Mikey’s Comparison: Hart Vs Slick


Hello there to you all and welcome to my new column here on Pulse. Basically this was something I used to do on TWCF where I compare two different, yet slightly similar/ wrestlers/teams/managers/stables in 5 categories to see who’s better. Those of you from TWCF will remember the epic Battle between John Zandig and Dusty Rhodes or the now iconic Hulk Hogan Vs Tony Atlas comparison. Well this time I felt I’d do a new battle for the ages, a battle that will never be forgotten, quite simply this time it is………….

“Mouth of The South” Jimmy Hart


“The Doctor of Style” Slick

I will be comparing these two…TITANS of managing in five simple categories

1 – Mic Skills
2 – Getting Heat for their Client
3 – Most Sucessful Client
4 – Best Entrance Music
5 – Best Ever Angle they were a part of

Let’s get going shall we

Category 1
Mic Skills

We start out with something every manager needs to be able to do and that’s get on the mic and build up some heat for your clients big match. Slick was decent enough on the mic as he’d talk about how his clients would kick mega booty and such while talking in a thick accent. While I found them humorous in some ways it did kind of face a problem when you couldn’t understand Slick. As for Jimmy Hart, well most of his promos composed of him cackling manically behind his client going “Yeah baby” and crying about how something wasn’t fair yelling at Sean Mooney to “Get my lawyers on the phone, Jack Tunney can’t do that, get my lawyers on the phone right now baby! I’m going to have someone’s head for this” all in all I think both guys were more than acceptable on the mic but I have to give this to Jimmy as I did enjoy his big tirades against whomever was doing the interviewing.

Jimmy Hart 1 – Slick 0

Category 2
Getting heat for their Client

Slick was more than acceptable when getting the fans furious at him. He would trip guys up, cause distractions and basically be an annoying chicken shit which all good managers aspire to be. He even got involved physically from time to time like at Survivor Series 88 where he handcuffed Hulk Hogan to the ring post. Of course the Mighty Hulkster was able to break free and foil the Doctor of Style but it was the effort and thought that counts really isn’t it? As for Jimmy hart does people hunting you down to kill you count as heat? Sometimes Jimmy was lucky to make it out of Memphis alive some of the stuff he was a part of. And what could be more irritating than having a loud mouth little twit like Hart yelling at you with a megaphone saying “Yeah baby, use that move baby!” as Gorilla Monsoon used to say “I wish someone would shut that little runt up” or as Roddy Piper once said “Maybe I could stick a potato down there?” I’m giving this one to Hart as well

Hart 2 – Slick 0

Category 3
Most Successful Client

Slick’s specialty was managing big guys like Big Bossman, One Man Gang and The Warlord. Needless to say he led Bossman and Akeem down to the ring to many big main event matches with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage back in the day when the Twin Towers were at the height of their success. Bossman had to be his biggest acquisition as he was on a terror in the late 80’s riding a wave of heel heat that saw him getting in there with some of the biggest names in wrestling. Slick has to be credited in some way for Bossmans success. As for Jimmy Hart his list of ex clients reads like a who’s who of main event talent. Hulk Hogan, Jerry Lawler, The Giant, Meng well maybe not Meng but the rest of the guys were big name wrestlers who at some point have all worn the world title. On top of that he managed a string of entertaining mid card acts such as The Mountie and The Nasty Boys. Of course each manager has his duds to deal with. Slick had Power and Glory while Jimmy Hart had to manage losers The Renegade. I bet fans all over the world were salivating for Paul Roma Vs Jerry Flynn with both these managers in their corners but alas it never happened. That epic showdown aside both guys all managed champions but Slick never managed a world champion so I’ll give this round to Hart

Hart 3 – Slick 0

Category 4
Best Entrance Music
Jive Soul Bro. Nuff said

Hart 3 – Slick 1

Category 5
Best Ever Angle

Without doubt one of the biggest angles Slick played a hand in was the destruction of The Mega Powers. It was in a match with The Twin Towers on a SNME in February 1989 that Randy Savage walked away from Hulk Hogan and finally turned his back on him. Slick had been feuding with both savage and Hogan throughout the Autumn and Winter of 88-89. this was certainly the biggest feud he was ever involved in and had to be one of the highlights of his career. As for Jimmy Hart he’s been in more big angles than I can count. He wet his beak in the Andy Kaufman storyline, was instrumental in Honky Tonk Man holding onto his IC title for a few thousand years, helped Earthquake crush Hulk Hogan and showed up in TNA to feud with Jeff Jarrett in 2003. Hart wins this one easy

Hart 4 – Slick 1

So what I thought would be a close battle ends with Jimmy Hart taking the relatvively easy win here. All feedback to My Email and feel free to send suggestions.