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So last night I went and saw Bad Religion and Anti-Flag over at the Starland… my ankle is all twisted from standing amidsts hundreds of teenagers. Standing being a term I use loosely. Fellow IPer and good friend Bill is coming over, and I think he and I are going to watch horror movies this afternoon, so I better get rolling with the news…

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So there is a rumor running around that SECRET WAR #5 is going to hit the shelves soon. Soon being December 15th.

“But as I have said on my website and elsewhere: It wasn’t meant to ship this way and I fear that it will affect some people’s enjoyment of the story. So, if I may, if you’ve got an afternoon, sit down and read it all together. I think that will be a very satisfying experience.”

I agree with Bendis that the book is not only going to be fairly pretty, but a complete story. My problem exists in that this story has the explaination as to why Nick Fury was taken out of command, and has already been reinstated.

Seems kind of useless in a continuity sense. Let’s just hope that Gabriele Dell’Otto gets some more American work, and it’s in a book that is more realistic in scale than a ‘world changing’ *yawn* Marvel title.

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When Team: Nexus was in San Diego, they showed previews of a comic called Daughters Of The Dragon. I know nothing about Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Absolutely nothing.

The previews of art in the book looks fine enough. A little veiny, but all action. I’ll give it a shot, I’m sure, but it doesn’t look like the kind of thing that’s going to fit my fancy. My favorite merc wears red and black.

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On a week where I have absolutely nothing in the way of news.. I’ve been blessed with February Solicits… now let’s see if there is something here that can clear us up on making this article even worth reading!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #529 – I’m a bit confused. The OTHER storyline is supposed to change things in such a drastic way as for things to NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! Well what it seems is, one month removed, is that Spidey is getting a new outfit. If that is ALL we’re seeing out of the Other… I’m gonna be grumpy.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #5 – Now THIS story sounds awesome. ‘Weblog’ – and pardon the quote:

an off-beat Spidey tale which starts at the very beginnings of Spider-Man’s career and goes all the way through to the distant future…as seen through the eyes of a woman who is convinced that the web-slinger has been stalking her her entire life.

That’s excellent! Something different, and very similar to Untold Tales, but more er…. Peter Davidy. Looking forward to it.

DAREDEVIL #82 – Oh this is where it starts! We’ve watched for the last few years as Bendis has written what is easily the greatest run since Frank Miller. He passes the torch to Ed Brubaker, who, based on the preview seems to be doing some kind of backwards ‘Born Again’. Daredevil building from nothing instead of losing it all…

SAGA OF SQUADRON SUPREME – This is not good. It seems Marvel is going to be reintroducing the Squad to the Marvel U which now gives us two versions of them. This in itself isn’t horrible, just making JMS’ version like an ‘Ultimate Squad Supreme’. Dunno, seems kind of silly to me.

I HEART MARVEL! – A set of books written for my fiancee’ Dani, and written with Valentines in mind. Four or five books are coming out all squishy and lovey dovie. I think my preference would have been for a full out legit romance book. Included in a real comic romance book is: (pick any two)

That would be great.

FF PRESENTS: FRANKLIN RICHARDS, SON OF A GENIUS – EVERYBODY LOVES FRANKLIN – Longest Title Ever! But yay! Cute kid book. More of this is needed so we can make tomorrow’s comic reader… today! This message brought to you by the stretching the column as long as could possibly be considered group.

GIANT SIZE: Ms. Marvel #1 – Do you know who Ms Marvel is? Yeah, most people probably have no flippin idea either. Well now you can catch up with everything that’s gone on with this one time Avenger. Sure…. do it. She mentioned that she thinks you’re cute. Yes… even you.

AVENGERS #16 – I just have to say four words – Guest Star Alpha Flight. THAT’s ALL THAT MATTERS!!

RUNAWAYS #13 – I would hope that all of you folks out there reading Runaways, would realize that the character that rules the entire book is Molly aka Bruiser. She’s just damn cute. This ish is sole about just Molly – and that is more than ok!

CABLE/DEADPOOL #25 – All you need to know is that the cover has Cable with Captain America’s shield….. do you want me to prove it. Click here and you will see just how badass this cover is.

GENERATION M #4 – Rumor has it that all the covers of Generation M feature mutants who have lost their powers. Warren Worthington, aka, the Angel is on this cover. Intriguing, no?

SON OF M #3 – When I heard about Son of M, there were a few questions I had. The first was how they were going to project Pietro’s speed slowing down, and the first cover shows that it is going to at least be a mentionable issue. The other question I had was if they were going to address his connection with the Inhumans. Survey says…. yes!

