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Welcome everyone to InsidePulse’s Live Coverage of TNA Impact. I am your host Jeremy Lambert and after a Colorado Avalanche win, I am in a great mood. Team 3-D takes on AMW tonight in the main event so don’t go anywhere.

Recap of last week: Team 3-D Debuts

Team 3-D is backstage now saying they always make a impact. AMW will find out why Team 3-D is the baddest tag team on the planet

Opening Video

Earlier Tonight: Raven is handcuffed and taken away

Team Canada vs. 3LK: Scott D’Amore is back with Team Canada. Canada attacks 3LK after 3Lk does their usual mic work. Dancing punches by BG on Roode. BG bounces off the ropes but Young holds him up for Roode. A-1 is in and pounds on BG in the Canada corner. Roode tags back in and continues to work on BG. Kip James has come out to watch the match. Roode hits a neckbreaker and covers for 2. Chin lock by Roode on BG. The crowd gets behind BG and he fights out of the chin lock. BG is whipped into the ropes and Roode and BG collide in the middle of the ring. BG tags in Killings and he hits everything that moves. Killings works on Young now. Jump kick by Killings and he covers for 2. Konnan is in and he hits the rolling clothesline on Young. Young throws Konnan into the corner but misses a splash. Konnan throws his shoe at Young and a incoming Roode. Killings is in and hits the axe kick on Young for the win. Canada jumps 3LK after the match. Kip comes in and holds up the brawl. Konnan gets in the face of Kip and BG separates them.
Winners- 3 Live Kru

TONIGHT: Team 3-D vs. AMW

We get a promo video about the Ultimate X match. All the good highlights are shown and they are so good and innovative that I can’t explain them. Nice video.

Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries vs. Matt Bentley: Great, another tough match to keep up with. Arm drags all around to start. Double springboard back elbow by Aries. Twisting slingshot splash by Aries on Daniels, now that was cool. Neckbreaker/Cutter combo by Bentley, nice spot. STO by Daniels on Bentley. Reverse DDT/Downward Spiral combo by Daniels, how do they come up with this shit? Daniels goes to the top but both cut him off and throw him down. Side suplex by Aries. Clotheslines by Aries. Aries climbs on the shoulders by Bentley and takes him to the outside with a reverse head scissors. Daniels goes for a springboard moonsault to the outside but missed. Bentley and Aries go back into the ring. Double crossbody by both men. Petey Williams comes down and hits on Traci, do you blame him? Sabin attacks Petey as Shane hits a suicide flip onto both men. Aries goes to the top but Daniels cuts him off and hits the Angels Wings for the win.

As we come back we see a Bound For Glory promo followed by a Abyss promo. I thought the Abyss promo was a very good introduction to the big man.

Abyss vs. Sonny Siaki: Siaki is like a cross between The Rock and The Coach, I personally hate the guy. Siaki uses speed to start but Abyss gets the upper hand with power. Bitch slap by Abyss. Siaki blows a simple back body drop counter spot. Hurricanrana by Siaki. Mitchell gets on the apron to distract Siaki. Big boot by Abyss followed by a corner splash. Shock Treatment by Abyss and the crowd chants for the Black Hole Slam. Ask and you shall receive, Black Hole Slam by Abyss to end this one.
Winner- Abyss

Promo for Samoa Joe. Another good promo.

We come back to see Mike Tenay in the ring with Larry Zybysko. Larry announces that Tito Ortiz will be the special ref in the Jarrett vs. Nash match at Bound For Glory. Like we didn’t see this one coming. Ortiz just looks like a bad ass. Ortiz has 2 rules for Nash and Jarrett: 1. Respect Ortiz as a ref. 2. If you touch Ortiz, he’s gonna kill you. Jarrett interrupts this little get together. Jarrett has a rules for Ortiz: 1. If you touch Jarrett, he’s gonna kill you. Jarrett throws out A List celeb names including Chris Rock, Bert Reynolds, and Adam Sandler. Here comes Kevin Nash who has no rules. Jarrett and Nash brawl. Ortiz pulls Nash off of Jarrett and chokes him out. Jarrett attacks Nash and Ortiz tosses him aside. We go to commercial.

Another promo, this time plugging TNA DVDs

Shane Douglas is backstage with Christopher Daniels. Daniels was king of the X Division for 6 months and AJ Styles stole it. Daniels hypes Ironman Match 2 at BFG. Daniels challenges AJ to go out, find 3 X Division workers, and next week, Daniels will beat them all in 15 minutes or less. AJ walks up and accepts.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Team 3-D: D-Von and Storm start it off, shoulder block by Dvon. Leg drop by Dvon . Team 3-D whips AMW into each other. Team 3-D sends AMW to the outside and we go to commercial.

We come back and AMW is in control on 3-D. AMW double teams Bubba in the corner. Storm chokes Bubba and then punches him. Bubba starts to fight back. Storm goes for a clothesline but Bubba ducks and hits the Bubba Butt Drop. Bubba tags in Dvon and Dvon hits everything that moves. Neckbreaker on Storm and flapjack on Harris. Cltohesline on Storm. Bubba and Harris fight on the outside. The crowd chants for tables. Bubba gets back in the ring and Team 3-D hits the doomsday device for 2 as Harris made the save. 3-D on Harris. GAIL KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gail Kim hits a low blow on Bubba. Dvon grabs Gail but Jarrett makes the save with the World Title shot to Dvon. Death Sentence on Bubba. Where’s Kevin Nash? Death Sentence on Dvon. Team 3-D is busted open from the title shots. Jarrett nails Bubba with the guitar. The heels celebrate as we close.
Winners- Team 3-D by DQ