[WWE] Daivari Wants a Chance

Shawn Daivari was interviewed on WWE.com by Evan Denbaum here. He talks about WWE and Hassan parting ways, his future with the company and more. One interesting excerpt:

So, I think they gave me the ball once, and I ran with it. And then, due to circumstances outside of their hands, I had to give it up. But I never fumbled. I know that there were a couple times when Mark fumbled, either personally in the locker room or professionally on television or with his work, but I never have. And that was only one time that they (gave the ball) to me. So, I’d like to hope that there would be a second opportunity. And then if they give me the ball a second time and I fumble, then I can understand if they wanted to let me go.

You can read the entire interview at the above link.