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Tim, I’m finally caught up on my Planetary I picked up Leaving the 20th Century and #’s 19-23. I’ve only read them once, but now I’ve got to go back and read the first two trades over again to connect the dots. Man, I love titles like this.

So now we can discuss Planetary freely without me being afraid of learning something I wasn’t supposed to. And now to drastically change the subject, how was Thanksgiving?

It was kind of sad because, for the first time since…ever, I missed the first snowfall in Connecticut. Of course, now that I live in New Jersey, chances are I was going to miss it anyway. But, being in a surprisingly mild Minnesota, it made me long for home a bit.

It also made me sad because I was stuck in a twin bed in the coldest room in the house, sandwiched between a treadmill and a computer.

But otherwise, it went well. Good food, some fun, a ninetieth birthday celebration for Janelle’s grandfather, and a really awesome purple dress shirt given as an early Christmas gift. I could ask for more, but that would just be selfish.


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Our DC Forums has plenty of conversation going on about canceled titles and new titles.

I also want to bring some attention to something that I stumbled upon and have found to be a fascinating read. Rich Watson’s Glyphs looks at comics from a unique perspective. He also has a monthly column that’s equally worth reading.

Tim, what links are you going to share with us this week?

If you like villains as much as I like villains (and if you don’t, what’s your problem?), here’s a fun website with entries on all the well known guys and several of the obscure for your perusing. It is called, logically enough, Rapsheet.

And you know what? That’s all you get. So deal with it.

What I Read Last Week

Detective No.27 – Picked up this trade, and while I love Snejbjerg, I wasn’t too impressed with the story. It was just “eh.”

Zantanna #4 – Dude, this book reminded me of Flex Mentallo something fierce. But in a good way. This was one of my favorite of the Seven Soldiers books.

Loveless #2 – I’m digging how the cast is getting fleshed out. I’m also digging how Ruth is acting out as a result of her trauma. I really hope that this book has the legs to run its course.

Ex Machina #16 – Interesting twist with the guns. Mitch and his mom will certainly make an interesting duo. Harris really made the law look pretty skuzzy. I loved the tats.

JSA Classified #5 – I dig books that give the limelight to crooks. It was nice to see the work that goes into assembling a criminal squad. I liked the lowkey mode of travel. I am curious who’s messing with the Wizard. I think I’m going to like this run.

Me too.

Frankenstein #1 – One of the best of the Seven Soldiers debuts. It was creepy enough for the “horror” crowd yet had enough action to be fun. Great first issue.

I could not agree more. What a strong success all around this was.

Gotham Knights #71 – I’m just glad that someone remember Cassius.

Vigilante #3 – A fill in artist, already? The difference wasn’t too jarring, but it was noticeable. This issue served to show that the two aren’t one, but I’m still not sold. Tim, how do you feel about how your chosen profession is portrayed in this title?

Man, I wish psychologists gave and received that much action. Dinners with people we just met leading to trysts leading to sexy bubble baths and so on.

Umm…what I mean to say is…umm…

Well the portrayal of the field does not so much bother me as the idea that Vigilante would seek it out in the first place. Unless he and the good doc are one in the same (I’m curious to hear what evidence made you think, definitively that they are not. Myself, I just found more reasons to think that they are.) it does not make much sense in the context of the character. It is a device, perhaps, but a fairly poorly chosen one. At least, it seems that way to me at this point.

The Flash #228 – Wow, this was a tough one to read. Honestly, after reading this issue, I’m almost welcoming cancellation. If it weren’t for the twins, I’d suspect that this was a fill in story. But it was painful to read.

R. Hardin placed the lyric

My question is: Since the current run of JLA is apparently ending with issue #125, and assuming there will be a re-launch fairly soon, who would you put in the new Justice League? You can incorporate what’s going on vis-à-vis Infinite Crisis and try to project a line-up, or just pick your favorite 7-12 heroes and throw them together.

