OVW TV Report for January 14, 2006


A hot hour of OVW television aired this weekend as the WWE developmental territory’s tv show aired on The WB in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. The show was highlighted by a haircut angle involving OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Chet The Jet Jablonski and Seth Skyfire. This was a really heated situation, perfectly booked and performed.

In the first match for tv, Johnny Jeter came out against Skyfire, and in a tremendous upset, Skyfire pinned Jeter right in the middle of the ring. Chris Cage attacked Skyfire, and the heels double teamed Skyfire until Chet made the save. The medics and referees helped Skyf! ire to the back, but then the Cage vs Chet match began. Once again, the babyfaces win clean. Chet pins Cage but then gets doubleteamed by Jeter and Cage. They start to cut Chet’s hair, but then Skyfire returns only to get beaten down by Jeter and Cage, who then proceed to cut Skyfire’s hair. They got some closeups of girls crying in the crowd when Skyfire’s hair was being cut. I recognized the girl on tv from OVW’s Amateur Shows, so either she’s the newest female wrestler ready to debut in OVW or she was just really upset and they got a great shot of her crying. Either way, she was crying hard. Jeter and Cage make a great heel tag team, and this was a super hot angle.

In another piece of big news, there was an announcement made on television about Matt Cappotelli. OVW host Dean Hill read a memo from Danny Davis. Basically, OVW will update the fans on Cappotelli’s condition when he’s diagnosed. That’s the bottom line to it. No mention of stripping him! of the title, and they expressed hope Cappotelli would be the one who gives the fans an update when the time is right.

WWE will be at Broadbent Arena in Louisville because it’s a smaller arena and hopefully they can fill it. On that show, Idol Aaron Stevens (with the Leather and Lace tandem of Beth and Shelly) will defend the OVW TV Title against “The Shooter” Brent Albright. Here’s how that happened.

A story was told throughout the night as Ken Doane wanted vengeance on Brent Albright because it was Albright who knocked Doane unconscious last week in the 3 Way Dance for the OVW Television Title. A series of backstage skits aired, with Doane and Albright getting to pick a partner for a tag team match. If Doane or his partner won the match, Doane got the title shot. If Albright or his partner won the match, Albright gets the title match. Doane went with Paul Burchall, and then the heels went into Albright’s dressi! ng room to confront “The Shooter.”

Albright said he’d team with the first person who walked through the door. In a great moment, Robby Dawber stopped in the doorway, said “Hi, I’m Robby Dawber”, but then got clobbered by CM Punk, who walked into the room so he could team with his enemy Albright. The heels celebrated as Albright pondered what was going to happen next.

Before the match, Idol Aaron Stevens came out with the Leather and Lace tandem of Beth and Shelly. Stevens, the new OVW TV Champion, would play a big role in the end of the show.

The tag team match was really good, with Doane unable to get revenge on Albright, and finally walking out on the match. This was a great storyline twist. Burchall must now wrestle Punk and Albright by himself, but if he wins, he wins a title shot for Doane, who just left him to rot. Albright, in the meantime, has to team with his enemy. If Punk ! wins, he wins a title shot for his enemy Albright, but Punk inserted himself into the match, so he must have something up his sleeve. With no run ins, swerves, false turns, or 20 minute promos, everyone is in a unique position on this show. Kudos to Al Snow for pointing all this out while the fast paced match was taking place.

Punk and Albright took turns trying to defeat Burchall, but Burchall proved to be a tough customer and held on for dear life. This was very exciting. Finally, Burchall could survive no longer, and Punk scored the victory for the team. Punk and Albright started fighting again, and then Idol attacked Albright, only for Albright to capture Idol in the Crowbar Arm Lock. Idol tapped out.

Great show top to bottom. For more on OVW, the next tv tapings (this Wednesday Night at 8pm at the New Davis Arena), or how to get OVW on DVD, go to www.ovwrestling.com.