[WWE] More Wrestlers Comment on Eddie’s Death


WWE.com has posted videos from tonight’s RAW and WWE.com Unlimited featuring many of the personal Eddie Guerrero comments from WWE wrestlers. Click here and here for videos of: Vince (opening from RAW), Rey, Benoit, Chavo, Cena (post-match with the belt), Kurt, Bischoff, Regal, Christy, Booker T, Sharmell, Brisco, Hardy, Trish, JBL, Flair, Teddy and Shelton, as well as a video from the commercial break taken during Rey vs. HBK. No word on whether or not these videos will remain archived on WWE.com after this week, since they are right now only on the main RAW videos/Unlimited pages.

Additionally, Gregory Helms and Samoa Joe both posted comments on their MySpace pages today about Eddie:

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

Yesterday the wrestling world lost one of it’s finest and brightest stars. Eddie Guerrero was one of those rare few that was admired and respected by everyone in the entire industry. From fans to friends to peers, universally, Eddie was regarded as simply one of the absolute best! I was honored to have worked in the ring with him and I’m humbled at this loss. My thoughts and sympathies go out to his family, and my love goes out to my presonal friends Chavo, Rey and Juvi, who along with Malenko, Benoit and Jericho knew Eddie the best of all. R.I.P. Eddie! You will be missed!
Gregory Helms

God Bless Your Soul


Para Siempre

Comend his soul to your kingdom for all the joy you hve created and the people you have touched. My heart goes out to your family, Keep your head up Mando.
Samoa Joe

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