Survivor: Guatemala – Recap – Episode 11-9

“Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise”
Episode #1109
November 10, 2005

Previously, on Survivor: Yaxha and Nakum merge in the dead of night, old Yaxha members feel outnumbered, tree-mail brings word of the hidden Immunity Idol, and the search begins. Immunity Challenge or Feast, Jamie divides the tribes with trash talk, Gary wins Immunity, Jamie wants Brandon out, Jamie’s old allies tell him to “shut up”, Bobby Jon and Jamie go at it again at Tribal, Brandon is sent home.

Nine are left…who will be voted out tonight?

Xhakum, night 21: Rafe and Jamie talk about Council’s actions. All try to calm Jamie down. Bobby Jon tries to justify his comments to Jamie. Jamie seems truly hurt, “It broke my heart…it did.” Judd tries to smooth things over, reminding all it’s a competition. Even Rafe tells us that he feels Jamie was taking things too personally.

The next morning, Judd’s not in the mood to eat. Bobby Jon starts searching for the hidden Idol. Gary compares this game to a last-shot game he played in the NFL.

Reward Challenge Tribe members take a arrow-throwing tool to throw an arrow closest to the center of a target. Winners get food. Everyone will eat, but the meal depends on the placement of the arrows. First place is steak and lobster. Winner of the challenge also gets one clue to the location of the hidden Immunity Idol.

The order of winners: Judd (first), Cindy, Danni, Jamie, Steph, Gary, Rafe, Bobby Jon, Lydia, Jamie requests that he swaps his position to the end, so that everyone else can bump up a spot. “We’re one tribe now, and I’ve learned that.”

Judd – steak and lobster
Cindy – chicken and veggies
Danni – spaghetti and meat sauce
Steph – burger and a beer (where Jaime would have been)
Gary – slice of pizza
Rafe – ham and cheese sandwich
BJ – baked potato
Lydia – single fish
Jamie – ramon nuts and boiled lake water

Judd can invite two people to sit with him, to have open bar and desserts. He invited Bobby Jon and Stephanie.

Gary eats quickly, and spends the next 2 hours staring down the threesome at the “King Table”, making Judd feel very uncomfortable. They return to camp, Judd was very drunk. While trying to move a large tree, Judd knocks himself out.

Xhakum, day 24: Judd puked in the shelter last night. Judd shows Steph the clue that he got for reward, which says that the Idol doesn’t lay on the ground. He tell the others a lie about the clue, misdirecting them.

Jamie and Rafe talk of who to vote out, and an alliance between the two of them. Rafe tells us that Jamie is very paranoid. Jamie asks Gary to get rid of BJ. Gary says that he will vote with Jamie today. Jamie tells the others that Gary is going to vote against him. Steph is confused, and doesn’t believe him. Rafe, Judd, and Steph think that Jamie might be “losing it – in a real way”.

Tree-Mail says that the Immunity Challenge is involving balance. Gary takes to the ruins to practice walking along a thin path. Jamie continues to tell the others that Gary is going to vote against him.

Immunity Challenge
Tribe members will walk a challenge course that is full of balancing and coordination sections. The first section is walking across a plank to untie another set plank. The first 4 of that round go onto walking a knotted tight rope, using the untied planks to assist them. The top 2 from that go onto the final piece, a two-line balance bridge.

The first four winners are Steph, Gary, Jamie, and Rafe.
The next section winners are Rafe and Jamie.
Immunity is won by Jamie!

Steph and Gary complain about losing. Jamie is telling others that Gary needs to go, then BJ after him. Steph agrees, saying that Gary is a huge physical threat. Gary asks Steph straight out if he’s going, and Steph says that BJ is the one to go today. BJ tried to talk to Jamie and Judd, and get him to out Steph.

Gary goes off and searches for the Idol. Judd does as well, with Gary following him. Gary notices that Judd keeps looking up into the trees, and understands that Judd was lying to them earlier.

Tribal Council
Danni believes that she’s on the chopping block. Rafe tells of the paranoia that is going through camp. Gary says that lies are part of the game, and morals are up to the individuals. When Jeff asks Gary and Judd if they have lied in the game, both say they haven’t. Cindy says she trusts them all.

Jamie holds on to the Immunity Necklace, Gary uses the Immunity Idol!

Voting Time
BJ votes to get rid of Steph.
Steph votes to get rid of BJ
An unknown player votes to remove Steph.

Votes are in: Steph 2, Cindy 1, BJ 5.

Bobby Jon is the latest one voted out of Survivor Guatemala! He is the first member of the jury.

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