TNA At Ringside: What’s Cooler Than Ice Cold?

Welcome back to ringside everyone. I hope you enjoyed my Smackdown! coverage last night. I thought the show was horrible but what do you expect when Orlando Jordan is your secondary champion? Anyway, to read up on what I did on my vacation, click here to read the report better than the show it self.

The X Cup Tournament

So here are the brackets for the X Cup:

Sonjay Dutt
vs >Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

Alex Shelley

Matt Bently
vs > AJ Styles
AJ Styles

Petey Williams
Chris Sabin

It’s pretty clear that AJ Styles will be meeting Samoa Joe in the finals of this thing, but that doesn’t mean the matches will suck.

Joe and Dutt put on a nice match this past week and Joe once again looked like a beast by forcing Dutt to tap out. I really like what TNA is doing with Joe, making him look unstoppable in the X Division. He dominated Ring Of Honor for almost a 2 years and TNA is capitalizing on that success. Dutt on the other hand is just hanging around. It seemed like he was on the up slope after winning the X Division shoot out match, but he is back tapping to Joe just like he did at Slammiversary. I personally thought it was a bad move to have Dutt win the Shoot Out. I’m an Elix Skipper mark and I think he is a much better talent than Dutt. Now you can argue that having Skipper win the Shoot Out was just going to set him up to be destroyed by Joe, but nobody said that he had to face Joe in the first round. I hope they find Elix something to do and fast.

Shelley and Shocker should put on a good show on this weeks Impact! Their match at Slammiversary was very good in my opinion so I expect the same from them on Impact! I’ll say Shocker wins because I like the Shelley/Bently vs. AMW feud and having Shelley win is just going to put that feud in a backseat.

Bently and AJ impressed as expected. I didn’t mind that AMW cost Bently the match as it furthered that storyline but it just made AJ look weak I thought. I will fully hate the result of this match if Bently and Shelly job once again to AMW at Sacrifice. I think TNA should have the Shelley/Bently combo go over because they add a new face to a tag division that hasn’t changed much recently.

Petey and Sabin should deliver like they normally do. I think Petey will go over here most likely with Team Canada help because that’s the only way Team Canada seems to win. I think they should move Sabin on into a feud with possibly a heel turned Skipper unless they are planning on bringing in a heel X Division talent. Skipper needs to freshen his gimmick and Sabin needs something to do. Sounds like a plan.

The idea here is nice and whether it’s Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels or AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, the match shouldn’t disappoint.

For the record, I do not read TNA Spoilers so if I call anything; I called it.

The James Saga

For the love of god please pull the trigger on this turn. This entire thing between BG James, Kip James, and 3LK has been going on since Destination X when Kip entered TNA.

I don’t know how long they will continue to push this storyline; I just hope it’s before Bound For Glory. The case scenario for TNA would be to pull the trigger on this at Sacrifice. Why? Because that way The James brothers can face 3LK at Unbreakable and then compete for the Tag Team Titles at Bound For Glory

Have I enjoyed this storyline? Yes, it hasn’t been half bad considering TNA rarely builds storylines to the full extent. But we all know the turn is coming, so go ahead and put your blinker on.

TNA and Spike TV

So as reported by Matthew Michael, TNA and Spike TV have reached a deal.

The plan is for TNA to be sandwiched in between UFC and Howard Stern on Saturday Nights. Giving teenagers around the world a reason to stay home on Saturdays and watch TV. Because lets face it, teens only think about fighting and sex. UFC brings the fighting, Stern brings the sex, and TNA brings a bit of both.

I love how WWE states that they will put on Christian vs. Funaki instead of Benoit vs. Regal in order to make the show suck so everyone will forget about it around the time TNA takes over. Let me clear things up, nobody watches Velocity as it is. People will read the spoilers, see if there’s a decent match and then they may glance at it. I know I’m not sitting at home on Saturday around 11 saying, “I can’t wait for the Smackdown! recap show to air.”

I’m not going to lie to you; TNA probably won’t put up the biggest numbers during their Spike TV run. Saturday night isn’t a very appealing time to watch TV. All this is, is a start for TNA. They are making national news with this deal in a good way. WWE is currently getting bad press with the whole Hassan deal sp this deal comes at the right time. No way will they compete with WWE right off the bat with this time slot, but they may turn heads. They may get people saying “I’m sick of marriages every month on WWE, maybe I’ll tape TNA and watch AJ Styles.”

Let’s face it, people are getting sick of WWE. It’s becoming way too predictable and way too over the top for most. The Matt Hardy run in was cool the first week. Now we know when he’s coming. Kane vs. Edge and Carlito vs. Shelton is getting repetitive. And it’s only a matter of time before Triple H returns to dominate Raw. TNA will provide an alternative that will hopefully turn into something more.

