The Weekly Pulse: TV's Second Wife the ratings for the FOX shows have been so-so. ‘House’ is still going strong..still was able to beat the first game of the World Series this year. ‘Prison Break’ and ‘The O.C’ are doing okay. Well below what ‘House’ does and ‘Reunion’ and every other show is about the same. So what does that mean? means that these shows didn’t put up the same numbers as the World Series games. However, they did pretty much the same or better for the earlier games in the playoffs. And what about the extra time FOX had to fill up, since the World Series didn’t last that long? They got KILLED on those nights! So now the question is..”will they lose audiences to these shows over time because of the baseball break?”. I am saying it could be a possibility, but not that much. We will see later, but for now..everything seems to be just about the same as before.

So my point does do better ratings for FOX when it airs. But they don’t blow away the competition and in fact..CBS and ABC still BLEW away FOX and baseball when their BIG shows aired! So FOX still lost out. I guess they will take what they can get, though.

Enough about baseball and ratings, though. We are back in the swing of things. And the shows will continue to run along for the month of November..until the December holidays come along. Then..we probably have another break! But that is the life of a TV watcher these days! I guess that is why you buy the DVD’s of past seasons. So you can watch them when the current season is on a break.

Have I mentioned my Christmas list yet? Not like anyone reading this will get me anything anyways..but I know of TWO people who SHOULD! But I won’t dive into that.

It’s time to get this party started. Crack those knuckles and get ready. are not writing scratch that. Just make sure your eyes are wide open and get ready to laugh! HA! It’s time to review some TV! The week that was. If you missed anything..we have got you covered! Don’t believe me..well read on!

Seinfeld Quote of the Week

“Jerry, I know myself. And if I’m on the streets, and it starts to go down, I don’t back off, until it’s finished!”Kramer

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Columns a.k.a. You Want To Write This Week?

Mathan Erhardt is on time this week! I could have actually put this in on last week’s Weekly Pulse, but I decided to wait until this week. This gets posted on the same day as this it can be a little confusing at times. Oh well..Mathan still has comments on..well not much. He is behind in his TV watching. So what does he do? He gives away secrets! You can’t tell them that! If you want to know all the secrets at Inside Pulse..well you have to read them here!

Sarah Quigley talks about ‘The Apprentice’ this week. And that’s about it. Doesn’t mean it’s bad or just go read it now!

Special Feature Alert! Special Feature Alert! About 10 of us (me and 9 others) at Pulse TV came together to write up a list of the “top 10 most memorable characters” in TV history! So I have to give props to that. It took a LONG time for it to be posted, but it’s worth it. You can start your reading here!

Matt Basilo is back in business. His TV shows are back and he comments on ‘The O.C.’, ‘Reunion’, ‘Simpsons’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘American Dad’, and an article written about ‘Lost’. Check it out!

Dora Malone’s column this week is a quick one this week. She only talks about ‘Survivor’, but oh well. It’s go read it!

Farah Syed discusses the ‘Gilmore Girls’ in this week’s column. That is all. Go now!

Patrick Gilchriest has the first part of your ‘Survivor’ talk! He talks about the most recent episodes! Go now!

Dan Wentzel has the second part! He talks about the most recent episodes of ‘Survivor’ as well! Go now after you go above!

Kevin Wong has your Thursday report for you. He believes more is less or something like that. He talks about random food and cheerleaders. And of course, ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ along with various other shows. Check it out!

Recaps a.k.a. Watch Them Again and Read Along!

Matt Basilo has the next episode of ‘Smallville’!

Joey Hart has the latest episode of ‘The Biggest Loser’!

Scott Keith rants on ‘Prison Break’!

Patrick Puhl has the seventh episode of the second season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’! Then..he has the eighth episode of the fifth season of ‘America’s Next Top Model’!

Kevin Wong recaps an extra-long episode of ‘The Amazing Race’ this week!

John Duran has the rash-causing ‘Desperate Housewives’. Don’t ask.

Paul Meekin has both versions of ‘The Apprentice’ for you. You got the Martha version and the Donald version!

Craig Russell has this week’s episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’ for you!

Tim Stevens has the newest episode of ‘Nip/Tuck’!

Trevor MacKay recaps this week’s episode of ‘Invasion’!

Sarah Jane Correia watches ‘Survivor’ like everyone else, but she recapped it LIVE!

Josh Clinton a.k.a. Me..has all your ‘O.C.’ goodness for you!

This week we stepped it up to three DVD reviews!

John Cavanagh goes back in time to the 1970’s! It’s the third season of That 70’s Show! Groovy dude!

