InsidePulse’s WWE Smackdown Report for 23 September 2005

Due to going out to see Red Eye and stopping by a bar for some drinks you get the Smackdown report a little later than usual this week. Still on the bright side the film was good and I got merrily tipsy on the way home so all is well. Congrats to everyone who got right that it was El Pantera who faced TAKA at NOW 98. I don’t know whether to do a trivia question next week but hey I like to challenge my readers so here’s this weeks. Who was Bradshaw’s on again off again tag team partner in the Summer of 98?

Right on with the show!

We’re in West Texas

Your hosts are Tazz and Cole

Booker T w/ Sharmell Vs Christian
Great pop for Booker. This should be a good way to start the show off. Lock up leads to nothing but a stand off. They fight over the arm and Booker gets a hip toss. Headlock by Booker leads to a clothesline and some chops. Christian bails but Booker follows. Christian jumps Booker back inside and pounds away in he corner. Booker gets a back body drop and chops Christian in the corner. Booker gets Powerbombed off the 10 count for two. Christian works Booker over and goes to the chin lock. Fans get behind Booker as he fights out of the hold only to be pulled down by his hair. Booker mounts a comeback but gets pinned. Christian has his feet on the rope and the ref sees it so the hold is broken. Double clothesline leaves both down. Slugfest won by Booker and he goes nuts on Christian. Nice high kick gets two. Booker gets the flapjack and it’s Spinaroonie time but Christian stops that with a boot to the face. booker gets the 110th Street Slam for two. Clothesline by Christian floors Booker and he goes mano y mano with the ring post but walks into a Book End for two. Booker gets the Spinaroonie but Christian uses the ref to block the Axe Kick. Neckbreaker gets two for Christian. Unprettier is blocked and school boy gets it for Booker.


*1/2 – Really fun TV match

Backstage Eddie is faking sickness and Teddy and Recyclus don’t know what to think. Like anyone is buying this shit. Eddie fakes throwing up in the toilet which is pretty funny but pointless as we can all see him turning on Batista from a mile away and it just makes everyone look stupid

Back to the ring for Gillian Hall. She introduces Texas’s very own JBL, of course she stresses he now resides in New York. JBL comes out on a horse looking terrified and it’s again rather funny. Good heel heat for JBL tonight. I tell you what that growth is weird but I’d still do Gillian. JBL says Gillian has brought him to an epiphany and that coming to Texas proves how far he’s come, plus how great New York is. Oooo they don’t like that. JBL goes on about how New York is great and such to piss off the Texans. JBL says he’s “Mr Smackdown” and goes on a rant about Mexican immigrants. Meh been there, seen that. He says he’ll do what he has to do.

LOD 2005 Vs Jobbers
Heidenreich has the Papa Shango face paint again. Slam, punch, Doomsday Device, Splat. NEXT

Backstage Sylvan bitches about the divas outfits. Bob Holly confronts him and says he’s going to give him a black eye to match his black tights. Well he’s already beaten the shit out of Rene, he must be going for the whole La Resistance collection.

Sylvan Vs Hardcore Holly w/ The Divas
Sylvan has weird techno music because he’s an EVIL stylist. I must admit I like the pissed off old guy gimmick Holly has. Sylvan jumps Holly to start so Holly chops him with some NASTY chops. Sylvan drops some elbows and a knee. Sylvan cheats and stuff as he’s a vile stylist/model and gets a vertical suplex for two. Man since when did Sylvan learn not to blow all his spots? Holly gets the “I wish I was Jumbo Tsurta” dropkick. Slugfest which Holly wins as he’s an angry old man. Back body drop leads to Full Nelson Driver. That was nice. Alabama Slamma is reversed to a pin for two. Sylvan goes up with a beauty of a missile dropkick but irritates me by lifting Chris Chetti’s “Look at my face” thing. Holly hits him in the face and Sylvan takes a walk


*1/2 – another fun match and I can actually watch Sylvan without retching because of his torrid wrestling as by some miracle he actually learned to work.

Batista is backstage and Teddy comes up and says Eddie is sick. Batista doesn’t look too worried about it earning points with me.