What’s going to make me mad with this deal is that TNA wants to make Jeff Jarrett the focal point of the show when they start airing on Spike TV. I think Eric Cartman says it best when he says “NO DAMNIT THAT’S A BAD KITTY!” TNA of course being the kitty. Having Jarrett as the World Champion is actually the worst idea for TNA. Why? Because the long time TNA fans know Jeff Jarrett too well. We want a champion that we don’t know what we’re going to get every match. Here’s the Jeff Jarrett Championship Formula:

*Interview: “This is my world, I’m the king of the mountain, and this is planet Jarrett.”
*Storyline Advancement: Backstage attack
*Match: Overbooked filled with run-ins and weapons ending with Jarrett hitting 2-3 Strokes or a Stroke on a weapon.
*Next Show: “No matter who Dusty or the booking committee throws at me, they can’t knock off the king of the mountain.”

It’s that simple. With Raven, I get something different. With AJ Styles, I get something different. You know who should start as champion? Christopher Fuckin Daniels. The best all-around worker in TNA.

An idea was brought up to me this past week that maybe TNA should start with no champion. That way the new viewers feel like it’s a new start. While that’s a good idea, I find it too WWEish. I want TNA to do their own thing. I don’t want TNA to do soap opera like storylines. I want better storylines from them because at this point, all their storylines are paint by numbers. Again, good idea to catch the new fans up but bad idea by making it too much of what we have already seen.

Oh Canada

I was listening to Between The Ropes Wrestling Radio Show on Wednesday night and the guests on the show were Scott D’Amore and Bret Hart. D’Amore was talking about how he wanted to stay off camera for a while in order to concentrate on his booking duties. He also said that Team Canada would benefit from a new legend leader.

Bret Hart was asked if he would ever join TNA and he didn’t rule out that option. So how does TNA make a huge splash right away? Sign Bret Hart. Imagine watching the first episode of TNA on SpikeTV and seeing Bret help out the young guys in Team Canada. That would be the talk of the IWC for the following week and then some. Listening to the interview, it’s clear that Bret still holds a certain grudge with WWE and Vince McMahon. What better way to rub it in their face than to join the competition?

Most people I know like Bret Hart for one reason or another. Some sympathize with him over the Montreal Incident. Some sympathize with him over the incident involving his brother. Some respect the matches and feuds he put on. As a life long Shawn Michaels fan, I have a lot of respect for Bret. Probably because the first wrestling match I saw was Michaels vs. Hart at WrestleMania 12.

Bret doesn’t need to wrestle in TNA to help them out. Hell, him wrestling may hurt them because he’s a shell of his former self. The name value alone helps TNA. He could also help in creative decisions. Bret has a business mind much like Steve Austin. They both love the business and know what the fans will like to see. That’s what wrestling is missing now days. The entire WWE writing team is a bunch of Hollywood writers. This past year at WrestleMania the slogan was “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood.” No, it’s been Hollywood for a few years now.

Bret could be a God in Orlando, just like he is in Canada.

The Fan That Jumped The Rail

Yes, I’m talking about Matt Hardy. Last week I seemed to come off as if I was mad at Matt for going back to WWE. Let me clear things up, I’m not mad. I am more disappointed than mad. Matt is clearly taking money and his shot at “The Career Making Storyline” over his brother and wrestling.

To me, they’ve already ruined the storyline anyway. We all know that it’s not a shoot now. The second he attacked Edge backstage, the drama was gone. If they started with the in ring attack, I may still believe that this entire thing is a shoot. But Matt showed up backstage. How did a “fan” get backstage? If they didn’t start backstage and if Matt didn’t come out on the Internet saying “WWE and I are on good terms” they could have fooled the entire world.

Matt could have come to TNA and “shot” on Edge, Lita, and WWE every week and I would have loved him. I glad he has a job but I feel that it’s the wrong one.

To read more on Matt Hardy click here

The E-Mail Bag

This weeks questions pretty easy. You hire the Dudleys. When it comes to major superstars the only 2 available as free agents that could make a huge impact are the Rock and Goldberg. There is no way you are going to be able to get the Rock to work a full wrestling schedule so that ones out of the question although the publicity it would generate might almost be worth it. Goldberg on the other hand just isn’t worth the money he and his ego really would hurt TNA more then it would help. So bring in the Dudleys. These guys are big enough of a name that you are going to generate fan excitement. The TNA tag division is already better then the WWE’s and the Dudleys would only make it better. Hell they’d already have 2 or 3 matches waiting for them too. Dudley’s/AMW, Dudley’s/NAO, Dudley’s/Naturals. Add to that the gimmick matches that could be done 6 sides of Steel, table matches, TNA loves gimmick matches it’s a dream come true for them. Hell I’m salivating bring in the Dudleys already and lets have the Dudleys vs. AMW in a 6 sides of steel tables match.

-Joe Selders

First off, not feeling the 6 Sides of Steel Tables Match. I hated the Hardy vs. Raven match at Lockdown and adding two more people to the match, is disaster. I like the idea of signing the Dudleyz though, people know the Dudleyz and they can still go in the ring, especially in gimmick matches. Thanks for the mail

if the dudley boyz and tna can’t come to terms on a long-term contract, why not sign them for a one-shot deal. sign them later on so they can compete in a ppv match at bound for glory versus amw. “the greatest tag team ever” versus “the best tag team in tna ever” is a good way to add to the wrestlemania feel they’re want to go for. plus, it gives amw more to do.