And just in case you care (or even if you don’t…heh), here is my attempt at the new-look league:

Martian Manhunter (J’onn is a must for any JLA, and he should be the leader)

Green Arrow (long-time Leaguer who can serve as the JLA’s conscience)

Black Canary (great foil or love interest for Ollie)

Firestorm (I’ve always been a big fan of the character)

Batgirl (rumors have her being Batwoman “one year later” so whichever)

John Stewart (I would have prefered Kyle, but he’s busy with the Corps)

The Flash (something’s up with Wally, but I assume he will survive whatever it is)

Animal Man (okay, kind of a weird choice, but it could work)

Elongated Man (Identity Crisis went a long way toward giving him some credibility)

Red Tornado (another personal favorite who has been underutilized, I think)

That’s ten, so just a couple of long-shots, just to complete the “Round Table”… Donna Troy (she’ll probably end up in Titans or Outsiders…or dead again, but oh well) Booster Gold (only “renewed purpose” BG, not c-list loser BG…maybe with Scarab powers!)

My dream JLA you say? That’s quite a daunting task. I mean it’s kind of tough to put together a team to protect the entire Earth. But I’ll give it a shot.

First off I’d pick Hal Jordan you’ve got to have a Green Lantern, and it’s been a few years since Hal’s been a part of the JLA. And since even Kilowog’s embraced the new Hal, I can’t see why the rest of Earths’ heroes won’t get in line pretty soon.

Next up is Green Arrow. It’d be cool to have Hal and Ollie together again and Ollie’s not been in the League forever. Ollie needs to get back in the JL swing of things. I also think that Ollie’s rebelliousness works a lot better in a team book.

Superman, call me a traditionalist, but I think that Kals got to be in the League. He’s the standard and I think that he does serve an important role with the team.

I’d really like to see Red Hood on the team. I think that the jury’s still out on whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy, so I’m saying that in the OYL DCU he’ll be on side of angels. Plus you need a dark mysterious street vigilante and Red Hood fits the bill.

Since Wonder Woman is a bit of a question I’m picking Donna Troy to be the League’s lady in residence. She’s got plenty of team experience, it’s time that she leapt to the big League.

I think that the team really needs someone with some serious experience on the team, so I’m selecting Hourman next. He’s like the strong man of the group, and I think that it’d really add something to the dynamic to have him on the squad, perhaps even critiquing them at every moment.

And to round (and spell) everything out, I’m picking the one and only Mitch Shelley; Resurrection Man. This guy hasn’t been seen in years, yet he’s such a cool character. And can you imagine Mitch asking one of his teammates to kill him, just to he can be better in a battle?

And there you have my JLA, which I’d nickname the JLAzarus.

Tim, what do you think about my JLA squad and do you think that you could do better?

Could I do better than your team of JLAers? Jeez, that is a tough one. I mean, I can breathe underwater, fly, teleport, bend steel in my bare hands, analyze combat from over 600 offensive and defensive moves a second, solve most crimes before breakfast, and pitch woo like it is going out of style. However, I lack a snazzy costume. Hmm…

I guess I’ll give it to your squad. At least, until I get a costume. Then, all bets are off.

As to what I think of your team…eh. While Red Hood is certainly a bold and interesting choice, I can hardly see him joining the Justice League as he is right now. Of course, OYL, his personality, motives, and techniques might have undergone a total overhaul and make him a more acceptable fit for the League. But then, he just would not be as interesting, right?

And Donna Troy…why, Mathan, why? Why does every “dream” JLA list have the one Titan (usually Donna or Nightwing) on it? Don’t fall prey to this cliché, I beg of you. Besides, if she is just there to be the woman on the team, that’s just not fair to her or to you, you know?

The choice of Mitch, however, is inspired. Props awarded where props deserved on that one.

As for my ideal team (not that you seem to care, since you asked me if I could better your team in combat instead…silly question), well, I really love the idea of the Big 7. I know a lot of people don’t, but whatever. I dig it.

