InsidePULSE’s WWE Taboo Tuesday Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE Taboo Tuesday Report
Announcers are Joey Styles & The King
Report EXCLUSIVELY for InsidePULSE by: PK

Tuesday Night Heat Match
Matt Striker & Kerwin White (w/ Nick Nemeth) vs. Val Venis & Shelton Benjamin
Kerwin and Striker isolate Venis in their corner. Shelton gets the hot tag, and takes out both Kerwin and Striker. Shelton with a huge back body drop on Kerwin, and dumps him outside, but Striker comes up from behind and rolls up Shelton, using the ropes.
Winners – Striker & White

Masters and Edge make their way to the ring, and Todd announce the vote winners.

Before the match, Edge says that he isn’t wrestling tonight, because to doesn’t further his career to beat Matt again, and there is no point in taking out Mysterio, so he replacement is Snitsky.

Chris Masters & Gene Snitsky vs. Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy
As Snitsky was making his way down, Masters jumps Matt and Mysterio. Snitsky gets in the ring, and destroys Mysterio. Raw guys dominate Mysterio, but Matt gets the hot tag, and takes out Snitsky. Matt hits a botched SUPERPLEX on Snitsky for 2 when Masters interferes. Hardy goes for a ToF on Masters, but Masters shoves Matt right into Snitsky’s boot. Raw guys are now all over Matt. Matt gets the hot tag, Mysterio springboards in on Masters. Masters locks on the Masterlock, and falls back. Matt hits a leg drop on Masters, and both Masters and Snitsky are dumped to the outside. Matt and Mysterio both hit top rope splashes to the floor at the same time. Back in the ring, Snitsky goes for a suplex on Matt, but Matt reverses it into a huge DDT, then Matt hits a drop toe hold on Masters, into the ropes, then Mysterio hits a 619, followed by a ToF, followed by spring board splash by Mysterio for the win.
Winners – Mysterio & Hardy

Mick Foley holding up a piece of lingerie. He thinks that maybe his luggage got mixed up with someone else. The camera pans out, and Maria is wearing Foley’s Mankind mask. HAHA. They trade the mask for the lingerie…Marie then takes the rest of her clothes off (off camera of course), and gives them to Foley, thinking they belonged to him too.

Conway and Tomko are in the ring, and the fans choose Superfly to be Eugene’s partner.

Rob Conway & Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene & Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka
Styles is doing a great job, and is very up-to-date with the current storylines…even mentioning Conway’s recent battles with Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine & KoKo B. Ware on Heat the past few weeks. Very quick match, Tomko is taken out, Eugene hits a Rock Bottom and Snuka hits the Superfly Splash for the pin.
Winners – Eugene & Snuka

After the match, Tomko gets in the ring, and gets in Superfly’s face. Duggan and Kamala come out, Duggan with the 3 point stand, followed by a splash by Kamala. The Legends and Eugene are standing tall.

Carlito comes out, and it is announced that he will be facing Mankind.

They show the highlights of this feud…which I guess is so Foley can get dressed in his persona.

Carlito vs. Mankind
CCC attacks Mankind early, but Mankind takes over. Mankind baseball slides CCC to the floor, then hits a swinging neckbreaker on the floor. Mankind gets a chair, and goes after CCC, but CCC drop toe holds Mankind, and he goes chair first into the steel steps. Mankind stands back up, but CCC dropkicks him, and his head bounces off the steps. Back in the ring, CCC works on Mankinds head, but Mankind fights back, clotheslines CCC to the floor, then drops the elbow from the apron. Back in the ring, Mankind hits a double arm DDT, then he pulls out a special afro Mr. Socko, and CCC passes out.
Winner – Mankind

McMahon shows up late, and is looking forward to the Raw vs. SD match. Bischoff informs him that the match already happened. Vince wants to hear about it, but Bischoff is coy about it, trying to make and excuse as to why Masters and Snitsky lost. Vince is pissed, he wants to know what Bischoff will do about it.

New Guy Todd announces that HBK will be facing Cena & Angle tonight, so Big Show and Kane will challenge for the Tag Team Titles.

Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade (c) vs. Big Show & Kane – World Tag Team Titles
Kane and Big Show go back and forth, like they did with the Heart Throbs last night, and dominate the beginning of the match. Kane goes to the top, but Cade crotches him. Cade goes up for a SuperPlex, but Kane shoves him off. Murdoch grabs Kane, and shoves him to the floor, the they hit the Sweet & Sour finisher on the floor. Back in the ring, Big Show dominates, and Kane gets back in. They dump Murdoch to the floor, and hit a double choke slam for the pin.
Winners and NEW Champions – Kane & Big Show

Murdoch gets in the ring, pissed, and Kane & Big Show double choke slam him.

Goldust & Vader get ready for tonight.

New Guy Todd has the Divas on the stage, and it’s decided that they will be wearing Lingerie in the Battle Royal.