Josh Clinton..hey..I know HIM! Yes..I..have the third season of Seinfeld for you. Let the laughing begin!

Kenny Hammond says Arrested Development is the best sitcom since Seinfeld and the second season is the reason why!

Celebrities, News, and Spoilers a.k.a. We Are Stacked AGAIN This Week!!

Murtz and former ‘Survivor’, Eliza, are here once again. How long does this game last? Oh wait..just before the deadline..they come in with their comments on another episode of ‘Survivor’! Double the fun this week!

Former ‘Apprentice’, Nick, continues his talk of the latest episode of ‘The Apprentice’!

Former ‘Apprentice’, John, comments on ‘The Apprentice’ as well!

Former ‘Survivor’, Penny, comments on ‘Survivor’! What else would she comment on?

How about a spoiler?! Again..we have one for the NEXT episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’! That’s not enough for you? Well here is one for the next episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’! Go and have your Sunday night spoiled if you like!

How about some news from Rob Purchase? Who is he? I don’t know, but check out some juicy news bits from TV land. One is here and the other is over there! These have to do with ‘Survivor’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’!

The Weekly Pulse Weekly Poll

Last week I asked the question…”does you watch the Food Network?”. So here are the results:

YES..all the time! – 3
YES..but only sometimes! – 0
NO..not at all! – 2
I don’t have cable! – 0

We had five votes this week and it was close, but it looks like people either REALLY love the channel or they don’t watch it at all. More people love yay for them and me! Now lets move on.

This week’s question. It’s about late night television. Late night talk shows. You have Leno, Letterman, Conan, and Jimmy Kimmel! Do you watch one over the others? The question is..”which late night talk show do you watch?” Simple enough. Go vote here and do it NOW!

What Did My TiVo Record This Week?


– ‘Hawaii’s Best on a Budget’ (Time for a Vacation!)

– ‘Laguna Beach’

– ‘$40-A-Day’

– ‘ComicView’

– ‘Weekends at the D.L.’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘Weekends at the D.L.’


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘NFL Primetime’

– ‘Desperate Housewives’

– ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


– ‘How I Met Your Mother’

– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘ComicView’

– ‘Late Show With David Letterman’


– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘Secret Life Of…’ (Cheesecake!)

– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘The Biggest Loser’

– ‘The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition’

– ‘Real World: Austin’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘ComicView’

– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘Made’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘The O.C.’

– ‘E.R.’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

Time to Talk a.k.a. Late Night Talk

If you couldn’t tell, I watch David Letterman. He’s my late night TV show of choice. Everyone has a choice. Everyone watches one or the other. It’s either Letterman or Leno..right? Well..not really. You also have Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. And you have Conan O’Brien on after Leno. I know there are fans of all four of these shows. They wouldn’t be around, if there were no fans.

But why do I love David Letterman more than Jay Leno? I don’t know..David is just a little more crazy! A little more fun! Nothing against Leno, but Letterman is the man! The “Top 10 List” is a classic segment. But other segments and regular features always crack me up! That show is usually non-stop laughter for me.

“Will It Float?” is the greatest segment ever invented! Some will disagree, but come on! It’s educational and fun! It’s so simple, but that is what makes it funny. It can get old after awhile, but there are always interesting things thrown into that big tank every week.

Let me take you back to my favorite episode of the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. It was May 10 of this year! They have done this before, but not in awhile. It sounds so insane, but it is so funny. They threw random stuff off of the top of the buildings outside. Just to see it smash against the pavement! It sounds stupid..but to watch is great! Classic! So funny..I can’t describe it. We are talking about instruments, 40 oz. bottles of Colt 45, a big glass bowl of nacho cheese, baby powder, and super balls! I couldn’t stop laughing at this episode. It doesn’t sound like anything, but it was so much crazy fun! It just renewed by faith in the show.

I am not here to turn anyone on to one show or the other. Because that is sometimes like trying to change people’s religion or political views! I am just telling you that Letterman is great! He is cooler and funnier than Leno in my book and he entertains me more. So that is all that should matter.

Just thought I would throw that out there. Anyone else agree with me? You like Letterman over Leno and the others? Who do you like the best? Well if you missed it..there is a poll above. Go vote! Or you can drop me a line and let me know who you like the best!

Well that does it for me this week. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome. Make sure to vote on the poll and read up on the week that was. You know what to do.

“When you are at the VERY bottom, it can only get can ONLY go up!”

“I’m going to be hot before it gets hot!”

Finally..“You Can’t Fight Fate!”. See you next week!

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