STORM #1 – …Storm and Black Panther are going to start dating… and the way they are writing it, as if it’s the greatest love to ever touch the Marvel Universe. And with this quote:

Don’t miss out on this story, True Believer, as it builds to a July Event that will shake the entire Marvel Universe.

Storm’s gettin hitched, huh? Well, she’s been useless the last three years, so I guess it’s better than killing her as nobody complains when characters divorce.

UNCANNY X-MEN #469/470 – New Team Roll Call? Cannonball, Bishop, Psylocke, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Wolverine. That has to be one of the weirdest lineups I’ve ever seen… evah.

X-MEN #182/183 – Apocalypse is coming back… I’m jonesed.


As promised, I would be collecting the mutants that are still around in the Marvelverse. Now I know that a few of the characters that we “know” have been depowered from covers and rumormills aren’t listed here, but I’m keeping the list up to date after characters have been VERIFIED by either mentioning their lack of power, or showing their continued power.

Questions? Concerns? Hit the forums to talk to me about it, or drop me some feedback:

Anole (Victor Borkowski) – New X-Men #20
Beast – House of M #8
Bishop – HoM: The Day After #1
Cannonball – HoM: The Day After #1
Cable – HoM: The Day After #1
Colossus – HoM: The Day After #1
Cyclops – House of M #8
Dazzler – New Excalibur #1
Domino – HoM: The Day After #1
Elixir (Josh Foley) – New X-Men #20
Emma Frost – House of M #8
Forge – HoM: The Day After #1
Hellion – X-Men #177
Icarus (Jay Gutherie) – New X-Men #20
Indra (Paras Gavskar) – New X-Men #20
Justice – HoM: The Day After #1
Kitty Pryde – House of M #8
Madrox – HoM: The Day After #1
Magma – HoM: The Day After #1
Mammomax – HoM: The Day After #1
Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) – X-Men #20
Mr. M – Mutopia X #5
Nightcrawler – House of M #8
Nocturne – New Excalibur #1
Pete Wisdom – HoM: The Day After #1
Petra *NEW CHARACTER* – X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1
Psylocke – New Excalibur #1
Phoenix/Marvel Girl (Rachael) – New Excalibur #1
Rockslide – X-Men #177
Rogue – X-Men #177
Sage – HoM: The Day After #1
Siryn – HoM: The Day After #1
Surge (Noriko Ashida) – HoM: The Day After #1
Storm – HoM: The Day After #1
Stepford Cookus – New X-Men #20
Strong Guy – HoM: The Day After #1
Tito Bohusk (Beak’s son) – Exiles #72
Wither (Kevin Ford) – New X-Men #20
Wolverine – House of M #8
Wolfsbane – HoM: The Day After #1

Aero (Melody Guthrie) – New X-Men #20
Angel (Beak’s Wife) – Exiles #72
Armena Ortega – Mutopia X #5
Beak – Exiles #72
Blob – HoM: The Day After #1
Bug-Man – Mutopia X #5
Feral – Hom: The Day After #1
Hydro – New X-Men #20
Iceman – House of M #8
Jubilee – HoM: The Day After #1
Lara The Illusionist – Mutopia X #5
Magneto – House of M #8
Mirage (Moonstar) – HoM: The Day After #1
Polaris – X-Men #177
Prodigy – New X-Men #20
Spectre – New X-Men #20
Tag – House of M #8
Thornn – HoM: The Day After #1
Wind Dancer – House of M #8

Callisto – HoM: The Day After #1 – Powered
Dust (Sooraya Qadir) – New X-Men #20 – Powered
Erg – HoM: The Day After #1 – Powered
Gambit – HoM: The Day After #1 – Powered
Havok – HoM: The Day After #1 – Powered
Husk – HoM: The Day After #1 – Unknown
Layla Miller – House of M #8 – Unknown
Peepers – HoM: The Day After #1 – Powered
Preview (Jeeica Vale) – New X-Men #20 – DePowered
Quicksilver – HoM: The Day After #1 – DePowered
Quill (Maxwell Jordan) – New X-Men #20 – DePowered
Scarlet Witch – House of M #8 – Unknown
Wallflower (Laurie Collins) – New X-Men #20 – DePowered
Wolf Cub (Nicolas Gleason) – New X-Men #20 – DePowered
X-23 (Laura X) – New X-Men #20 – Powered


Having a column that had only four news articles still be pretty decently long makes me feel good. Especially when what I gave you was informative and useful.

Well, it at least allowed me the time to watch Empire Records uninterrupted.

So we’ll see you next week when I’m sure something interesting will happen.

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