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Welcome again to Marvel News and Views. Once again bringing you all of the news that you really probably didn’t want to go searching around for in other places. That’s the power that is this column. I let you be lazy…. isn’t that nice?

Talking about lazy, this column is being written a bit late, but you wouldn’t know that since it was put up on the site at the right time. I sit here on Labor Day, high on Percocet due to some oral surgery I had this weekend.

So if my opinions seem a little more zany, now you know.. and that is apparently some fraction of a battle… Go Dentistry!

Ultimate News with an Ultimate Line-up
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“Rumored since Chicago, perhaps teased too hard in Toronto, there appears to be confirmation of the next team on Marvel’s Ultimates title. And yes, the answer to question about the creative team is also connected to the pair of questions: “What will Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira be doing at Marvel?””

Ultimates Volume 1 was fun, but with time delays and a lackluster final battle, it garnered a mid-rating. Ultimates Volume 2 has been one of the most edge of the seat action titles of the year. Well, it seems that with Ultimates Volume 3 we are going to get two guys who haven’t seen the Hallowed Halls of Marvel in a loooooooong time. Jeph Loeb and Joey Maduiera are back. What does this mean? Aside from a launch schedule that is going to look closer to Volume 1, and an art style that is much more cartoon based – the jury is out on this one.

Millar and Hitch have owned this title since it began, changing the creative team might not be what they want to do, but hey.. who am I? I don’t even worry about Loeb, his work on books that are considered near classics “The Long Halloween” and “Man of All Seasons” – it’s Joey Mad’s slower eastern influenced work I worry about.

More details on the Breastacular Spider-Woman
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One of the covers of the new Spider-Woman title, being done by Maleev/Bendis after they finish Daredevil up has been released. Check it out:

Promising it to give you a defined Year One of Spider-Woman, “Spider-Woman: Origin” should be a nice lead in to their ongoing.

More McKeever News For You
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As we discussed last week, Sean McKeever is getting “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane”, his own ongoing series. This is a quick interview with him about how happy he is, and I found this quote in here that made me smile, so here you go…

SEAN: The really nice thing now is you look at a lot of the books Marvel’s putting out, like Marvel Team-Up and Cable/Deadpool and New Thunderbolts — books that aren’t lighting up the sales charts but Marvel’s committed to them. It’s nice to see that Marvel’s got that commitment now to their series. And now for me, as a reader, I can feel like there’s more of a sense of stability there, and if I pick up a book, it’s not going to just drop by the wayside. I’m not going to feel like I just wasted my time or get all frustrated that I wanted to read the rest of the story.”

It’s nice to know that Sean’s got faith. As long as he’s not a completely blithering fanboy, which we all know he isn’t – this makes me not just feel good about his story, but about Marvel as a whole. With the Tsunami bomb, and so many books coming and going over the last two years, it’s good to hear that books that may not be in that top percentile, are at least going to get the ability to put out the first trade.

That is what this comment translates to, since books like “Runaways”, “Sentinel”, “Mary Jane” have all been given second chances due to high trade sales, as long as the era of TPBs continues on, sleeper titles are going to see continued life. Nice.

Guess what comes out tomorrow…
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This week get ready for one of the books I wasn’t expecting to look forward to… Ghost Rider! Each week, I read another little bit about this title that makes me think it is going to be a hit this year. Here’s this week’s:

“So what drew Ennis to the project when Marvel offered it to him? Two things peaked his interest. Number one was artist Clayton Crain (“Venom vs. Carnage”): “Clayton was already on the project when Axel Alonso called me– it was pretty much his artwork which sold me.”

As for the second draw? “Guy with his head on fire riding a motorbike. Hard to go wrong there.””

He admits that the benefit of the title is he gets to work with one of the most archtypical tattoo-type characters ever. There is just something charming about that. Ghost Rider is cool because people who know nothing about comics, know they like flaming skulls on motorcycles. Ennis admits that’s part of the book’s appeal, and doesn’t mind it. If he can accept it.. so can I. Also go check out the roster of secondary characters that he’s planning on bringing into the story. Fun.

This week’s previews:
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The books that Marvel gave us some previews of this week are “Daredevil: Father” and “Captain America”. Neither of which I read. It makes sense that Marvel is so pushing DD: Father on us, given it’s laughable history, but hey… if it sells, go them. I really think you should avoid it on general principles.

Ed Brubaker’s Cap’n House of M tie-in seems pretty interesting though, especially since Cap’s an 80 year old man.

Movies: Panel To Panel
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=Ghost Rider=


A revealed set of photos has been taken over at X3’s Xavier Institute. Here’s the link. So take a close look. First off, the place is beautiful. Second off, frozen fountain scene? Hmmmmm….. Third off, one of the posters seems to feature the Cassaday Colossus cover. Although I could see that as being a red herring. Anyway, lots of neat stuff to look over.

“When the Phoenix is out to play, the military will be there in her way? Ron Blecker has joined the X3 crew as a military advisor!”