However, post IC I recognize another approach might be necessary. Therefore, I would stock my team with members who reflected as many aspects of the new DCU as I could. Seeing as IC is not done yet and I do not know how it ends, I am basing this list on the information we currently have on hand and my own guesses about where it will all end up.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman– If a huge part of IC is the rift that has grown between these three, it seems inevitable that the conclusion will bring them together once more. What better place to showcase this return to Trinity tranquility than the Justice League? However, much like the initial idea of how to use Batman in JLA (until the Bat offices realized, “Hey, this book is selling really well), the Trinity are not guaranteed at every meeting or in every issue. They are presence throughout, but only called in when necessary.

Martian Manhunter– Until he gets his own title, this is where he needs to be. Without the more constant presence of the big 3, it will fall to him to lead and I think it is a task he is equal to.

Booster Gold– I do not even really like this guy (I don’t dislike him either…I just don’t care), but you’ve got to be crazy not to believe that he is not going to be important in IC. I think Beetle’s death has strengthened his resolve and will, ultimately make him a better hero. Plus, it will no doubt be interesting to see him in the Justice League again without his old friend by his side.

Zatanna– Your Identity Crisis and Seven Soldiers connection all rolled up into one. She will have just came off saving the world in Seven Soldiers but still not fully have forgiven herself for the mindwipes. Her teammates see her as impressive, powerful, and confident. She sees this tour of duty as a chance for redemption.

Animal Man– He has proven to be effected by both Day of Vengeance (he is having problems with the Red) and Rann/Thanagar (he’s on Donna Troy’s team of heroes journeying to the center of the galaxy). His perspective, when the dust settles, should prove invaluable.

Power Girl– Do you need an explanation here. She’s another that I just don’t care much about but can hardly be ignored post-IC.

The Ray– Kidnapped by the Society, presumably not for huggy purposes, he had already seen his teammates felled in brutal, frightening ways. Whichever way he escapes their clutches, he will not be the same Ray that he was when he left. Where better to show who he has become and to take revenge on the Society than the League?

Red Tornado– He got blown apart and rebuilt as the JLA was felled by Despero and ended up providing a key assist. Now he’s in space with Donna Troy. More than anything though, I just think it is his time to shine.

Chase also placed the lyric

I think the “richest” superhero question was cool, but since a lot of DC heroes seem to style and profile with the green, I’m more curious what hero gets by with the least and is still pretty important. Some of Nightwing’s early solo stuff in Bludhaven was awesome just because he had no money and therefore had to fight crime in the most, ahem, ‘ghetto’ way possible.

Then he got his inheritance and they ruined that, but oh well.

As far as Nightwing is concerned, I did like his penniless days, but his inheritance era was pretty cool too.

But in regards to heroes without a bankroll, I’m enjoying what’s happening on the pages of Manhunter. Kate doesn’t have unlimited funds, she’s just got a connection with lots of gadgets.

Red Hood, a character I’m currently loving, may have some financial backing, but he appears to be a pretty persistent thorn in the side of both Batman and Black Mask, using, for the most part, his wits and what he’s pilfered.

If you really want to see a down on his luck hero, I’d suggest you pick up the first couple of years of The Flash. Wally was literally an errand boy and was even homeless at one point. What’s nutty is that between those two moments he won the lottery. Check it out; it’s some pretty good reading.

Tim, I can’t really think to too many broke heroes. Can you think of any other example of the less than rich doing good?

Green Arrow did it for a time at the start of Kevin Smith’s run on the title. He sported a beard that could only be called “sweet” (or hideous, I suppose) and used homemade arrows built from trash (like empty bleach bottles on the ends of sticks, simulating his punching bag arrows) while sleeping on the street. He also went without for a time when he renounced his corporate ways and became the hippy we know him as today.

Ragman was homeless and destitute for a bit when he was nearly killed by thugs who then “acquired” his father’s business (and Rory’s home).

Kyle Rayner was never poor, but he did have to go without shelter when he returned home from space to find his former (although he still believed her to be his “current”) girlfriend shacking up in his old apartment with some new guy.

As you can tell from this (most likely) partial list, it happens to some DC heroes, but it is usually moved beyond rather quickly.