I wouldn’t mind that but I hope they don’t waste too much money on a “one shot deal.” It would give the show a WrestleMania type feel though. Thanks

Jake Roberts. They should Jake Roberts. Every time Jarrett wins the title, to deflect anger away from himself, Roberts will mysteriously be arrested on drug-related charges (possession, intent to sell, burning a hooker with his crack pipe, you know, the usual). It will be the best money Jarrett ever intentionally wasted this side of Trytan.

-Angry Chair

Lol, when I first saw Jake Roberts I was ready to delete this e-mail but further reading it, it made me laugh. Thanks for making me laugh

In a funny note, NWA OHIO got a Stone Cold rip off that looks exactly like Stone COld name “EVEN COLDER”. His character meant to be a joke like BWO. Too see this guy picture click here, Even Colder

Where did this guy come from?


LMAO, no clue where this guy came from. I’m always a fan of wrestler impersonations. The whole D-X impersonates the Nation bit ruled. The Rock and his impersonations, gold. This is probably just a marketing ploy, but it’s funny for now. Thanks for making me laugh harder.

Awesome article. I definately think that TNA should pick Kidman and Shannon Moore. Oh, and to comment on your internet conversation, it was really cool to make that Pear314 guy look like a jackass and put it on your article. Maybe he’ll read your article so he can see what a retarded little monkey dick he is. Anyways, kickass article.

-Bentley Toal

Unless somebody E-Mailed him the article, he didn’t read it. Kidman and Moore would add to the X Division. Thanks.

Hey, here are my C-Cup answers…

I’m going with three picks.

First and foremost, James Cornette. It was a shame
Cornette’s anger got the best of him slapping that
kid. The man’s a jack of all trades in the business
minus wrestling. I’d love to see him helping with the
book and managing a non-Canadian heel tag team.

Next for talent, I’m picking two since I doubt the
latter wants much.

First off, Charlie Haas. Haas has mentioned in
interviews his interest in TNA. The guy’s no spot
monkey, but I’m sure his matches would X-Division
stars would be solid and as it’s been said a thousand
times, TNA has always been a bit short on main

Second, Ruckus. I’m not sure how many TNA fans are
familiar with his work and I’ll admit to only seeing
one of his matches (against former X-Division star
Jimmy Rave) and a few clips from others, but wow…
This guy is insane and a perfect fit for the X
Division. He has some sweet 450 and SSP variations
(running, standing, apron dives) a couple handspring
and backflip moves, as well as a nice arsenal of hard
hitting moves as well as a wicked somersault Van
Terminator finish with his opponent stuck in a tree of woe.

-Peter Von Erik

I love Cornette. I think he is a great wrestling mind just behind Heyman as far as booking goes. I would like to see Haas in TNA and I would like to see TNA start a good a decent mid-card division. If Ruckus is as good as you say he is, I’ll take him. Thanks for the picks.


Long-time reader of 411/insidepulse, first-time writer-inner. I was actually able to catch Smackdown this week (well, actually just the first hour), and after sitting through said first hour, I’ve come to realize a couple of things:

1.) I REALLY want WWE’s TV lawyers to write contracts up for my life too- “Yes, he did run that red light doing 85 and hit an old lady in the crosswalk, BUT your honor, it says RIGHT HERE in his driving contract that if the woman does NOT die, she CAN NOT press charges”

2.)I’m convinced that the Smackdown creative team has to be all-volunteer, because I don’t see how anyone could get paid to do the stuff they put out every week. Example- the MNM/publicist lady with the 6 foot mole on her face. Yay, we get it, she has a mole and it looks disgusting, but did WWE Creative ever hear of subtlety or discreet humor? Does everything have to be played out in gigantic idiot fashion?

3.) I REALLY REALLY want WWE’s TV lawyers to write up contracts for my life too- “He did not get the promotion because he is not experienced enough and someone else was, but it says RIGHT HERE IN HIS CONTRACT that if he does not get the promotion, he gets FOUR MORE chances at it starting next week”

…gotta give you credit for sitting through the entire thing and actually writing about it. I know I couldn’t do it. Also, scary thought for the week- around this time last year (give or take a month or so), Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrerro were World Champions…think about that next time you see Benoit carrying another generic OVW Create-A-Wrestler and Eddie Guerrerro is slogging through a storyline with more plot holes than No Holds Barred and Batman Forever combined.

Thanks for your time,

Joe P.

I wouldn’t mind having WWE write up contracts for my life either. I didn’t mention the mole on Jillians face because 1. I didn’t know what the hell it was 2. I was looking at her chest. I sat through it because I have no life and TNA doesn’t hit TV until October on SpikeTV. Thanks for reading the report.

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Quote Of The Week

“How is it that Chris Benoit went from beating Triple H and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 20 to losing at the Bash to Orlando Jordan and his nappy ass hair?” -Caller on Between The Ropes

The C-Cup

*Answer The Quote: Answer the above quote, best answer wins.

Last Weeks Winner: Peter Von Erik because he gave me 3 good names that TNA could probably get at a good price. Hit me back with what you would like to claim.

The End

That’s it for this week folks. I’m off to count down the days until October. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.