Shohreh Aghdashloo reveals the truth about her mutant-themed role. “I am playing Dr. Cecilia Reyes,” Aghdashloo said…

Sounds like a nice little cameo role to me, but I’m one of those people that liked the ‘New New New’ X-Men (Reyes, Marrow, Maggott) – so if she’s in there for a small bit, and you get to see her forcefield… neat. I can’t see them basing any large bit of the movie about her though.


France 2 will co-produce a new animated series of 26 half-hour episodes featuring the Golden Avenger. Coincidentally, Tony Stark’s character speaks French. At least in the Marvel 616 universe. Just FYI.

Will this be a lead-in to get you ready for the big feature that’s coming out in a year or two? Probably, and that works.. get the kids used to the big Invincible one, so when the year of the robots happens – with Iron Man, Transformers, etc. all the kids are ready to forget all about those pirates and ninjas that it seems they all love so much.


So, welcome to another new feature. When I get feedback, I’ll post it. It’s that simple. That way we can all smile together and laugh at our little in jokes. It’s a way that this column can become it’s own special little group of friends and family. Each one of you an important piece of the puzzle. That, and I totally love feedback.

Positive, negative, as long as I only get a few letters – I’ll post em all!

From Soak1313:
“i’m loving your marvel news and views! i say keep up the great work!”

Thanks man. I appreciate the praise. Seems that people are enjoying my work here, and I’ll continue to do it.

From Robb Lheto:
“Please don’t take away the mini-reviews I mean they tend to be the
more interesting part of the Marvel News plus you focus on comics that
probably won’t be reviewed (like Nightcrawler) .
P.S: Oh and quit breaking the Internet, my connection is slow enough as it is…

So, since Robb told me to, and he’s got an extra ‘B’ in his name.. the Mini-Reviews will continue. I am going to even go that extra mile, and in the future, try and read a bit more of Marvel that I wouldn’t have. Just so I can give you guys a more full review experience. Oh, and as far as the Internet breaking? Look, if I don’t keep cracking it into fractions, you people will never learn.


Amazing Spider-Man #523
With a cute throwaway to fans of Dr. Strangelove, the first Spidey in Avenger’s arc has been hit or miss with me. I love JMS, and I think we’ll get back to Spidey-centric stories with ‘OTHER’, so as a passing middle story, it’s not so bad. Not the place to pick up as a new reader, but definately not an enjoyable action story.

Astonishing X-Men #12
Do I reaaaaally need to pimp this book to you people? The second arc isn’t as strong as the first arc, but those last few pages sold it for me. It’s not the book that YOU MUST READ – like so many Joss fans scream, but it is an enjoyable book, and much better than the Claremont & Milligan counterparts. Now if only they could stop that delay.

New Avengers #9
For those who might have ever read my webcomic, you know I’m a huge fan of breaking the 4th wall. That line that exists between fictional characters and their writers. Bendis is doing just that with this Avengers story, and doing it well. The slump that he had been going through the last year is finally over, and we’re going to be seeing some more classic work from the last few year’s biggest writer ever.

Powers #12
Another Bendis title. Another good book! I didn’t really dig the fact that I got a 64 page book with an 8 page letter column, but hey… I still got more content in the book. In this big #12 aka #50 we get a look back into Deena’s past as a street cop, and some cop on cop fighting. Good stuff.

Supereme Power #18
This is it. The last MAX issue of Supreme Power, and JMS ends it with a bang… so to speak. Possibly my pick as book of the week, and where I wasn’t really interested in picking up the HYPERION/NIGHTHAWK miniseries that will be coming out to get you ready for the Supreme Power MARVEL KNIGHT series, with the last few pages of this book – I know I’m in for the long haul… DAMN JMS!

Runaways #7
With a new art direction, taking the book to a much more cartoony, anime style book – I wasn’t as happy with it as I’d expect. It just didn’t seem like the same book. The writing is still there of course, but the cutesy chibi versions of my favorite parent fearing teens just felt much more childish. Especially when there is assumed lesbianism!

Wha Huh?!
HEY! I HEARD ABOUT THIS BOOK! Basically a ‘What If’ parody that was supposed to come out somewhere in the lines of 6 months ago – it finally did – and if you follow Marvel, then you will like it. With ‘What if Identity Crisis happened in the Marvel Universe’ – and ‘What if Stan Lee did Ultimate Spiderman’ (with a joke that had me laughing for a good few minutes) – it’s totally worth the read.

Young Avengers #6
Okay, I haven’t read this one yet.. it’s in my pile, but I haven’t gotten there yet. Although I’ve heard nothing but good things about all of the things you find out in here. We’ll see…


OOOoooookay! Big column this week, especially when there wasn’t a lot of news. So send in your feedback, your questions about me, comics, news, etc. Let’s open a channel of communication, hmm?

Til next week… Make Yours Marvel News & Views…