Steve brings up the cursed battlesuit

Can you fill me in on just what the “Battlesuit” was doing between its appearance in a crate at the beginning of Identity Crisis up to its appearance on the body of Lex Luthor (Mockingbird version) at the end of Villains United?

I don’t know if you intentionally leaving out the fact that Lex was sporting the suit in Superman/Batman or not, but whatever.

What we know is that the suit from Identity Crisis popped up in Teen Titans #20 which featured young Robin having a breakdown. In that issue the Titans almost had possession of the suit only to have it snatched away by Warp at the last second.

I’m pretty sure that we next see the suit on Lex, either on the pages of Superman/Batman or in Villains United (I’m pretty sure it’s the former.)

Now I guess the question remains; are the two suits one and the same? I don’t think that there’s anything out there that says they aren’t the exact same suit.

Tim, what’s your take on the Battlesuit?

It’s horrible. It hurts me to even look upon it. If I could, I would smash it a thousand times.

Steve twists the knife just a bit more

While we’re on the topic of “loose threads,” have I also missed the reveal on where Ted Kord’s stolen kryptonite has ended up? Or is that shoe still waiting to drop?

Both, kind of. The heroes of the DCU had gathered kryptonite from Supergirl’s arrival on Earth. The villains then stole that Kryptonite from Ted Kord’s warehouse. Those villains in turn had the kryptonite stolen from them by the Red Hood, on the pages of Batman. Fortunately Batman gets the Kryptonite back from the Red Hood.

So, that thread has been tied up in the neato keen Under the Hood trade which features the return of Jason Todd. Pick it up, it’s a pretty good read.

Tim, are you glad that Batman has cleaned up the streets of that awful multihued Kryptonite?

Yes. Now if only he could clean up the memory of it from my mind.

I like and respect a lot of Loeb’s work, but, man, between the battlesuit, the kryptonite, and Supergirl, he makes it hard to love him, you know?

Ryan C loves to twist ’em apart and dip ’em in milk

What is the story behind my favorite martian’s obsession with sweet stuff? you know the cookies and everything.

What story? Who doesn’t love Oreosâ„¢? Those are like the greatest cookies ever! You know who doesn’t love Oreosâ„¢; communists and OMACs!

And how can you not love Oreosâ„¢, they come in such a wide variety. There are Golden Oreosâ„¢ or Doublestuf Oreosâ„¢. And what about Mint Oreosâ„¢? C’mon man!

I can only imagine, with his Martian sense of taste, he can probably enjoy every smidgeon of rodent dropping. Man, that guy is living the dream.

Oh and in Martian Manhunter #24 I think it said something about it being a genetic thing, due to this alien DNA.

Tim, what type of Oreoâ„¢ are you partial to?

Well, classic is King, of course, but I also do enjoy the occasional peanut butter Oreo. Quite tasty. Hydrox, however, are never acceptable. Ever.

JohnBritton is making a schedule

When will the great Martian Manhunter get his own book again?

In theory, shortly after OYL. But in reality I think it’s going to be a minute.

To me part of the allure of J’onn is that he’s been around for awhile and he’s kind of untapped. That said all of his various titles (both his minis and his monthly) have kind of explored nearly ever facet of his character.

I think that J’onn’s problems really are a lack of depth. For a guy who’s been around as long as he has, he’s got no real supporting characters to yearn for, nor does he have an extensive rogues gallery. In fact he’s an aberration, the only reason he’s maintained as high a profile as he has is because he’s based on Earth as opposed to Adam Strange and Captain Comet who faded into relatively obscure characters who were occasionally trotted out. J’onn like Elongated Man, spent most of his time in backup stories and as a member of the JLA, yet no one is clamoring for an Elongated Man title.

Personally I think that the J’onn’s greatest asset in getting a title again is also a hindrance. J’onn’s pretty popular because of the JLU cartoon, so I could see J’onn getting a title as a result of that, much like he got his original monthly as a result of the red-hotness of the JLA at the time. But a book launched from the JLU would have to be a bit watered down, and I’m assuming that you’re more interested in the heady subjects of J’onn’s late title.

