Post Scriptum: T.V. Students 101

You know those T.V. kids have it good.

As I’ve struggled to barrel my way through piles of assignments, midterms, work and everything else the academic Gods have thrown at me these past few weeks, I couldn’t help but recall the fresh faces of all those high school and college students on prime-time. Their not-tousled hair, not-glazed over eyes, not-remotely anything but Abercrombie and Fitch demeanors started to grate on me.

I mean do half of them even carry a back-pack? I remember high school as being some of the most stressful years of my life. The burden of who and what I was going to be when I entered University was always looming in the back of my head. Now I’m sure the kids on the O.C. think it, but let’s face it, they aren’t getting any worry lines over stressful homework-filled days. I’ve got a permanent slouch from massive textbooks I carried for years; they float freely through the world, have time to party at local clubs, and soothe that not-so-aching back with long walks on sandy beaches.

Yes I know its television, but I’d like some sandy beach therapy.

Remember Rory Gilmore at Yale–prestigious, Ivy League, Yale? I’d imagine going to a school like that would seriously hinder ones ability to discover what “social” and “life” means, but Rory seems to have done just fine. Good grades and cute boyfriend in tow, it seems almost too easy. Let’s just forget that I’ve rarely seen her pick up a notebook since she entered post-secondary.

In the early years it was nice seeing Rory wander the halls of Chilton and compete with Paris for the academic throne. As years progressed, however, we saw less of the work and more of the result. This is why, when Ms.Gilmore was chosen for Valedictorian, it seemed unmerited. We saw Paris striving, and Rory triumphing.

This is a theme that goes way back to the days of that wonderful show we called Saved by the Bell. I’m sure it spans before that, but my memory can only carry me so far. Zack Morris, slacker by trade scored a 1500 on his SAT scores. Fast-forward to the late nineties; Buffy the Vampire Slayer scores 1430, despite her late-night fight habits which undoubtedly amounted to numerous unfinished homework assignments.

Okay, so standardized test scores aren’t a reflection of true smarts. I suppose then appearances shouldn’t reflect one’s true inner-school-related-turmoil. I guess the next time I feel a bout of school-related stress coming on, I’ll burn my notebooks and use the fire for a lightly-heated facial.

If prime-time is any indication, it’ll get me the grades and that fresh face I’ve always wanted.