Green Lantern #3 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: Flight Delay

Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Carlos Pacheco
Inks: Jesus Merino
Colors: Moose Baumann
Letters: Rob Leigh
Associate Editor: Michael Siglain
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Publisher: DC Comics

Well, Hal Jordan is back, for better or for worse. This issue balances between Hal Jordan character moments and Hal Jordan in the midst of a battle with two Manhunters, one outdated and the other a new model. It’s quite cool to behold, as the three of them have a pretty intense throwdown.

Johns, as always, is spot-on in his writing, weaving entertaining storylines while showing what makes characters tick. The art team also does an excellent job, as everything looks awesome. The only drawback to this book, and the reason it didn’t score higher than 7, is merely Hal Jordan himself. Don’t get me wrong, Johns writes him perfectly, it’s just that Hal is so…bland. I can’t help feeling that this same book, but instead starring Kyle Rayner (or Guy Gardner, or even friggin’ John Stewart), would be that much more entertaining.

Oh well. Props to the creative team for making a bland character much more interesting than he ever has been (in my opinion).