[WWE] Ton of Notes: Hardy, HHH, Brock, & More


The Washington Times has a story today about how Mick Foley visited some injured US military troops in Washington, DC and took them to a baseball game last night. Foley has made 20 visits to the troops in 20 months. It’s a nice piece.

Is the Brock Lesnar situation with WWE a shoot or a work? It is unclear at this point but a lawyer / wrestling fan reader sent his opinion. Here it is: “As a an attorney I can tell you that this is a work. There is/was a lawsuit pending between the WWE and Lesnar. As was properly pointed out on yesterday’s hotline, the lawyers involved would have NEVER allowed either side to publicly comment on negotiations between the parties during litigation. This is clearly a work.”

Chris Jericho, Edge and Arn Anderson will be the guests on Byte This tonight.

A Summer Slam promo aired on Time Warner Cable in NY last night which said “watch SummerSlam to see Triple H and Ric Flair go at it to settle their problems”.

This has been a rumored a match rumored match for a few weeks now. It will be interesting to see if WWE can pull this off in the next couple weeks

Matt Hardy’s bio has been added to the Raw page it was added after Vince McMahon announced on Monday night that Hardy was back with the company.

Credit: PWInsider.com