Birds of Prey # 88

Reviewer: Tim Stevens

Story Title: Perfect Pitch Part Two
Written by: Gail Simone
Penciled by: Joe Bennett and Eddy Barrows
Inked by: Jack Jadson and Robin Riggs
Colored by: Hi-Fi Design
Lettered by: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Joan Hilty
Publisher: DC Comics

Three months in a row now I have been singing this book’s praises. Three months! Do you get it yet? I hope so, because as I said last month, issue in, issue out, this book is so consistent I could set my watch by it. That makes it hard to review, but a great book to read.

So, in an effort to make things easier for us both, here’s why you should read this newest issue

1.) Neat 24 hour sequence structure
2.) It appears that Savant might actually be capable of growth as a character. I know Simone actually created him, but that still strikes me as almost unbelievable.
3.) The Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship goes under the microscope in a way that makes sense, moves them forward, and leaves the back door open for future revisiting, if need be.
4.) Jokes! Specifically, Black Canary buying all of a variant edition of her own action figure and Barbara’s fan club when she goes shopping.

And what didn’t work this week:

1.) The Calculator v. Oracle plot (which I thought was the main one) gets sort of pushed into the background this month.

That’s it. Everything else is a-okay.