In a shocking turn of events, a Street Fight is voted in for the Coach/Batista.

The Coach (w/ Goldust & Vader) vs. Batista – Street Fight
Vader and Goldust attack Batista to start. Batista fights back. Batista goes to suplex Vader, but Goldust gets back in the ring and hits Batista with a kendo stick. Vader and Goldust hold down Batista, and Coach whips Batista with a belt. Batista fights out of it, takes the belt, and whips all 3. Spinebusters all around, and Coach gets Demon Bomb for the pin.
Winner – Batista

New Guy Todd with HBK, Angle comes up and wants to make a pact with HBK. He says that they should take out Cena, and then the 2 of them and find out once and for all who’s the better of the 2.

Trish (c) vs. Mickie vs. Candice vs. Victoria vs. Maria vs. Ashley – Battle Royal – Woman’s Championship
Maria was quickly eliminated. Candice did a Tarantula type move on Ashley, then celebrated, and Ashley shoved her to the floor to eliminate her. Victoria keeps coming close to eliminating Trish, but Mickie kept saving Trish. Mickie and Trish eliminate Ashley. Victoria goes to clothesline Trish, but Trish does the Matrix (called the Matrish now), but Victoria steps over her, and does an ass drop on her stomach. Mickie charges at Victoria, and they both fall to the floor, as if Mickie was sacrificing herself for Trish to keep her title.
Winner and STILL Champion – Trish

New Guy Todd catches up with Trish, but Mickie steals the whole interview praising Trish.

Recap of HHH/Flair.

It’s revealed that the match will be in a Steel Cage.

Ric Flair (c) vs. Triple H – Intercontinental Title – Steel Cage
Flair shows some spunk right away, but HHH fights back quickly, with a knee to face. HHH pounds Flair’s face, then drives it into the cage. HHH grates the face of Flair into cage…and Flair looks like a mess. HHH already tries to leave the cage, but Flair gets up with him, and they go chop for chop on the top rope, and both men get crotched, as they fall down on the top rope. Flair down to the mat, but HHH goes back up, and grabs a chain from the top of the cage. HHH tries to do a chain-wrapped fist drop from the turnbuckle, but Flair puts his boot up, and HHH goes down. Flair calls for the Figure Four, but HHH gets a chain-wrapped fist upside Flair’s head. HHH goes for the Figure Four, and locks it on. Flair finally turns it over, and they get wrapped up in the ropes. The ref breaks it up, and HHH tries for another Figure Four, but Flair boots out of it, and HHH busts his head open on the cage. Flair sicks himself on HHH. He continues to rip open HHH’s head. Flair then chop blocks HHH’s leg (the same leg he tore his quad). Flair keeps working on the leg, and finally locks on the Figure Four. HHH is screaming in pain, and pulls the ref down, and tosses him at Flair to break the hold. Flair is the first up, and he goes to climb out, but HHH catches him. Flair shoves him off, then hits a clothesline from the top rope. Flair with a low blow, and he starts crawling out the cage, but HHH catches him, but Flair was able to bring a chair in the ring that was sitting ringside. HHH gets the chair away from Flair, and goes to hit Flair with it, but Flair locks on the testicular claw. HAHA. Flair grabs the chair, and goes APESHIT on HHH. He whacks HHH like 5 times with the chair. Flair stares at HHH, then Flair walks right out the door of the cage.
Winner and STILL Champion – Flair

Recap of Cena/Angle/HBK

John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Title
Angle attacks HBK right away, negating what he offered earlier to HBK. Back and forth classic Triple Threat action. Angle gets in the ring, and hits a German on Cena, a German on HBK, a Belly-to-Belly on Cena, a Belly-to-Belly on HBK. He goes for an Olympic Slam on Cena, but Cena reverses out, and goes for the FU, but HBK makes the save. Angle with a sunset flip on Cena, HBK with a cross body to get Cena over for 2 when Angle breaks it up. HBK and Angle then hammer down on Cena. HBK and Angle put Cena through the Spanish announce table, and they go at it! HBK goes up for an elbow drop, but Angle runs up the ropes, and hits a top rope Angle Slam…but only for 2! Cena is back in, and he runs roughshot on both Angle and HBK. He tosses Angle to the floor, and hits that spinning drop down powerbomb on HBK. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Angle is on the outside, and pulls Cena out, tossing him into the crowd. Back in the ring, Angle and HBK going at it again. Angle with a Belly-to-Belly, tossing HBK over the top rope. Cena comes in, hits his spinning powerbomb crap, hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle, then goes for the FU, but Angle slides though, and locks on the Ankle Lock. He lays down on the Ankle Lock, but HBK comes back in, and nails the top rope elbow drop to break it up! Angle up, HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Angle, but he turns around, and Cena nails the FU, and pins HBK for the win.
Winner and STILL Champion – Cena

Show Over.


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