Survivor: Guatemala – Recap – Episode 11-10

“Eating and Sleeping With the Enemy”
Episode #1110
November 17, 2005

Previously, on Survivor: Gary, Danni, and Bobby Jon as outsiders, search for the Immunity Idol continues, War Challenge competition ends with meals, Judd wins, Judd shares clue with Steph, lies to the others about the clue, Jamie’s paranoia annoys his closest allies, Jamie wins Immunity, Alliance of 6 targets Gary, Gary searches for Idol and catches Judd in his lie, Tribal Council comes and Gary uses found Idol, Bobby Jon voted out.

Eight are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Xhakum, night 24: Gary is asked about where he found the Idol. He shares that he found it just today. Jamie thinks Gary is “shady”. Jamie tries to stir the pot by letting Cindy know that Gary was the one who voted her out. She gets more mad at Jamie than Gary. Jamie turns his attention to Gary, trying to start more drama. Everyone is getting sick of it, including Judd. “Emotionally, I think this game is taking a toll on him. I think he’s losing it.”

Reward Challenge

The eight are divided into two teams, 2 men, and 2 women on each team. These teams are tied together. They are to go through a course in deep mud, reach a pot of corn, and return it to the other end. First team to fill their home-base pot with the transported corn wins.

Reward is a helicopter ride to a private house for the evening. Showers, beds, clean clothes, and food await them. They will spend the night there.

Rafe, Jamie, Cindy and Lydia are one team. Gary, Judd, Stephanie and Danni are the other. Rafe’s team has an early lead, but quickly looses it when Lydia struggles. The teams are absolutely covered in grey, thick mud.

Gary, Judd, Stephanie, and Danni win reward!

Jamie shouts to his team to continue fighting after the other team has won. Cindy yells back, tired and frustrated, “They’ve already won, Jamie!”

On the helicopter ride, Danni describes it as the best day of her life. They are in awe. The house is beautiful, thatched roof. Seafood is spread out by the pool. They shower the mud off of themselves in an outdoor shower. Steph and Danni bond. Judd showers and swims naked.

They chow down on the crabs and crawdads. They discuss how down on themselves the other team seemed.

Back at camp, Lydia apologizes to her team. Rafe accepts it, but Jamie says nothing as he eats his corn. Jamie tries to make a deal with Rafe as the two of them, and Judd in the final three. Rafe is reluctant, and has to think it over. “I’ve almost given up trying to figure out Jamie’s strategy in this game. He’s constantly freaked out.”

Night brings a thunder storm. The winning team sits around in pajamas, eating salsa. Gary tries to make ties with Steph and Judd. He wants the best in the final, and those are the ones he is with. “If Lydia or Cindy go to the final two, they’ll win.” Steph isn’t sure, although she thinks its good idea. All four want Jamie out next.

The winning team awakes to the smell of coffee. They have six different flavors, and they try all of them. Their host comes, and brings a gift. It’s a package of video tapes from home. The foursome watch, full of laughter and tears, with Gary crying the hardest.

The foursome return to camp, bringing a basket of coffee back with them. Judd plays it cool with Jamie, telling him he slept on the floor.

Immunity Challenge

Attached to a single rope, they maneuver over a course. First four to finish move on to the next round, again tethered to a rope, but this course is 3 stories high.

Rafe, Jamie, Steph, and Cindy make it to the second round. Gary comes in a very close 5th.

Cindy holds the lead for quite a while, but gets caught up right at the end.

Rafe wins Immunity!

Day 27: Returning from Challenge, Rafe is congratulated. He’s suprised at his record, and realizes he’s becoming a huge threat. Gary is concerned that he didn’t win. “You never know.” Jamie goes to Judd, asking if he’s still good. Judd confirms that Gary is the target. Cindy says the same, when confronted, but to the audience, she tells how she is so frustrated with him.

Slowly, each member is shown talking to eachother about how Jamie is driving everyone mad.

Tribal Council

Bobby Jon is brought in to listen. Steph is asked about Reward, and if it was a bonding experience. Steph agrees, Danni agrees, Judd agrees and says that this is the most difficult vote so far. Jamie is asked if there is someone he could vote out and not miss, and he says no. Gary says that a positive attitude is the most important thing in the game.

Voting time. Rafe keeps Immunity.

Jamie votes for Gary.
Gary votes for Jamie.
Judd votes for Gary.

There are 2 votes cast for Gary, and 5 votes for Jamie.
Jamie’s parting words to the group, “Blindsided! Nice! Now that’s how you play the game!

The eleventh person voted out of Survivor is Jamie.

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