The Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang Review

The Rolling Stones

The Inside Pulse:
The World’s Greatest Rock n Roll Band returns with their 26th studio album and first since 1997’s double-platinum Bridges to Babylon. You would think four men in their 60s would have ceased to be relevant for anything more than mega-cash generating tours, but with A Bigger Bang, the Stones get back to doing what they’ve always done best: straight-ahead, hard-pounding, rhythm and blues-based rock, crafting their finest album since 1981’s Tattoo You and showing a new generation what it truly means to rock.

“Back of My Hand”, an old-fashioned blues track, complete with slide guitar and blues harp, is the album’s standout track. “Laugh, I Nearly Died” is a reminder of just how good a soul band the Stones can be. “Rough Justice”, the album’s opening track and lead single, is a hard-charging song that could have easily come off earlier albums like Aftermath and It’s Only Rock and Roll.

Very few. The album could maybe be a track or two shorter, but none of the songs qualify as filler, although “Look What the Cat Dragged In” comes closest.

The Stones in their heyday with a little Chuck Berry and Robert Johnson thrown in for spice.

Reason to buy:
If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned rock, then this album is a definite must-have addition to your library.