Inside Pulse’s TNA iMPACT! Recap

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Welcome to IP’s live TNA Impact Coverage. I am your host Jeremy Lambert and yes, I have been drinking. So I’m going with a different format for this report as it will be highlights and not good PBP that you’ve come to expect from me. So welcome to 2006 or something.

We begin with Christian Cage counting down to the new year.






HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay is about to make the big announcement that we all already know. The newest member is….STING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Christian Cage announces that the Final Resolution Main Event is Jarrett & Brown vs. Christian & Sting. Now here comes Jarrett. Jarrett babbles about something or another. Jarrett then says “That’s how I roll” and I don’t like him. Christian says his new years resolution is to physically abuse Jarrett. Jarrett enters the ring and they exchange blows. Brown comes out to help Jarrett. ITS STING!!!!!! No, its just Rhino. But then out comes AMW. NOW ITS STING!!!!!! No, its just Team 3D and they all brawl…


Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles vs. America’s Most Wanted (Tag Titles): Styles & Daniels teaming is very odd. Storm gets an early advantage but Daniels fires back. AJ and Daniels clear house.


AJ and Daniels remain in control after the break. AMW gains control with some double team shiz. AMW continues to isolate Daniels. AJ gets angry and tries to help but the ref cuts him off. More double teaming on Daniels


We return to see AMW continuing to work over on Daniels. Daniels fight back and makes the hot tag to AJ. AJ cleans house. AMW go to the outside and AJ hits his flip senton. Catatonic on AJ but Daniels makes the save. Ref bump. Daniels lands on his after the BMW but gets superkicked. Styles Clash by AJ. Shannon Moore comes out and attacks AJ. He hits a middle rope neckbreaker on AJ and AMW cover for the win.

Winners – America’s Most Wanted

A video plays just recapping the past weeks in TNA

End Show