The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-3

Okay..don’t have much time this week as I got another gig here on Inside Pulse. I’m the NEW “Weekly Pulse” guy here at the TV zone. And the first one will is UP! So check that out! From now on I will be doing both that and the recap of ‘The O.C.’ on the same day. So it may get a little wild, but I can handle it. It’s funny how I am pimping out another column I write, where I pimp out other people’s work. It all comes full circle. However, I do have a few comments and some thoughts based on the previews before we actually get to what happened on tonight’s episode.

So last week was a knockout episode in my book. The new characters were great and ending was fantastic as well. Most people agree with me, but everyone has their opinion and that is fine. Time to move on, though. Lets take a look at the preview of the third episode:

“Jimmy must make once more the difficult decision to leave or stay with his family; Charlotte has to leave her house; Marissa adjusts to attending a public high school.” the whole Jimmy thing will be interesting. I say he is leaving, because that’s what Jimmy does. The whole money thing will come out. He may be hoping that Caleb’s will will bail him out of this, but I think he won’t. I don’t think Julie will get what she is hoping for in that will.

Now Charlotte has to leave her house. Why? And what about Kirsten? Will she finally go home? My guess is that she goes home and well..things have been turned upside down. I say Charlotte goes with her. She has no other place to go and Kirsten invites her to stay with them. That’s my guess. And what about this? What if Charlotte is REALLY Oliver’s mom? It’s a thought that has been going around. That would be cool to me since it would overlap past storylines. Somehow..someway..I say Charlotte will be more of the stalker type. I only hope.

Now Marissa goes to public school. Fair enough, but what about Ryan. Where will he go to school? Will he go back to Chino? I hope not. Will Sandy get him back in Harbor? I say that Ryan gets suspended from school. He hit a teacher..yes..but usually kids get suspended for awhile for that. Now bringing a gun to school or something like that gets you kicked out of school for good. As much as I would like to see Ryan and Marissa together..I don’t know if that will happen. Of course, the previews on Fox say they will have sex. So who knows?

Lucky for us..we don’t have to wait long. Because the show is here and NOW!

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 3) – “The End of Innocence”

Here we go again with the foursome and they are eating at same place they always eat. I beginning to sense a pattern here. Summer says that with Ryan out of school..Seth will be back to being picked on from other students. I have never seen Ryan stand up for Seth at school, though. Out of school..sure. But at Maybe it’s because they know he will be there.

Seth: “I’m the one who is going to get my asscheeks taped together.”

Summer says everything will be okay if Ryan and Marissa stick together. They each get calls and they must go. Meanwhile, Seth wants Summer to hold him. And why not? I would let Summer hold me.

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

We are back and Ryan joins Sandy at home. Sandy wants to talk. He tells Ryan to move past everything that has happened in the past.

Sandy: “YOu better stop thinking about Marissa Cooper and start thinking about yourself.”

He says they should take break until Ryan gets out of trouble. Ryan doesn’t agree..obviously

Marissa is at with Julie. Julie tries to send her to boarding school. She doesn’t want to go. Julie thinks she wants to spend the year with Ryan. Marissa says she wants to spend it with Julie and Jimmy. Julie says she doesn’t have to go. However, she must stay away from Ryan.

Jimmy comes to talk to Sandy. He says he is sorry. Right before this..he was talking to someone saying “he has everything under control.” Jimmy wants another lawyer to read Caleb’s will. Sandy asks if there is anything he needs to know. Jimmy says everything is fine. Right.

Dean Hess wants Summer and Seth to join the drama club and be stagehands for the next play. Summer says “Hell No!” Taylor is the head of the club, and then all the pieces come together as Taylor appears. They will be stagehands and Taylor will be the director. Hess threatens Summer and Seth, so they pretty much have to do it.

Jimmy and Julie make out. Jimmy wants to move up the wedding. He also wants to go to Hawaii for the honeymoon. Then, Julie gets an idea as she asks about the education system in Hawaii. Hmmm…

Sandy is at Charlotte’s house to talk to Kirsten. He is for business. He tells her than they are reading Caleb’s will. Kirsten is not happy. She has worked so hard to put her dad behind her. She doesn’t know if she wants to go or not. Kirsten then spews out some stuff and Sandy picks up on the fact that Charlotte is brainwashing her. They hug as Sandy sees a door close. So you see..Charlotte was spying on them. Now do something about it Sandy!

