Lost – Recap – Episode 2-7

I know I may be in the minority here, but I am really not looking forward to next weeks “huge” episode. I know we will see how the other half lived, but I would have much rather seen them further their current story lines (ie the Hatch and Walt) then basically waste an entire episode (or 2) on introducing us to the tail survivors. Before I get flamed out by those fan who think this is great, let me explain why I feel the way I do. Simply put, the very 1st episode of Lost was interesting and engaging, but didn’t have the same feel the show has today. To me what makes this show interesting is that with all the backstories we have seen, each character is flawed (Jacks’s wife and father, Kates criminal past, Sawyers childhood just to name a few), yet has been pushed into an extraordinary situation allowing them to grow. Sure the introduction of new characters will keep the show fresh, but in the end it won’t help answer the numerous questions we already have.

Keep up the great recaps.

Your last sentence pretty much sums up the reason for this episode. New characters make for new storylines. I mean, am I the only one looking forward to the first Locke-Eko confrontation?

“The Other 48 Days”

Previously, on Lost: Well, there’s no previously for this episode, but click on the aforementioned link and check out what I thought was a rather good episode.

We open on a calm view of the island, until the tail section comes rocketing down into the ocean.

Day 1: Ana-Lucia surfaces to find massive chaos, spliced with shots of Eko saving as many lives as possible. Ana-Lucia tries to save a boy’s sister, and barely does so as the little girl says her mother is supposed to meet her in LA. Ana-Lucia promises to get her there, but then Ana-Lucia finally lets her surroundings sink in. It’s easy to say that she is…


Eko asks a nearby woman to watch over children as he drags dead bodies out of the water.

Libby snaps some guy’s leg back into place, making him pass out as another man arrives, asking for help. Bernard is stuck up a tree, next to a dead man in the seat next to him. Ana-Lucia doesn’t want to climb up there, instead directing Bernard to grab the branch next to him. Bernard does so as the seats plummet to the ground, and Ana-Lucia goes to get him.

Later, Ana-Lucia formally meets Goodwin as he makes a signal fire. Around the fire, Bernard approaches Eko and asks about Rose, but Eko did not pull Bernard’s wife out of the water. But he will pray for her, and for rescue planes as well.

Nightfall, and the fire is burning as grunts are heard in the distance. Ana-Lucia and Goodwin investigate, finding Eko bloody, but it’s not his blood as he has a big rock in his hand and a couple of dead bodies surrounding him.

Day 2: Eko is still covered in blood as Ana-Lucia notes that the two dead bodies have nothing on them to identify them except for clothes. Ana-Lucia checks in on Eko, but he just grabs a whooping stick as Nathan arrives to explain three people have gone missing. Ana-Lucia wants to go find somewhere safe, but is told that they need the signal fire because no one knows where they are.

Day 3: Donald’s leg infection is getting worse, but there’s nothing they can do about it.

Day 5: Donald dies, and joins the others dragged from the water in the graveyard.

Day 7: Goodwin and the others kill a fiesty chicken and Libby offers some to a silent Eko, and Libby says Eko was just defending himself and it’s not his fault.

Day 12: Ana-Lucia makes a spear, noticing some kids playing until a man comes back from the bathroom, alone instead of in pairs, as Ana-Lucia makes note of this and criticizes him because of it. Later that night, the Others come again, taking kids and Nancy, but they kill one of the Others, finding a knife and a list of the survivors, all nine on the list taken. Eko couldn’t find them, and Ana-Lucia turns on Nathan, paranoid that he gave info to the Others. They agree to get off the beach, finally.

Day 15: They remaining tailenders begin their trek into the jungle, stopping at a stream at the reluctance of Ana-Lucia.

Day 17: Ana-Lucia is digging her prison, on the off chance that Nathan is one of them and needs to be kept under lock and key.

Day 19: Bernard and Nathan are trying to catch rabbits, as Ana-Lucia captures Nathan and throws him into the prison. Everyone except for Bernard is convinced Nathan wasn’t on the plane, and Eko stands in silence. At night, Ana-Lucia finally arrives, asking Nathan where the kids are. Then she backtracks to a different question, asking where Nathan is from (Canada, same as Ethan Rom from Ontario), and was in Australia on a retreat. He was in the lavatory when the plane went down, naturally.

Day 23: Ana-Lucia tries again, and notices something behind him: a banana peel. Ana-Lucia suspects Eko dit, and goes to get some water. The survivors are worried about Ana-Lucia but she promised that little girl that she would get to LA. She doesn’t have any kids, of course. Goodwin suggests letting Nathan go, but she won’t be a savage until tomorrow. At night, Goodwin lowers a rope to Nathan, and tells him to run. False hope, however, as Nathan runs and Goodwin snaps his neck like the fiesty chicken he murdered.

Day 24: Ana-Lucia is informed of Nathan’s disappearance as she wants to be on the move again, under the assumption that the Others have found them by taking Nathan.

Day 26: On the trek again, as they once again find water.

Day 27: And now they find a door, and Eko is brave enough to investigate. He opens the door to find DHARMA, and crack open a chest, containing a glass eye, a Bible and a radio…that doesn’t work. But they’ll try to go to higher ground. Ana-Lucia and Goodwin go to that higher ground, slicing a fruit for her. Ana-Lucia notes how old the knife is and then asks Goodwin where the others are after figuring out that he was the bad one. Ana-Lucia and Goodwin fight, ending in Goodwin getting gored in the same exact spot where he is found later by Eko and Jin. Ana-Lucia comes back, declaring that they’re safe now.

Day 41: Everything happens for a reason as Boone comes through on the radio. Ana-Lucia thinks it’s the Others trying to find them, and cuts communication. Alone, Ana-Lucia cries, but Eko is there. Ana-Lucia tries to be tough, but Eko assures her that it’s going to be okay. Eko might’ve waited forty days to talk, but she’s waited that long to cry.

Day 45: A body washes up on shore: Libby and the other woman uncover Jin, alive. Eko doesn’t think he’s a threat, and then there’s the other raft survivors as we relive the past few episodes, with Ana-Lucia asking Eko to hit him to make it realistic that she was captured.

Day 46: Jin, Sawyer & Michael are freed as they are introduced to the new hatach.

Day 47: Sawyer almost dies.

Day 48: TODAY. Cindy’s gone as the rain pours and ghost voices fill the air, disorienting Ana-Lucia and forcing her to shoot the first thing she sees: Shannon. And there’s Sayid. And there’s Ana-Lucia, both are in shock…and Sayid rises to his feet again.