Desperate Housewives – Recap – Episode 2-8

Previously, on Desperate Housewives: Tom decides to be a stay-at-home dad, Matthew Applewhite is going on a date with Danielle, Mike and Susan are still over, and Gabrielle falls down the stairs and apparently loses her baby, something I lost in the scene last week.

“The Sun Won’t Set”

Mrs. McClusky wants to take a Wisteria Lane vote on armed security, but Betty interrupts the vote just in time to distract everyone with her piano playing.

Gabrielle lost her child, but seems to be okay with returning all the baby clothes, which kinda confuses the rest of the Housewives.

Carlos has been going kinda crazy since learning about the lost baby, but he’s on tranquilizers right now so he probably won’t be ripping up any more mattresses anytime soon. But when he learns that Gabrielle has been shopping as a way of grieving, the tranquilizers start to wear off. Thankfully, Carlos gets taken away before he gets antsy.

Susan mentions his father to Mike, how he was a merchant marine killed in the Battle of Hanoi, but Mike knows his Vietnam War history, saying that the Battle of Hanoi didn’t happen and, besides, merchant marines didn’t get in battles. Susan wonders if Mike would rush out and buy her next book, which might be a little autobiographical, but Mike warns Susan to step back.

The Scavo kids are playing in Mrs. McCluskey’s security lights, as Lynette arrives and asks Tom how they keep getting out the house. Tom still feels like he’s doing a good job, but Lynette is skeptical.

Bree is shocked to find an engagement announcement with George as George was going to cancel that but he forgot. Bree says that no one should notice since there was a bigger story about a flood in Sri Lanka. George does ask Bree to wear the wedding ring, since people will assume that it’s Rex’s ring anyway. Bree reluctantly agrees, and that’s the end of that scene.

Hector (guest star Danny Trejo, playing a stereotypical role again) arrives at the Solis house, saying that Carlos sent him once he got out of prison to keep an eye out on Gabrielle. She insists that she’s fine, so Hector leaves but not without shooting a creepy look in Gabrielle’s direction.

Scavo family meeting, as Tom proves to Lynette that the boys understand what to do if a stranger comes by, but Lynette proves that it’s only going in one ear and out the other when she asks the boys what they would do if the stranger offered pizza and elephant rides. Tom says Lynette will have the right to lecture him when one of the kids disappears. Obviously.

Leila, one of George’s exes, arrives to warn Bree about George and how possessive he is, but Bree won’t hear any of that and believes that George is a sweet man.

Susan arrives late for her mother’s wedding rehearsal, apologizing and then beginning the rehearsal until Susan mentions that there’s no record of her father anywhere in the armed services. Susan’s mother will not give Susan any answers, running away instead.

Afterwards, Morty says Sophie took a cab home, but does offer to tell Susan about her father, that he wasn’t a war hero and was more likely to be a result of one of Sophie’s one night stands.

Bree confronts George about Leila, but George “proves” that Leila was crazy, which isn’t enough to keep Bree from removing the ring when George isn’t looking.

Hector is still keeping an eye on Gabrielle, as he agreed to give her space, since Carlos said she needed the lookout. Hector mentions he’s never heard of shopping out the pain, but Gabrielle will deal with her loss her way, and that’s final.

Matthew is leaving to “check the park” for Caleb, but really it’s to go on a date with Danielle.

Sophie was always worried she would screw Susan up as a mother, but Susan is still willing to be the matron of honor as she understands that her mother was just looking to give Susan a hero.

Lynette hires Stu from the office to abduct Porter and Parker to prove a point, and it works, but there’s Mrs. McClusky to hit Stu with a tazer.

At the wedding reception, Sophie breaks down and finally decides to tell Susan the truth, that Sophie had sex with her boss, and that Susan’s real father is alive and running a feed and supply store.

George and Bree are having dinner, and then George notices that the ring is gone. George wants Bree to wear the ring even if the stone is as loose as Bree claims, and there’s Bree’s ex as Bree asks Ty to dance as Bree is clearly testing George. And it works, as George comes over to cut in and asking Bree to wear the ring, knocking Ty into the bar as Bree calls the engagement off. And George grabs Ty’s car, running off with it.

Hector peels a fruit and Gabrielle gives Hector a $1,000 to go away, but Hector doesn’t have a bank account and is willing to go drive with Gabrielle to go her bank, but then again you shouldn’t get in cars with strangers, as Hector reveals that Carlos didn’t send him to keep an eye out for Gabby. Hector drives Gabrielle to a park and lets Gabby out as Gabrielle tries to make a run for it, but then she notices that Hector wasn’t trying to kill her, but instead trying to help Gabby with her grief by handing her a balloon that represents her dead baby, and asking Gabrielle to let it go. Gabby realizes that she cared more about the baby than she thought she did, but is finally able to let the baby go.

Mike captures Caleb and the police come to take him away, as we look at George lighting Ty’s car on fire, and Susan taking a look at her long-lost father. As Caleb is taken away, he looks at Betty, who signals to him to be quiet.

End episode.

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