Notorious: Now At A New Time!

Well, here I am at a new time, and after a week off, I think I have a lot to talk about. Well, that was the plan, anyway. I’d be bringing you a lot more this week, but new developments in my life and moving out of my house has kinda fuddled things up. I still have quite a bit though, so I’ll give you what I can and let’s just hope next week goes more smoothly, eh?

Prison Break – Episodes 2 & 3

I still do not like Dominic Purcell, but these two episodes were good stuff, as the plan continues to unfold. Speaking of the plan, I would really appreciate it if the writers of this show didn’t try to drag it on too far. One or two seasons of this show, with the first season leading up to the actual break and the following season being Lincoln and Michael trying to survive on the outside, would be plenty for me. They don’t need to last long enough to get in syndication, just long enough to stay in the minds of everyone as a quality program. Anyway, good of FOX to continue their ongoing trend of people losing body parts, first Chase on 24 and now Michael on Prison Break (I’m sure there’s been others too, besides the obvious medical shows). This is a good show so far, and I might as well see it to its conclusion, but it’s not a classic yet by any means.


Caught a screener of this, and I must say that this has that Lost feel to it, but it also feels like something ripped from a Stephen King novel, specifically Dreamcatcher. “You smell different” is one of the most random creepy lines that is supposed to scare the bejesus out of you, but this show has a lot of potential as all of the cast seems to be strong and the story is compelling. I’d like to know what happens next after the initial invasion. I won’t give too much away, but this first episode plants more than a few seeds for the season to come. I’ll be tracking this one as best as I can, since it comes on after Lost and I might not get around to watching it enough while I’m recapping Lost for Thursdays.

Family Guy

Big fan of James Woods, but this episode was barely above average. Some funny gags included James Woods dreaming at the foot of Peter’s bed, Peter treating Meg like a dog, “I’m sorry Peter, I didn’t mean that.”, and Peter trying to pick up ladies at the Miss America Pageant. Haven’t gotten a chance to see the premiere of American Dad, but I heard that that was hilarious so I’m definitely going to go out of my way to find it.

What I’ll deliver next week:

Bones – Episode 1
Supernatural – Episode 1
Reunion – Episode 1
Rome – Episode 1
The War At Home – Episode 1
Prison Break – Episodes 4 & 5
Jumping Zones: I will be reviewing a match from the independent promotion CHIKARA.
And of course, you lucky devils will soon be getting my Lost & DH recaps.

This was supposed to be a much bigger column, obviously, but I’m going to push the load back to next week and just jump to everyone’s favorite new section:


This week’s episode is…Dusty Gonzagas

The Plot: Shake’s attempt to host the Olympics fails miserably and causes a big natural gas disaster in front of the house. Frylock calls in the gas company, but the worker Dusty Gonzagas turns out to be nothing more than a freelancing stripper that catches the eyes of Shake and Carl. They both fight over Dusty but ultimately not even the KISS Army can break the first rule of strippers: “No touching!” And then, in classic ATHF fashion, alien wrenches abduct Dusty and take her aboard the ship where she strips for them and a stadium full of wrenches…in Pennsylvania.

Spacecataz: Probably my favorite clip of Spacecataz, as the mysteriously redneck sounding alien brings 50 million pizzas, but he is 1.3 seconds late, meaning that the pizzas are free, and the alien delivery boy is free to go. He loses a hand and Err and Igniknot reap the benefits. Just an awesome quick clip to start the episode.

Audio Gags: “Aw, man. That means they’re free.” “Yes, and you are free to go. Leave the pie.”

Dusty: “It smells funny here.”
Meatwad: “Yep, Shake says I got a paper mill coming out my butt and that I smell like Louisiana.”
Shake: “Come on, why would you say that to this lady with the big boobs? You don’t have an income like I do and you’ve never even ridden in my amazing rocket car.”
Dusty: “You have a rocket car?”
Shake: “Yeah, if I get bored, maybe I’ll uh…bench press it for you.”

Frylock: “Will you stop prancing around? This is a family neighborhood!”
Meatwad: “We a family. Keep dancing.”

Visual Gags
Frylock plugging the gas leak with his new eye power that apparently shoots foam and Shake freaking out.
One of the plugged gas lines blowing off when it gets sight of Dusty Gonzagas.
Carl is RUNNING! And we can actually see his legs moving.
Shake dressing up as the Laymaster with a baseball bat in Carl’s thong as the Shaft-like repairman comes through the door.

Verdict: The first half is some solid ATHF, but the last half dies down a lot and with the exception of the Laymaster, I forget a lot about the second half of this episode. Consider it average for the course, but that first half is more or less gold.

That’s all I got this week, but next week is going to be something else. I’ll be sending it in a little early as well as I will be attending the Ted Petty Invitational for IWA Mid-South on Friday and Saturday and I will not be in to submit it on Friday night. So look for a lot of content early Saturday morning while you’re watching your Yu-Gi-Oh and looking at your posters of Morgan Freeman.

Until then.

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