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I’m settling in nicely to my new writing digs. I think over time there will be some changes… so I ask you, those who have enjoyed the years of MNV, what would YOU like to see, hmmm?

Until then, here’s the news….

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“Hibbs’ case, again, sought damages against Marvel for not accepting returns on books that either shipped late (more than 30 days after the originally solicited date) or shipped with different content – from a creative team change to an unannounced change in a storyline. Both of which, according to Hibbs, resulted in lower sales (as customers lost interest in the book after being late or a changed creative team), and caused the retailer financial damage. “

I had to put that big quote in there so you knew what the hell I was talking about. Anyway, when I heard about this case, I first thought ‘What an ass!’ because sometimes books are late. It’s a problem, but it’s one that we’ve come to expect.

Then I realized what I had just said. We have been trained to expect that books we are promised are going to be late. That’s not cool. That’s not cool at all, especially with a ‘no return’ policy from Marvel. It’s very easy when you are one of the two biggest comic publishers in the country to shrug the retailers off, but the more I pondered over it, the more I was very happy to hear that somebody was going to Marvel and saying ‘That’s not right’.

What saddened me afterwards was realizing that more retailers didn’t join the fight, but that’s because most retailers don’t know much about what’s actually going industry wide – just what is going on in their retailer bubble. Good for Hibbs though for trying to make a difference.

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This is just a sidenote story about the design thoughts that went into creating Amazing Fantasy #15’s cover. For those who aren’t exactly sure why making Amazing Fantasy (vol.2)’s cover actually be somewhat special, please do me a favor and go find yourself a short pier. Once there, look down and go ‘God that’s really far down.. I’d hate to fall’. Then go online and type it into google.

Then sigh, go back to the pier, and do what you think is right. No pressure.

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I’ve gotten into debates with people on the Inside Pulse forums about this, but Mary Jane is exactly what this industry needs. The book is geared towards a younger audience. The book is VERY well written. The book is geared towards girls, but doesn’t scream ‘HEY LOOK I’M MIND NUMBING ANIME!’. The book is adorable.

I gave out at least 3 copies of it last year for various christmas/birthday celebrations. Neices, friends, etc. all got this book, because it is a purely good story. If you don’t want a little bit off teen angst and drama.. fine. I’m so happy that I will now be able to take McKeever’s ongoing MJ book and give it to friends every couple months in that digest form, I could just yip.

Yes.. yip. McKeever won the ‘Talent Deserving Wider Recognition’ Award at the Eisners. There is a reason for that, and with the relaunch of Sentinel and a new MJ series – I’m happy he won’t be in contention for that award next year.


=Ghost Rider=

Over at Comic’s Continuum they give you a brief update on Ghost Rider. Nothing special, but there is a screen shot – and that’s worth noting.

=Fantastic Four: The Sequel

CBR is quoting a New York Times story, stating that Jessica Alba might not return for FF2, but instead do an ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ remake. All I have to respond to this is, yech, yech yech, ewwie, ewwie, spoo, nasty. I hate Hollywood remakes.


Not a huge shocker, but at least nice to know is that Colossus will be returning in X3, with the same actor Daniel Cudmore. Wheeee – brought to you by the fine people at

M I N I – R E V I E W S

Again – I’m so torn about keeping this section. Well, maybe in time I’ll have a whole slew of people who want to comment in and on the state of affairs of comics. Here are the few that I did read.

Entering in the final run of Bendis’ critically acclaimed Daredevil – it seems that everything is going to be brought out into the open. No more urban legend. No more second guessing. We will find out once and for all if Matt Murdoch is, in fact, Daredevil… and of course the guy who is going to make this clear to us is the most vicious gangster in all of the Marvel Universe.

My question is, if Urich is the guy who broke the story, doesn’t that reaaaallly affect his relationship with Matt? Time will tell.

There is something kinda annoying about the art of this title. It consistantly feels as if there are two artists. The story is fun and back referential to old Excalibur stories, but half the book’s beautiful, half the book just doesn’t look so good.

Millar is good at Wolverine. Blame whomever you want about the fact that the story happens in this magical limbo of ‘between every story ever’, but it is in fact one of the greatest Wolvie stories told in a very long time. This is the end of it, and Millar’s run is ending with it, but it’s still damn good.


Without further adieu..

So we’ll see you next time, eh!?

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