En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

But first, check Jeremy Lambert’s TNA At Ringside here .

I just would like wish InsidePulse a happy anniversary! As we’ve had Dave M, Amodio, Eric S, Lambert and myself for TNA Impact for year number 1, I will be force to reckon with in year #2!

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. I missed the first five minutes of the show, so I am pretty sure Blondin was saying something funny, while PCO was trying to be mean and angry for no reason.

Samoa Joe vs Alex Shelley: For about 3 to 4 minutes, we have some boring mat work that you would see in the UFC. Stiff kicks and submission holds to the knee, arm and head. There’s even a commercial during this “action”. Petey Williams is looking from the aisle, while AJ Styles is looking from the back. Finally, they both get up and act like they just started the match. In the corner, Joe hits some nasty kicks. After beatings by Joe, he walks into a boot by Shelley after a charge. Alex with a knee to the head and a bulldog for 2. After a few forearms by Alex, Joe spinkicks Shalley’s knee. Senton by Joe gets 2. Running knee to the corner and whole bunch of rakes with his boot by Joe. Samoa Joe hits the Muscle Buster and applies the choke sleeper. Shelley’s arm gets dropped 3 times and Joe goes to the finals.

A video package between Syxx and Jerry Lynn is shown, including footage from Japan.


Naturals (w. Jimmy Hart) vs Eric Young & Bobby Roode (w. A1): Chase Stevens and Roode start it off. Back & forth by both ends in a clothesline by Chase. Tag to Andy Douglas. Andy with a bulldog on Roode onto Stevens’ knee. Double back body drop and double whip to the outside. Roode is brought back in, Young is knocked out and A1 drops Andy on the apron. This is the portion of the match where Team Canada has Andy in control and there’s no chance in heck that the match will end until a tag to Chase is made. We have 2 false comebacks and then the real one. Stevens is in with punches to Roode and Young. Ralph comes in and gets thrown out. Flying forearm to Roode. Young gets whipped and clotheslined out. Alabama Slam to Roode, a cover is made and Young stops it. Chase gets distracted by Petey Williams and walks in a full nelson slam by Roode. Elbowdrop from Young from the top rope and a funny moment happens as both Young and Roode go for the cover. Young lets Roode do it and gets 2. Roode snatches the megaphone from Jimmy, but Andy takes it away and hits Young. Andy pulls an Eddy Guerrero by throwing the megaphone to Roode and lying down. The referee sees this and of course, DQs Team Canada. The latter attack Naturals, until AMW come in for the save. AMW take the belts and hands them to Naturals, except that they hold on to it for awhile until they let go.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Abyss (w. James Mitchell) vs Apolo (w. Sonny Siaki): They give each other a bunch of shoulder blocks, until Apolo starts the attack with chops and punches. Whip to the corner, reverse, Abyss walks into a boot and gets clotheslined out. Outside now, Apolo is in control until Abyss reverses a whip to the railing. Abyss gets a chair, but Siaki grabs it away from him. Apolo is still in control in the ring.


When we return, Abyss throws Apolo shoulder first in to the post. Abyss going for chokeslam, no, neckbreaker by Apolo for 2. Clothesline by Abyss after Mitchell grabbed Apolo’s leg. Some choking and a neck vice is applied by Abyss. In the corner, Abyss with chops. Apolo with chops of his own. Whip to the corner by Apolo, reverse, Booker T’s thingy where Apolo gets a cover, but Abyss rolls out it and walks into a full nelson slam. Two clotheslines and a Rock Bottom by Apolo. The referee is distracted by Siaki and Mitchell, so no count can be made. Abyss takes a chair, Apolo ducks and superkicks the chair twice into Abyss (looked sloppy). The cover is made, but the ref is out of position. The referee now sees and makes a 2 count. Apolo walks into a Black Hole Slam and that is enough for the trrrrrrrrrois. Hoyt shows up and brawls with Abyss. Hoyt takes the mic and says that he picked the wrong prey.


Raven & Sabu vs Simon Diamond & David Young: Simon starts it off with kicking Raven in the corner. Tag to Young. DDT on Simon coming, no, DDT on Raven by Young coming, no, DDT on Young coming, no, drop toe hold and tag to Sabu. Punches, kicks and springboard spinkick gets 2 on Young. Leg drop from the apron gets 2. Camel Clutch by Young and Simon breaks it up. Tag to Simon. Sabu is placed in the tree of woe and Simon hits a running knee. Two suplexes in a row, followed by a suplex into the ropes. Tag to Young. After some right, whip, spinebuster by Young with Raven stopping the count. Sabu is placed on the top, Young is punched and Sabu hits a summersault dive. Tag to Raven. Raven with a clothesline to Young and kneelift to Simon. He wipes his nose with a tissue and puts it in Young’s face. Bulldog to Simon while at the same time clotheslining Young. Cover on Young and Simon stops the count. Tag to Sabu, Young & Simon with a double clothesline to Raven and Sabu with a top rope clothesline to both bad guys. DDT by Raven to Young and an Arabian facebuster by Sabu for the 1, 2, 3. Rhino and Jeff Jarrett come to brawl with Raven & Sabu. When JJ & Rhino are outside, Sabu flies at them (even taking out some security members) with the help of a chair.


We end it in the RDS studios.

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