If I could pitch a J’onn title to DC, it’s be something in the scope of Starman where the past of the character (and the DCU) would play as pivotal a role as the present. (As a matter of fact I’d rather have the book set in the past and used to explore the DCU and J’onn’s early adventures. I’d really focus on J’onn finding his way in the time between the JSA and the JLA, but I don’t think that’s really a feasible pitch.)

I’d shy away from the Martian stuff, because I think that it’s been pretty well covered. I’d focus on J’onn trying to establish a new identity and set up a “normal” life. I think that watching J’onn trying to balance being the “go to” guy in the JLA and being a real person would make for an interesting read.

Ooh, wait. I’ve changed my mind. J’onn adopts a new identity, only to find out that this person has a wife and two kids! Now J’onn has to decide which is more important an attack by the Injustice League or giving Lil’ Timmy “the talk.” And what happens when T.O. Morrow moves in next store? Talk about “there goes the neighborhood.” It’s the American Dream…Martian Style. This summer on FOX.

Tim, any thoughts on J’onn or which approach I should take?

Actually, as silly as I may sure you intended that second idea, there is a lot of good in there to build a pretty excellent platform on. You could go over the top funny with it, like the superhero in suburbia Hourman title from a few years back (which, incidentally was predominantly pretty awesome), or, at the opposite end of the scale, make it an introspective meditation on identity, like Human Target or The Pretender for the cape set.

As far as what I think of J’onn, well, you know I am a fan. I do have to agree, however, with much of your criticisms. I gave his Ostrander written title a chance and found its dwelling on Mars to kill much of my interest. And it was written by Ostrander!

However, the biggest problem facing him, I think, is the lack of a supporting cast and viable villains (again, as you mentioned). That’s part of the nice thing about your idea. BAM! Instant supporting cast.

Villains wise, I would introduce characters that would challenge J’onn intellectually, tapping into the knowledge gained from his police detective days. I would not have Morrow move in next door, but rather a C or D list villain under an assumed alias. J’onn would confront the villain, the villain would confess to his real identity, but insist he was trying to make a new, crime free start, something that would be impossible if he used his real name. J’onn does not believe him (or her, really) and continues to keep a close eye. At first, things would look rather convincing that the villain was lying, then rapidly change as the villain would use his powers to aid J’onn at a moment of great need. From there, you could do one of the three things, depending on your level of viciousness. First, the villain helps, J’onn finally believes him, and the two develop a camaraderie. Second, by helping J’onn, the villain stands revealed and willingly goes back to prison when police arrive. Or, third, having won J’onn’s trust, the two strike up a friendship. However, behind the scenes, we see that the villain has been evil all along and all of J’onn’s initial concerns were true.

Heh…we make a pretty good plotting team, don’t we?

Daredevi1 can’t keep the Lexes straight

So, i´m really, really,really,really,really very confused…I dunno which lex is OUR lex (earth-1) and which one is the earth-2 one which one is mockingbird? in the society? in superman/batman #6? which one was US president? which one is superboy´s half-dad? etc etc etc can you do like a recap????

Ok, our Lex is the guy who showed up in Superman/Batman #6, shares some genetic material with Kon, was President and was Mockingbird.

The other Lex, (who I’m not sure if from Earth 2) is the guy who’s leading the Society. So basically every time you’ve seen Lex since Superman/Batman #6 and he was sporting the battlesuit, he was our Lex. And every time you’ve seen Lex since Superman/Batman #6 and he was sporting a business suit he was “mystery Lex.”

Personally I’m still going with the “mystery Lex is from the Crime Syndicate Earth” theory.

Tim, have you got a theory on Lex’s duality?

As I have said before, I think the Society Lex is too brutal to be the hero of the CSA’s Earth. I still like the idea though.

Lord Buff likes strong, powerful woman. And with a name like that, he can afford to.

