The Sunday HEAT


The HEAT before Survivor Series

Carlito vs. Taylor Phoenix
Carlito chants help start off the match as Carlito body slams the newcomer Phoenix, who by the way is on the “no entrance- no win” theory. Taylor actually pulls of an impressive combo move that doesn’t wit well with Carlito as he slaps him across the face sending him to the mat. Carlito whips him in the corner and flails him around for a bit as he hits Taylor down with two knees to the back. More slugs continue in the corner and a bear hug slows things down a bit to halt the match. The hold is now broken as Phoenix knocks down Carlito down with a few clotheslines and only gets a 2! But he goes up top and is dropkicked in mid air giving the chance for Carlito to finish things off. Now that’s cool!
Winner: Carlito

Snitsky & Tomko vs. Brandon & Chaos
Again we are putting my ‘no entrance’ theory to a test here as Snitsky and Tomko go up against another duo who happens to be a hometown commodity. And I’m gonna go out as far and say that this one isn’t going to last that long either as the smaller Brandon gets rushed by Tomko and then overpowered by the tag to Snitsky. Another tag gets Tomko in with a shot to the gut and a few knees to the chest to set in another fast tag. The ‘other’ guy finally makes an intro into the match but not to his advantage anyway as Snitsky just whips him into a big boot from Tomko taking him completely out of the match and leaving his partner who’s been the legal man the entire match to fend for himself. Which of course doesn’t last long as a double team ends things just as I said… quickly.
Winner: Snitsky & Tomko

– Raw Match: Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin w/ Special Referee Daivari
“You suck” chants are censored as Kurt comes to the ring. Angle starts the match off with a lock-up with Benjamin, sending him to the ropes and knocking him down with a shoulder block. And lots of running goes back and forth in a very fast pace, fast wrestling match. And an overhead belly to belly suplex from Angle and just wow… I needa catch my breath. Even after that, things stay fast. Benjamin finally tries to fight back as Shelton ducks a clothesline and hits Angle over the face sending them both down for a count. Samoan drop hits Kurt down as Benjamin almost hits the T-bone but instead gets a neckbreaker. Then we get into a long counter attack by both combatants until Benjamin nails a whipping kick followed by a baseball slide outside the ring. And gets an amazing DDT on the outside of the apron as another count comes up until Shelton shoves Angle back into the ring. T-bone is countered to an ankle lock out of nowhere with the hold being kept into place over a few minutes even after Shelton grabs the ropes. Benjamin finally reverses the hold for a roll-up but is reversed by Daivari into a roll-up for Angle to get the quick 3 count. Easily match of the night.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Lance Cade vs. Viscera
The MAIN EVENT!!! Cade tries to start things off with a slap, but gets one back in return as it knocks him to the ground. And match isn’t doing MUCH at all as Cade spends a good portion of the match taking a break. Lance even tries to lift the big man to no avail and gets slammed hard to the mat for his effort. After taking a few hits, Cade finally fires back and hits a high risk move that hits Vis down. Match slows down again with a sleep hold, but doesn’t last long with Viscera hitting him down with a clothesline and follows that up with a side slam and goes down to uh– put on the Visagra and finishes the match soon after for the win.
Winner: Viscera

The HEAT Wave
Heat returns after a week hiatus which of course for all of you who know… good reason. The main event wasn’t much and I’d rather have the first match with Carlito take that spot. But anywho… since I really haven’t had the chance to do this much lately, here’s my picks for Survivor Series:

RAW vs. SD Elimination Match
HBK, Big Show, Kane, Carlito and Masters vs. Batista, JBL, Orton, Lashley and Rey
Winner: Team Smackdown

WWE Championship/Daivari Guest Ref
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
Winner: Cena

Last Man Standing Match
IC Champion Ric Flair vs. Triple H
Winner: Flair

RAW vs. SD General Managers Match
Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long
Winner: Bischoff

Women’s Championship
Women’s Champion Trish Stratus vs. Melina
Winner: Melina

First of Seven-Match Contest for US Title
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit
Winner 1: Booker T