Clips of the lame “Undertaker in a casket thing” Man they are STILL continuing this feud? When will they finally end it?

To the ring with Bob Orton and a casket. He introduces his boy Randy. They open the casket and the Undertaker is in it. You can see what’s going to happen straight away. Orton says last week he beat Taker mentally. Not surprisingly that mannequin comes to life and opens it’s eyes as Orton cuts his promo. Taker chokes Orton and throws “him” into the casket which topples over. The Orton’s bail prolonging this feud even longer

Kennedy lets Chimel finish the intro this week and apologises for all the stuff he’s said. He then hits Chimel in the gut. Are they going to pay this off with a match at some point? Chimel taking the Slam Pact would be pretty funny. Kennedy gets a spotlight and everything this week. Kennedy has gained another pound this week at 244. This man is so my hero right now. Rey’s new music is alright but Kennedy’s smoked it. Kick to the gut from Rey and a hurricanrana sending Kennedy outside. Rey does the whole “I’m small and quick so I’ll piss you off with it” routine. Kennedy gets an awesome backbreaker and stays on the back. Rey counters the snake eyes and gets the springboard splash but Kennedy picks him up and gets the Catatonic. They fight up and Rey gets some LOUD kicks to the leg. West Coast Hop gets two. Kennedy reverses the DDT move Rey does into a back suplex. Man Kennedy has Rey’s number here. Rey gets a guillotine leg drop and goes all the way up top but JBL comes out to distract him and it’s Slam Pact time.


*1/2 – Another really fun TV match. This show is doing well.

Backstage Teddy and Recyclus are discussing Raw Homecoming.

Sharmell and Booker are talking and she says Booker needs some gold. She says Booker should challenge Benoit for the US Title

Back to more with Eddie as a good looking nurse comes in. Funny stuff, even funnier was Eddie saying “Damn it I could have Appendicitis!”

Simon “Everyone Sucks But Me” Dean Vs Making his Smackdown debut Bobby Lashley
Man this Lashley guy is built like Monty Brown except he’s MORE Buff. Simon takes a sip of the Simon Shake but can’t whip Lashley. Takedown by Lashley and he just destroys Simon. Simon gets two from a second rope forearm. Lashley does a push up with Simon Dean on his back! Man this guy is strong. Lashley gets a version of the Muken and a face first gutwrench driver for the win.


* – That was an impressive debut. This guy is going to be fun to watch each week.

WWE US Title
(C) Chris Fucking Benoit Vs Orlando Boredom

Orlando is smart and runs away from Benoit this time as he beats the record. He stops to celebrate but gets cross faced at 49.8

More stuff with Eddie and Batista as Batista says he’s got him a special doctor. however, straight from the start the doctor seems… a little bit…gay. Eddie suddenly feels much better but Dave insists so Eddie gets the ever so subtle “finger up the arse” treatment and sells it in awesome fashion . I like how they are showing Dave as being wise to all this now so the fans actually have a reason to cheer for him.

Oh God at No Mercy it’s Taker Vs the Orton’s in a casket match

MNM w/ Melina Vs Batista and Eddie Guerrero
Melina has a nice blue look going. Me and Tazz both enjoy the entrance showing what great taste we have. Pop for Batista is loud to say the least. It looks like Batista is going it alone but Eddie comes out complete with a loud “Eddie” chant. Mercury ties up with Batista but that goes nowhere. He holds his own with MNM as Eddie “suffers” on the entrance way. A Nitro super kick turns the tide and we have the heel heat segment. Double suplex gets two for MNM. Batista gets a BIG spear on Nitro. Mercury slugs away but Batista uses ROID POWER to fire back and destroy both of them. Demon Buster for Nitro and a lariat for Mercury means it’s Thumbs Down and you know what happens next. However, Eddie gets a blind tag and a Frog Splash to win.


½* – Scarily enough Eddie is getting big baby face heat for this stuff

Really fun show this week. No awesome blow away matches but another good effort from the Smackdown guys as Smackdown turns more into a fun way to kill 2 hours. See you all next week at a later time as I’m going to an old friends 18th birthday. Don’t worry I’ll record the show and post it Saturday


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