The Saturday Report

Your pal and mine, Brendan “Miracle Pulser” Campbell is looking to buy a car, but doesn’t know what kind to buy. Try to help the guy out. Myself, I’ll offer the advice of reading Consumer Reports and ranking based on how comfortable you feel driving the car. Also Google for websites that show how much people paid for their cars. You’d be surprised at how little they pay – and how much extra stuff (tinted windows, security system, etc) they get. Actually, when you decide on a car and get down to negotiating that stuff, bring your girlfriend – it never hurts to try getting the Hot Chick discount.

One more thing – don’t by a Hyundai. Little bastards suck gas like a full size sedan…

What I’ve been watching
The Weekly Singing Competition Commentary
Elvis week on Canadian Idol went over about as well as a fart in church in my house, as the wife didn’t think anyone sang particularly well. Sure, seeing Suzi eliminated was a bit of a disappointment for me, but the writing was on the wall for the last couple of weeks and her poor song selection this week didn’t help her cause.

Anyways, don’t expect a timely report from me next week – I’ll be down in Houston, where radio sucks and they (shockingly) don’t get Canadian Idol. Don’t get too upset over it.

In contrast to Idol, Rock Star: INXS was quite good. Aside from Marty competing with Rex for “stiffest white guy in a singing competition”, that is. Everyone sang well on Tuesday (except, surprisingly, Mig), and it was hard to say who would end up in the Bottom Three.

Then Wednesday came along, and Suzie was chosen for the encore. She was then asked to choose an “opening act” and picked Marty, who like the idiot he is didn’t pick up on the fact that it’s a backhanded compliment. Then again it didn’t look like he understood the “less is more” comment on Tuesday, so I suppose that I shouldn’t really be surprised.

Anyways the bottom 3 this week of J.D., Ty and Jordis turned in lackluster performances during the sing-off, and like Brandon before him, Ty forgetting the words was the difference maker. Which is a shame because he was probably the best singer left in the competition. Now… well, I’m hoping that J.D. wins it, because noone else has much of a personality.

Tommy Lee Goes To College
Isn’t it great that they show The Office right after this? Thankfully, there’s only two more weeks of this…

The Ultimate Fighter 2
Much better than the first episode, mainly because neither fighter opted to quit rather than fight. Melvin pulled a funny joke on Dana White with the whole wanting to quit thing. Too bad he’s been eliminated… well at least until one of the other fighters (like, say, Jorge) is deemed physically unable to fight. The teams were picked, and unsurprisingly Militech member Mike ended up with Matt Hughes and Jorge with Rich Franklin.

The fight itself was somewhat disjointed. In the MMA world you’d probably fight once every two months or so, which gives your body some time to heal. But because it’s a reality competition, you’ve got maybe a week before someone might force you to fight again, so you need to be a bit more guarded in the octagon. So what you got was Melvin trying to finish things with strikes, and Josh taking him down and controlling him, but trying for a submission tapout rather than grounding and pounding. But even in losing, Melvin was impressive as his raw athleticism allowed him to get out of sticky situations. If he does as well in Ultimate Finale 2 I could see him getting signed up like some of the season 1 guys.

Next week, the heavyweights are up for elimination. Much like heavyweight boxing, I’m not expecting a technical masterpiece, but a fight where one punch can knock a guy out.

Prison Break
Well, the Fox “fall” season has started with this serial drama, and whether or not you like Brett Ratner, it seems like he and his partners have crafted a pretty decent show. It’s not a great show yet, but it’s got potential – mainly because of Wentworth Miller’s portayal of Michael. Michael’s an obviously intelligent kid, who has tried to figure out all the angles in trying to free his brother from incarceration.

Of course, there are some problems with the show. For one, there’s a lot of cliché characters running around. You know which ones they are. Another is the whole conspiracy subplot that Robin Tunney’s Veronica is trying to uncover. And of course there’s the general issue of a pilot episode trying to cram a lot of characters, information and plotlines into you. Still, I think this is a show worth sticking around for. And if you’ve missed anything, Scott Keith has his Rant/recap up for you to see what you missed. I’m also sure that there’s a torrent flying around somewhere. Not that I’d advocate that.

Stand back, there’s a telethon coming through
You know, I don’t really understand the telethon. Are there people that really watch the whole thing and decide to donate based on some entertainers doing stuff? Me, I’m more of a proactive guy, and I’ll donate directly through Red Cross or UNICEF rather than hope that Sasha Mitchell answers the phone and talks to me.

…admit it, you know who he is…

Anyways, NBC and Telemundo will have broadcasted telethons yesterday, BET has one scheduled for next Friday, MTV/VH1/CMT has one next Saturday and a ginormous one is set to be aired next week by all 4 broadcast networks as well as UPN and WB.

I should note that both Sean “Poochie” Combs and Celine Dion made sizable donations (no doubt Celine took that from Rene’s poker winnings), so if we’re lucky they won’t feel the need to sing or appear at any of the telethons. Although seeing Celine get booed again (a la Live 8) would be priceless.

And interestingly, Jerry Lewis is donating $1,000,000 from his annual Labour Day telethon to disaster victims. Which of course means $1,000,000 less going to muscular dystrophy patients/research. Well hey, as long as it’s going to something good, I guess.

And that’s it for this week.