Ryan and Marissa make out and Julie walks in on them. She then drops the bomb on Marissa. They say they want to move to Hawaii. It would be a fresh start for the family. Marissa says she can’t move. Julie says she will. They are moving to Hawaii. Ryan was hiding outside and hears this as well. They exchance a look.

Seth and Ryan discuss plans to stop the Coopers from moving to Hawaii as they prepare breakfast. Seth suggests running away, but that didn’t work last time. Then he says Ryan could move there too and get odd jobs. Ryan says she could move into the Cohen house. Sure..that’s the easy way, but it’s less fun. Seth arms Ryan with a bagel. Because there is nothing that melts Sandy’s heart like a bagel.

Summer and Marissa say their goodbyes. Summer won’t let Marissa go. Marissa feels that Hawaii is the best for their family to get a second chance and she wants a part of it. Yeah..she is crazy! The Coopers never work out!

Jimmy and Julie make out some more. She leaves to discuss wedding friends. Jimmy’s friend, Don, arrives and he wants his money. Jimmy says he will get it all tomorrow night. Don says this is his last shot. Pay or else. Not a good feeling.

Ryan gives Sandy a bagel. Then he talks to Sandy about Marissa moving into their house. Ryan doesn’t want to ask him this, but he cares about Marissa. He says Marissa needs a break like they got at one time. The bagel seems to be working as Sandy seems to go along with the idea. Then, Kirsten calls him and she says she will be coming for the will reading, but doesn’t know about staying for good.

Charlotte comes in and tries to convince Kirsten against it. Kirsten says she is going for herself and not her father. Charlotte wants her to sleep on it.

Taylor orders Summer and Seth around the stage. Wow..she is smokin’ hot! Summer that is. Meanwhile, Seth hammers himself to the wall. Hmmm..I mean with nails. Taylor then burns Seth with some putdowns. She calls him the biggest geek in Newport. She says everyone thought he was call because they were afraid of Ryan. Then Summer goes off on her.

Summer: Listen..skank. Just because you saying really mean things in a really nice way..doesn’t mean we don’t realize that you are just some stupid little skank!

Taylor then runs away fake-crying as Dean Hess comes up. He tells Seth and Summer to shape up or ship out. Or something like that.

Marissa comes over to hug Ryan and say goodbye. Ryan tells Marissa that she can stay here with them. Marissa says it means a lot for him to do it, but she can’t. She wants a chance for them to be a real family and this is the best way. She walks by saying “sorry”.

Sandy and Ryan talk in the kitchen with Seth. They say that Ryan should do something special for Marissa before she leaves. The talk turns Kirsten. Seth wants her to come her. Sandy says it’s complicated. When is a situation NOT complicated?!

Kirsten leaves for the reading. Charlotte wants to go with her, of course. Kirsten says no. She needs to go alone. Charlotte says that Caleb will have a surprise for Kirsten in the will. She just hopes it’s a good one.

Seth has a plan and Summer is shocked, because it’s a romantic one. It’s also dangerous. But Summer is in. Taylor interrupts. She bosses them around some more. Meanwhile, Summer and Seth needs to get some watch so they can syncronize them. Taylor looks on..wondering what is up. Me too.

Oh’s will time. Julie wants to get to the point. Caleb’s wish was to split his money equally among his daughters and his wife. However..there is more. The lawyer drops the bomb. Caleb is broke! Pretty much saw that coming, but the looks on Jimmy and Julie’s faces are priceless. The lawyer gives Kirsten a letter that was sent to him, the day Caleb died. Julie gets nothing. Jimmy knows he is in trouble.

Sandy chases after Kirsten. She doesn’t want to read the letter. She thinks it is all bad as it was after she went off on her father. She drives away..leaving Sandy in a cloud of dust.

