Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – August 3

It was the hottest day that I have ever experienced in Toronto on Wednesday. This is coming from somebody who is originally from Kenya and recently visited LA. I was practically melting. I actually arrived to the John Bassett theatre even earlier than usual because I did not want to stand outside in the heat.

First, let’s get to the Palmer challenge. I heard from two readers.

Michelle wrote:

Great recap as usual. Although I disagree with what you said about Josh, I understand what you mean. Josh seems to be the kind of competitor whom people either get or don’t get. The people who like him (ie – me) are those who appreciate his artistry and originality (to answer your question, he doesn’t remind me of anyone other than himself) – the “screaming” and “wailing” really isn’t screaming and wailing at all to his fans (personally, I have never heard screaming
or wailing in any of his performances). He’s definitely not the strongest technically, but these days, the technically sound are regarded as uninteresting and boring. I personally love the emotion he puts into his performances – he really throws himself into them.

I don’t know – Josh just appeals to his fans. I mean, what makes people prefer the things (or people, in this case) they do? It’s just the way it is, I guess.

Brian Wong wrote:

hey murtz,

josh palmer digs jeff buckley, which is where he probably gets the wailing.

i was disappointed missing bsb as well.

-brian (the guy who sat beside you–not the gross one).

In any event, it appears that there are a couple of Josh Palmer fans out there. I am just not one of them. And I am still not convinced. Anyway, let’s get to the results.

I was seated in seat J24 in the right orchestra. Three rows behind Judge Jake Gold. I thought that the people who were the most at risk included Amber, Melissa, Casey and Aaron.

I predicted that the bottom three would be Melissa, Amber and Aaron.

I was surprised because the warm-up started very late. They only started to rev the crowd up with five minutes to spare.

One of the journalists from a Montreal newspaper pointed out to me that Conservative Peter McKay was in the audience. I will admit that every part of me wanted to ask him where Belinda was. That’s a a joke only for our Canadian contingent.

Ben Mulroney came out before the show started to help out a robe-clad Jon Dore with the warm-up. He asked the audience who heard him rap on the previous night’s show. The judges were then introduced and Sass Jordan was asked about her concert at the Drake.

The Top 8 were called out and Melissa and Suzi were holding hands as they stood on stage. It was time to film the first “live call-out” of the show where the opening shot is pretaped with the contestants standing on stage while Mulroney does a voiceover.

The show started with an 80’s medley featuring all of the contestants. It started in a rocking fashion with Rex Goudie and Daryl Brunt charming the ladies in attendance.

My random observations regarding the group performance included my inability to understand what Aaron was saying and that the chemistry between Josh Palmer and Suzi Rawn seemed forced. This was a polar obvious to the clear-cut chemistry between Theresa and Kalan when they performed “I Love Rock & Roll” in one of last season’s group concerts.

After the medley was over, Mulroney came out and said that 2.7 million votes were cast on Tuesday and introduced a recap of the singers. When they showed Daryl and Rex on the various screens in the theatre, they clearly received the loudest reactions. Based on the pop that they got, I assumed that both were comfortably safe this week.

A commercial break was taken and the couches were brought out.

In the top row, there was Aaron, Suzi, Rex and Daryl.

Amber, Josh, Casey and Melissa sat in the bottom row.

When I saw the seating arrangement, I figured that Aaron would probably be in the bottom 3 because he was the weakest in the top row and I figured the other three would be safe.

Another Jon Dore segment was placed. It was called “Idols, Idolatry and Inspiration.” Basicalyl a promo advertising the Letters of Inspiration promotion with Canada Post where fans get a chance to meet the singers.

After another commercial, it was time for the results.

AARON: SAFE (I was shocked).
SUZI: BOTTOM 3 (I was shocked again!).

This left Josh, Casey and Melissa on the couch waiting to see who would be joining Suzi and Amber at risk. I knew that Josh deserved to go, but I figured it would probably be Melissa (given Casey’s large base of support).

During the commerical break, there was a big group hug in centre stage. Casey stayed on the couch by herself, once again breathing quite heavily. I really do not think that she can handle the stress of the competition and when she is eliminated, it will be interesting to see how she handles it. I can’t say that I was altogether surprised by the results up to this point. I mean, aside from the Suzi shocker, everyone knew Amber would be in the Bottom 3 this week as her song selection of “Just Like Jesse James” was awful.

I was feeling stressed out myself though, because I have bet anyone who will listen that Suzi Rawn will win this competition. I called it from the first episode and have money on the line! So to say that I was sweating the results would be a serious understatement.

During the commercial, some fans got autographs from the judges and Josh gave a long hug to Amber. Out of the three that were left, I thought Melissa was in the most danger. My top row theory was gold, but it was Suzi taking the hit instead of Aaron.

Anyway, back to it.


Ben asked the judges about what they thought of either Amber, Suzi or Josh going home.

Zack: I wouldn’t save anyone (later kept saying Suzi).
Sass: Most surprised by Suzi.
Jake: You guys have to say that you want to win this thing.

Ben announced the name of the first safe contestant and, unfortunately, it was Josh.

Amber and Suzi. Suzi and Amber.

A commercial break was taken and now I really needed time to compose myself. I legitimately thought that Amber and Josh would be the bottom two and I was stunned that Suzi was there. I think it is the old Ruben Studdard theory where everyone just assumed she was safe.

During the commercial break, Zack went up to comfort the bottom 2. I will be going to the Idol Mansion next week and I will freak if Suzi isn’t there since she is clearly my favourite. Another interesting point to consider is how the Wild Cards, Josh and Aaron continue to move on. They have obviously improved their base since their Group 32 performances.

In all honesty though, I think that this is the best thing that could happen to Suzi. If Amber was eliminated, I think it would remotivate her fans to start voting in droves and that’s the best scenario for her to make it to the finals against Rex.

Ben announced that, as expected, Amber Fleury is finished in the competition. She was a solid competitor who fizzed near the end. I actually expected Zack to yell out “DEVIKA MATHUR” as she walked off, but he reserved himself.

Next’s week theme will cover the golden age of music as “The Standards” will be sung with an orchestra in the house!

Murtz out.

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