. Capotelli says that he’s glad MNM are back, they represented OVW everywhere and are big stars and OVW owes them for representing OVW all over the world. Good promo. Nitro says, “tThat’s touching. It’s like a eulogy, but we’re not dead. Ah, what a rush.” Nice. MNM say Tolands told them to get in line, so that means it has to be MNM vs Thrillseekers, winning team gets the title shot. Jeter tried to back out of it, saying “We have a match tonight,’ but Capotelli said “I can get that changed!” The match was on. As MNM leave the dressing room, Jeter says to Capotelli, “Thanks for asking my opinion.”
Third match saw Deuce Shade destroy Osama and then confront The Beast, who suffered a broken hand on last week’s show. That was a really nice touch, as it happens in fighting but it’s not done a lot in wrestling. Well done here. Deuce, who is Jimmy Snuka Junior, turned around Beast’s promo from last week and challenged him to a fight. Beast cited the broken hand and backed off.
Backstage, MNM run into Brent Albright, who challenges either member to step up and challenge him for the OVW Title.
It’s announced that the winning team in the match between the Thrillseekers and MNM will be number one contenders to the Tollands Tag Team Titles, and that the person who scores the victory will be number one contender to Brent Albright’s OVW Title.
In the main event for TV, in a match that went about 30 minutes, The Thrillseekers defeated MNM. They did a ref bump (first one of the Heyman era), and then Melina interfered. A catfight then took place when Maria came out to fight Melina. MNM watched the fight, turned around, got double super kicked by The Thrillseekers. Double cover with both refs, and both Capotelli and Jeter scored the pin. The announcer says, “the winners of the match and now number one contenders for the tag team titles, Capotelli and Jeter, and the number one contender for Brent Albright’s title is Matt Capotelli and Johnny Jeter?” On the question, The Thrillseekers stared at each other, and that’s where I think the TV show ends.
Good solid storylines, a great match, a really exciting tv taping. I had a great time. In the dark matches, Mike Mondo beat Nigel, and Brent Albright beat Paul Birchall.
This is a videotape you should really get because everything made sense and the stories are really playing out well. Everyone was really into the taping. Very heated night at the Davis Arena in Louisville.

Credit- PWInsider.com