Tommy Lee – Tommy Lee Presents: TommyLand – The Ride Review

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The Inside Pulse: Tommy Lee is a man that needs no introduction. From his days with rock legends Motley Crue, to his marriage and subsequent divorce of Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee is a household name. While this isn’t his first solo disc (this is number 3 if you count the Methods of Mayhem fiasco), it’s his first since Motley Crue has reunited, his first with new label 604 Records (operated by Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger) and coincides with his new reality show, “Tommy Goes To College”.

Positives: The only stand out track on this album is “Makin Me Crazy”, with the bulk of the singing done by Dirty Harry. The chorus rhythms are fantastic and a definite high point of the album.

Negatives: From start to finish, almost every track sounds exactly the same. Not a lot of difference and it definitely hurts the album.

Not too sure about this, but Tommy Lee doesn’t know how to pick guests for albums. On this album we get appearances from Benji and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Carl Bell (Fuel?!), and Butch Walker.

Basically, if you love Motley Crue, you will not like this record.

If You Like…: Well, if you enjoy easy processed radio rock, this record may be up your alley.

Reason to buy: Buy disc. Insert in microwave. Set on cook for about 2 minutes. See how many different colours can emanate from one single disc. Seriously.

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