[RoH] Retirement is BORING…


Ring of Honor has announced the return of Lance Storm to a professional wrestling ring. Last summer, Storm wrestled his final televised match against Chris Jericho at One Night Stand. Now, he is set to challenge “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson for the World Title the night before WrestleMania!!

Lance Storm vs. Bryan Danielson Signed

Lance Storm has won titles everywhere he has gone from Japan to SMW to ECW to WCW to WWE. He retired from the ring last June with no reason to ever return. Now Storm has the itch and it is all because of one athlete. He has found his love for the sport of pro wrestling again and it is because of ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson.

Storm and Danielson came face-to-face at “Steel Cage Warfare” on December 3rd. Storm told Danielson that if he were ever to come out of retirement it would be to wrestle someone like him. Since that time the itch began to grow in Storm and he felt the need to return to the ring to compete against Danielson.

Storm has signed one of Bryan Danielson’s open contracts for a World Title shot. It will be Lance Storm vs. Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Title on April 1st in Chicago (ROHwrestling.com, 215-781-2500, Ticketmaster outlets for tickets and info). Of course, Danielson must still be champion on April 1st. Even if Danielson loses the belt, it will still be Danielson vs. Storm on 4/1 in Chicago.

“After a 10 month absence, I will be returning to active competition April 1st to challenge the current ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson,” Storm said. “I now have 10 weeks to get myself in the best shape of my life. I have never been more focused or set in a direction as I am right now. My only hope is that he is still the Champion come April 1st as a World Title run is the only thing that has eluded me in my career.”

(Credit: ROHwrestling.com)