If Supergirl and Powergirl have the same heartbeat, does that mena that if one is in a fight or is doing something strenuous the other ones pulse rises for no particular reason

It would appear so. Personally I think the whole Corsican thing is corny (unless it involves Jason Burr and Kobra). But clearly DC is planning something.

I think that it might not be “for no particular reason.” For instance, Power Girl could be fighting bad guys and Supergirl could just be in the presence of Nightwing. Supergirl could be fighting for her life and Power Girl could be really embarrassed. Sure it takes some crazy cosmic synergy but that could explain it in theory.

And y’know what, if it meant that we had to sacrifice Power Girl to get rid of Supergirl, I’d still sign up in an instant.

Tim, if you could only erase one from the DCU would you get rid of Kara Zor El or War Crimes?

Wow…talk about Sophie’s Choice here. Jeez, this is tough. I—I guess I’ll have to choose War Crimes because erasing that storyline redeems a once viable character that was hastily and poorly shuffled off in the ugliest of manners, one that betrayed her entire moral character. I eliminate Supergirl, I eliminate Supergirl. I eliminate War Crimes, I do the world a favor. And that is how I roll.

Albrecht is a pet person

I happened to catch a little bit of the Krypto cartoon on TV when I saw Ace the Bathound in the opening credits. Is Ace still in continuity?

Silly question I know.

It’s not a silly question. Ace is in continuity, sort of.

Y’see, the Ace with the cape and the mask from the 1950’s existed only in Hypertime. However, Batman did adopt a dog, shortly after encountering it in Batman #463. He named it Ace and it basically stayed in the Batcave and hung out with Harold the hunchbacked handyman.

When that whole Earthquake hit, Ace and Harold took to the streets. And while Harold has been seen since (getting a bullet in the head from Hush) Ace hasn’t been seen since.

Rumor has it Ace actually knew who the real Identity Crisis killer was, and was killed accordingly.

But there is good news out there; Tim has begun the outline for a proposed Ace: Year One along the lines of Batman: Year One, Robin: Year One and Batgirl: Year One, but nothing like Batman: Year Two, Nightwing: Year One and Batman: Year Three.

Tim, how’s that project going?

It’s going well. Really well. It is a touching story of love, betrayal, redemption, and the quest for purity. I guarantee that it will make you cry.

However, there is a very graphic (but tasteful and entirely necessary) sex scene that some of the suits at DC are balking at. It could derail the whole thing, but I shall not be swayed. Artistic integrity forever!

Talowolf is travelling cross country this summer and needs to know the hot spots to visit

So this comes off the heels of a discussion over in the Teen Titans thread, but you guys think you can maybe give us a general idea of where some of DC’s fictional cities are located. I was guessing Gotham and Bludhaven are east cost and Coast city is obviously on some coast but what about Metropolis, St. Roache, Star, Central and any other cities I’m missing.

As much as I enjoy this question it frustrates me too. Not because it’s asked, it’s because DC and their Atlas make some pretty absurd proclamations about where the cities reside.

From the 6/5/03 column
Opal City (Starman)
St. Roch (Hawkman) I’m pretty sure this is in Louisiana
Metropolis (Superman)
Gotham City (Batman)
Gateway City (Wonder Woman)
Midway City (Hawkman)
Ivy Town (Atom)
Fawcett City (Captain Marvel)
Keystone City (Flash) I forget but I’m thinking Midwest like Missouri.
Central City (Flash)
Star City (Green Arrow)
Coast City (Green Lantern) I’m betting on California
Vanity (Aztek)
Blue Valley (Kid Flash, Star Spangled Kid) Nebraska
Portsmouth City (Dr. Midnight)
Delta City (Heckler, Vext)
Evergreen City (Green Lantern Mosaic) This was in Washington.

Looking back, I’ve got to apologize for that answer. It’s woefully short and I missed a few cities.

