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First thing’s first. SmackDown. It’s going to be in Cincinnati at US Bank Arena Tuesday, and I have 9th row tickets behind Tazz & Cole. I just found out last night that it was live and a “special.” So look for me… I’m likely to have a Just Bow to Layfield sign.

Check the LJ about my 4am shopping trip story on Black Friday.

– Opening Contest
Monty Brown v. Hellvis
Monty is fighting some fat white guy scary furry pants. They didn’t even announce his name, but good ole’ Mike Tenay awares us that his name is “Hellvis.” Even a name like that can’t stop the POUNCE.
Winner: Monty Brown

3LK in the ring, and BG tells Konan that he loves him like family, but Kip is family too. Road Dogg and Mr. Ass wonder why Konan talks to Mr. Ass in Spanish all the time. BG wants a vote, so he asks Killings if he accepts Kip as a member of their family. Killings accepts. Road Dogg kindly asks Konan if he accepts Billy Gunn as part of the family. He accepts. So this debuts the 4LK. Well, that sounds gay, but I guess at this point 3LK can do whatever the hell they want.

Chris Sabin v. AJ Styles
They go back and fourth into standoffs until match advertisements. Well, the X division action is a breath of fresh air considering we didn’t get any last week and the main event of JJ-Kip doesn’t look very promising. Back and Styles hits a textbook dropkick for 2. Don West: “I know it’s like a missile!” Styles hits a backbreaker and locks in a bridging reverse chin lock, which is pretty damn sweet. Sabin rolls through a small package and gets a seated dropkick for 2. Sabin tries a german suplex but Styles lands on his feet, Sabin rolls him up for 2. Neck lock applied by Sabin and he breaks it. Slugfest occurs until Styles sets up the Styles Clash but Sabin slips out and they collide. Sabin gets up and gets a jawbreaker. Styles goes to the apron and springs in with the moonsaulting inverted DDT for 2. Samoa Joe comes out on the apron, as if none of us expected it, and distracts Styles, Sabin hits an inverted enzigiri and running powerbomb for 2. Sabin tries the Cradle Shock, Styles slips out and tries the Styles Clash but Sabin counters by dropping to his knees. Styles tries it again but Sabin holds the ropes. A third try of the Styles Clash connects.
Winner: AJ Styles

Abyss v. Jeff Hardy
This one was just what it looked like on paper, a brawl, Mitchell sneaks Abyss in a chair, and then the traditional Abyss match event occurs, lights go out, Sabu appears, Hardy wins via Twist Of Fate.
Winner: Jeff Hardy
*, the lights out trick was okay at first, but damn, don’t you think they overdid it a little by now?

Jef Jarrett v. Kip James
Jarrett brawls outside to starrt, and gives James a sloppy chair shpt to the ribs, then drops him over the barricade and clothslines him over it. Jarrett continues to pummel him into the crowd and then sends him back to ringside. In the ring Jarrett hits the Guillitone and then slides out for a big punch. Jarrett goes for another, but Kip moves and he crotches himself, yet sells his knee. James catches him in a spinning slam. James punches Jarrett down and hits the corner splash. Jarrett dodges the Scissor Kick and Jarrett bails. Jackie Gayda then comes down the ramp trying to get to Gail Kim. JJ pushes Jackie so she slaps him, and then the cat fight occurs. Security breaks it up. Meanwhile James gets a 2 count on Jarrett. Bobby Roode comes in and hits James with a LETHAL HOCKEY STICK POKE giving JJ the pin.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

End of show.

The show is reccommended to avoid the replay, unless dull brawls and a JJ main event is your comfort zone. The show was overral dissapointing, as we saw little of Christian Cage and Monty coming off that great segment last week and, with the exception of the usually bright X division match, we saw boring brawls, and a main event that put out just like it looked to, which was nothing. Also, no Team 3D tonight? Wonder what the deal is there…

That’s all for this week. For more of me, hit up the live journal via site profile or shoot me an e-mail so you’ll get into the returning iMAIL Zone next week.

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