[OVW] TV Taping Results from September 7, 2005 (Spoilers)

The streak continues.

OVW’s weekly Wednesday night TV Taping continued to be hot at the New Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky last night.

I don’t know why, but more than an hour was taped, and I don’t know what will air on this week’s show. No matter what airs, the TV is going to be really good. Paul Heyman’s streak continues.

In the first match, Danny Inferno made short work of Robbie Dawber. Inferno looked like he’s lost some weight and cut his hair. He was very aggressive and won in a really fast paced opening match. People were really into it. Another crowd that is really hot, which seems to be the case more and more every week. For those of you who know what the OVW used to be like, this is like OVW’s another city now.

Aaron “The Idol” Stevens lost to Chris Cage in a definite upset. Stevens came out with Beth Phoenix and Shelly, so Cage brought out Alexis Laree. Beth was wearing this white outfit and Shelly was demonic in black leather. Alexis looked like the hot girl at a rock n roll club. Cage hit a kick off the top rope. Shelly made out with the ref. Beth gave Cage a low blow. The ref is still making out with Shelly. Alexis goes for the low blow on Idol, but Idol blocks it and tries a suplex, which she reverses into a spinning flying DDT. Idol reels back, right into a small package from Cage for the 1,2,3. This ain’t over by a longshot. Match went more than 10 minutes and was excellent.

In another excellent match, OVW Champion Johnny Jeter was introduced and managed by Mr Kennedy and scored a pinfall over Nick Nemeth. This went close to 15 minutes and with the exception of one badly blown spot, was a really good match. There’s an angle here that will probably air on next week’s show or on the internet or maybe home video. Before the match, Daniel Puder is in a pre tape and tells the crowd his seconds, The Riggs Brothers, bet him he couldn’t take down Johnny Jeter. He said he’s buddies with Jeter, but you never know. After the match, Puder ran into the ring and tackled Jeter and started throwing UFC ground punches. Kennedy pulled Jeter out. But later, Kennedy and Jeter and Puder were in the same pretape. They made it seem like Puder just did this on a dare.

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions The Blonde Bombers aka The Tolands defeated The Heart Throbs, the former Heart Breakers, returning from WWE. I don’t know if this was a one time deal or if Romeo and Antonio are returning. Tolands did a promo saying they are greatest team in OVW history. Throbs came out and disputed it with an entertaining promo that went on for too long, but was still entertaining. OK match, crowd was happy to have Romeo and Antonio back, and Mo Green was with them, too. Tolands won with their version of the vegematic.

Dean Hill announced that Danny Davis had ruled on the OVW TV Title controversy from last week, when Ken Doane tapped out to Brent Albright’s crowbar while in the ropes. Did the ropes stop the tap? Or is it legal to get the tap before the 5 count? Danny Davis ruled that the rope break prevails, and Ken Doane keeps the title. Davis also ruled that since Jeter’s alliance with Kennedy and Puder was now public, Davis would screw Jeter because Jeter beat him up, and tonight it’s a number one contender match between Mr Kennedy and Daniel Puder. Don’t worry. There’s a clean finish. This isn’t Vince Russo booking. Once again, Heyman delivers.

Maria interviews Ken Doane, who calls himself the undisputed OVW TV Champion. Maria asks where is Bobby Lashley, Kenny Bolin announces he gave Lashley the night off. Bolin starts talking about Doane when Lashley walks in. Bolin panics. Lashley asks Dean Visk how it felt last week when Lashley broke the coffee pot over his head. Visk starts screaming insanely, which is the third week he’s done this gimmick and it’s great. Lashley says, “if I were you” and then sticks his chin in Visk’s face and says “I’d hit me. Come on, be a man.” This was exploding, with both monsters face to face, pressing noses, when Mr Kennedy whisks away Maria and brings her to safety, which is the Kennedy, Puder, Jeter locker room. Kennedy turns down the number one contenders match. Don’t worry. Read on. Puder likes the idea. So the match is on. Kennedy throws Maria out of the locker room.

Brent Albright comes out with his left eye heavilly bandaged from last week. Albright challenged Mike Mondo, who scratched Albright’s eye last week. The week to week stories in OVW are the best in wrestling right now. Mondo comes out with Da Beast. Albright slapped Mondo, and dared Beast to do something. When Beast wouldn’t, Albright said, “you aren’t Da Beast. You Da Bitch.” Good match, with Albright scoring with the Crowbar submission.

Maria interviewed Chris Cage, who talked about his match next week with The Idol. So either the match earlier will air next week, or they are having a rematch next week. Shelly came in and toyed with Cage, and then licked his mouth. Then she kissed him. Then she asks Maria, “you want some too?” Maria shows Shelly her mic, which can be read in many different ways. Shelly says “you don’t know what you’re missing.” Maria asks Cage, “did she mean that to you, or to me?” This is great.

Dean Visk comes out for his match with Robert Fury, but throws a tantrum at the desk, so Bobby Lashley gets into the ring and beats Fury, and then thanked Visk for letting him steal the match.

Matt Cappotelli on a pretape talked about going to physical therapy for his broken leg and talked about getting ready to return to track down and get revenge on Johnny Jeter. Very strong promo.

Daniel Puder made Mr Kennedy tap out to the Key Lock in a surprisingly good match. Kennedy hit the Kenton Bomb, but Puder snatched the arm and got the tap out. Team Puder put Puder on their shoulders, but Jeter did a spin kick off the top rope and knocked down Puder. Kennedy and Jeter then laid Puder out. Puder was over huge as a babyface. Kennedy did his routine before the match, introduced imself, Puder, and Jeter. This was a number one contender match.

In the dark match main event, CM Punk started for OVW by teaming with Paul Birchall and Nigel McGuinness, but they lost to Deuce Shade, Elijah Burke, and Seth Skyfire.

I don’t know what is airing, or if some things were shot for internet or home video, but once again, this was a great taping.

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