[WWE] Return to MSG, Jarrett, Kennedy, Haas & More


– WWE has signed big-man Prudius, and posted a photo of him and Jerry Jarrett on WWE.com. He has athletic experience in football, kickboxing, rugby, judo, sambo wrestling and freestyle wrestling, with film credits in The Spy and The Producers.

– Tazz and Cole’s Talkin’ Smack on WWE.com has been put on hiatus due to creative differences about direction between the announcers and WWE.com, according to PWInsider.com.

– Ken Kennedy, in an interview with Slam Wrestling, praised Paul Heyman for helping him get to WWE after he replaced Jim Cornette as the creative mind at OVW.

– Charlie Haas, in one of his last appearances on the indie circuit before returning to WWE, will face Mike Kruel in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match on January 28th’s ECWA show in Newark, Delaware.

– Kurt Angle’s profile was moved to the Smackdown Superstars page of WWE.com. Daivari’s has not.

– Also on WWE.com, it has been announced that Maria and Superstar Billy Graham will be guests on ByteThis! tomorrow.

– PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE is in talks with Madison Square Garden to have a show possibly in July. The company hasn’t been at NYC’s famous arena since the famous April 18, 2005 RAW/SD supershow where JR pinned HHH, MNM beat Eddie & Rey for the titles, and the fans turned on Lita with “You Screwed Matt!” and “We Want Matt!” chants.

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