Ryan comes to speak with Marissa. He says they will have the best 24 hours EVER! It starts with the diner.

Julie and Jimmy drink the pain away. Julie says she feels safe with Jimmy. She didn’t feel safe with Caleb.

Julie: “It’s not like we are going to be have your business.”

Jimmy thinks of a excuse to run away. You see..he has no money either. And he doesn’t want to tell Julie.

Sandy calls Charlotte and wonders if Kirsten is there. She is not. Sandy worries about her. Charlotte tells him that she didn’t want to go. She just wanted to please Sandy. That is pretty much a lie and I think Sandy knows it. Charlotte has a smile on her face as she hangs up the phone.

It’s 8:30 and it’s time for bed for Seth and Summer. Marissa knows something is up. And there is. Ryan tells Marissa to follow him, while Seth and Summer skip town. Ryan then brings her to the beach and there is a little spot set up for them. It’s like a tiki hut with candles and stuff. That is the same stuff from the play that Seth and Summer were working on. So that is the plan.

And Jimmy is leaving town. He tries to run away. But Don is there with friends. Jimmy doesn’t have his money, so Don is done talking. He tells him to get into the car. Don tells Jimmy that he is sorry. But Jimmy gets into the car. Never good.

Ryan and Marissa make out in the hurt and then Marissa gets up and says she can’t. Ryan can’t believe it. But it was really a joke. Marissa comes back and now it’s time to “get it on!” Ryan says it will make it that much harder for Marissa to leave. She knows, but she wants to do it. And here we go. Strike up the me a song…

WOW! This is hard to keep up with, but while the song plays we gets shots of three different scenes. First..Ryan and Marissa having sex. Next..Jimmy getting the HOLY CRAP knocked out of him! Finally..Kirsten buys a bottle of vodka. She appears ready to drink it, while she doesn’t answer her phone when Sandy calls. Ryan and Marissa continue doing what they do, while Jimmy is pretty much floating in the ocean. Is he dead?!

We come back and it’s the morning after. Ryan and Marissa wake up to a phone call. It’s no a good one for Marissa. We know what it is, but to what degree?

Marissa runs to her dad’s boat and he is alive. But his skull looks like a crushed can. He has to go. He is in trouble. Marissa tells him to go. BUT she tells him to not come back. It’s too hard to keep saying goodbye like this. She gives him a hug. Jimmy gives Marissa a letter to give to Julie. Jimmy loves Julie, but he has to go. They say their goodbyes and a tear almost comes to my eyes. Not quite, though.

Charlotte is getting kicked out of her home. He check bounced and the family is moving back earlier than expected. Charlotte goes to pack her things. Ah..but she is see. You see throws her stuff out the window and appears to be running without paying for the rent. She says she is going to the beach. I might be right.

Kirsten is home. She hugs Sandy. She didn’t drink the vodka in the hotel. They say they can clean up any mess that comes their way. They then sit down to read Caleb’s letter. It’s an apology. She cries.

Marissa comes to the wedding. Jimmy is not with her. Julie says nothing is wrong and she hands Julie the letter. She cries. Marissa hugs her. She says they can’t figure it out together. Man..I don’t know what to think about that.

Seth and Summer return the props to the play. But Dean Hess catches them. Seth didn’t steal anything. He brought it back. Hess says it’s the principle of things. Seth tells him to kick him out of school. Hess doesn’t think so. He gives him a one month suspension. Hess says that Seth didn’t do this alone, but he doesn’t rat out Summer. So he gets two months of suspension. I would do that for my good for you Seth!

Ryan and Marissa kiss on the beach and wonder what will happen next. Times like these where I wish I lived on a beach.

Seth tells Ryan he could have sold Summer out, but he didn’t. Ryan says he is becoming a man. Sandy and Kirsten arrive and hugs all around for Seth and Ryan and Kirsten. They prepare dinner and discuss recent events.

“Your grandpa is broke..Ryan and Marissa are kicked out of school again..Jimmy sailed away again..Seth’s got two months of suspension.”

Sandy: “That’s the great thing about living in this place..nothing ever happens!”

You can say that again Sandy!

And we are out!

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