Here is what the DC Atlas says.
Metropolis: Delaware
Gotham City: New Jersey
Star City: far nothern California
Coast City: on 101 near Sausalito between San Francisco and Oakland [Now destroyed, but based on maps shown in the Superman titles, seemingly moved to midway between LA and SF.]
Middleton (where J’onn J’Onzz first operated): suburb of Denver
Littleville (Robby Reed): Wyoming
Blue Valley (Kid Flash): northwest Nebraska, near South Dakota
Central City/Keystone City: a bit north of Kansas City, Central is in Missouri while Keystone is in Kansas on the other side of the Mississippi
Calvin City/Ivy Town (Atoms): both in Connecticut near New Haven
Dos Rios (El Diablo): 65 miles south of San Antonio
Fairfax (2nd Dial H for Hero): suburb of Bangor, Maine
Midway City (Doom Patrol, Hawkman): Michigan, just east of Sault Ste. Marie
Smallville: Kansas, 50 miles west of the I-70/I-35 interchange on I-70. The population is given as 90,000 btw.

The population of Smallville is 90,000?! That’s like 7 times the population of my town. This cannot possibly be right, can it?

***A note from present day Tim: As it turned out, it wasn’t. The population of Newington, CT is actually around 30,000. Which would make Smallville only 3 times larger than Newington. And still very, very incorrect.

Metropolis – This has got to be an East Coast city. It’s clearly the positive aspect of NYC. Delaware is absurd.

Gotham City – Ditto. Gotham is all that’s negative about NYC. New Jersey is a cruddy state, so Gotham could realistically be located there.

Bludhaven – Close to Gotham, and equally cruddy. I can accept NJ.

Gateway City – I’m pretty sure this is supposed to reside in California.

Fawcett City – I have no clue. I really can’t place this one.

My guess is somewhere in the center of the country, perhaps amongst the Great Lake States

Star City – This is supposed to be in the Pacific Northwest, right? I’m pretty sure about this one.

Vanity – Um Tim, you love Aztek, wanna try your hand at this one?

I could tell you that Vanity has the highest suicide rate of any of the DCU’s made up cities, or that the founder of the city might have built in its unique shape to tap the powers of the occult. However, I suppose you don’t really care about that. So, I’ll just say that Vanity is located in the Pacific Northwest, placing it, most likely, somewhere in the Oregon/Washington area.

Happy Harbor – This is supposed to be in Rhode Island.

Delta City – I think this one’s in Louisiana.

Hub City is allegedly in Illinois.

Portsmouth City- There are a few real Portsmouths. The comic one is pretty grimy. For some reason I’m getting a Penn vibe.

Brick City – This is supposed to be in Ohio.

Manchester is in Alabama.

Leesburg is in Virginia.

Hourma is in Louisiana.

Opal is a very interesting case. It resides in Turk County, which had a Wild West element in it’s past. Yet Opal is a city with real flair, history, a bit of claustrophobia, and a sense of architecture, implying East Coast. My answer; Opal is where the heart is.

St. Roch is in Louisana, as I’m pretty sure is supposed to be very similar to New Orleans.

We’ve since found out that Opal is in Maryland. And as a guy who went to college in Baltimore I can kind of see it. Just as Baltimore has it’s own identity, so does Opal. They’re both unique in similar ways, if that makes any sense. That said, placing it in Maryland kind of negates a lot of the Turk County stuff from Starman.

Now what’s really funny is how when we visited this topic barely over a year ago, Tim has recently moved. Here we are a year later and Tim has once again recently moved.

Tim has your recent move changed your opinion on where you’d like to move to in the DCU?

Not really as His Royal Badness, NJ has treated me well thus far. However, if I had to choose, I’d go Happy Harbor because, as we all know, New England rules, or Vanity because it is the suicide capital of the DCU so you have to figure being a psychologist in that environment would be almost like printing your own money.

I guess this is as good a place to end the column as any.

Yes, I do always find it is best to end on me making a flip and odious comment about making money off depressed people.

Visit our thread where fun things tend to happen.

My question to you this week; What’s one title that you wish was available in trades?

“He’s Black Rob, he’s our man, if he can’t do it no one can.”


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