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Yes kids, we’re back and it’s snowy out and I’m watching Babylon Five with my roommate (Wildpig Comic’s own Chris Eberle) and lifepartner in crime, Danielle O’Brien. We’ve shoveled the walk and it’s time to talk News & Views?

Are you ready.

Are you?

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Activision has released screenshots of X-3, and where the game looks amazing, I have no understanding of what the gameplay is, or what is going on… I’m impressed. Oh, it also doesn’t give you anything to work with from the movie, so not even spoilerific. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Iceman and a huge dragon!? (Concept Art)
Iceman and a huge dragon!! (Gameplay)
Nightcrawler Kickin’ Ass

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

New Avengers is getting some Deodato lovin. That’s right, the Spidey artist, and who we thought was going to be the Wolverine artist is now going to be heading over to the New Avengers with issue #17. His Spidey was excellent, so I look forward to what he gives the Avengers.

Click the pic for a bigger view.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Look, it’s just that Marvel has a couple big announcements later in the report, as well as a preview of March… until then, keep enjoying all this pretty artwork. Like this next one from Mike Turner on the big Civil War poster. In looking at the poster I was hoping that maybe we could dissolve on whose side is whose, but right at the beginning Spidey and Iron Man seem to be on different sides ON THE POSTER – where it has become fairly decently known that at the beginning of Civil War Iron Man and Spidey have a relationship of some sort.

So… more Mike Turner for yah:

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

LOOK! I KNOW! ART ART ART! It’s because everyone at the sites are over at Wondercon and Wondercon has been light on the Marvel news. Trust me.. there is an announcement that is awesome in one or two more bits. I promise!

Go to the link to see some Annihilation pics… none of them seemed amazing enough to post.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Who the hell is Mark Guggenheim? He worked at Marvel in the early 90’s and he has helped on a couple Marvel titles from back then. He’s now here at the ‘M’ with Wolverine. With a very small comic history, and a much larger television one.. Guggenheim almost seems like a BAD name to put on the high profile Wolvie title.

From the interview I get that he seems to have a passion for comics, and even Wolverine, but it’s hard to tell whether it will translate into good stories. I mean, Tim Stevens loves comics, but I wouldn’t read his treatment of TARANTULA: THE MINI-SERIES that he paws off on anyone who will glance at it, ya know?

Wouldn’t read it because you are perhaps not prepared for that jelly?

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Retailers and fans agree, PLANET HULK is a hit. After just one issue, this epic story destined to return Hulk to greatness, is being hailed as an instant classic, a legendary storyline that comic fans will be talking about for years to come! Echoing those feelings, the first issue of this epic – Incredible Hulk #92 – has sold out at Diamond!

This comes from a source that has no alterior motives of making it sound bigger than the biggest thing that ever bigged… you know.. it’s a Marvel Press Release.

Ever since I heard about Planet Hulk I’ve laughed my ass off, but it seems that people are actually enjoying it and reading it.. so who am I to judge. We’ll see. I’ll read it in trade if I read it at all. Am I completely wrong? Send me an email… I’ll laugh at you. LAUGH!

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

MS. MARVEL #1 – I have to say, if the writing of Ms. Marvel fits in the same vein as her issue of New Avengers – then I’m in. It was excellent, and the blogging style was fun as hell. I’m looking forward to giving this a shot.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #5 – And on a mention of that Peter David gives us a story of Spidey as told through the eyes of a woman watching him over the years. Entitled – “Weblog”

There’s also a preview of X-Factor #4 and New Universe: Starbrand. All of them have art involved – so there you go. Have fun.. more art. HA!

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

So right now there is a convention out in the Hollywood world of California. I know I was invited to go to it with former Nexus scribe Ben Morse… all of this on the dime of Wizard Magazine. So happily I asked Ben if Wizard was going to fly me out.
“Ahh.. no, you have to handle the travel.”
Oh ok.. so then they are just going to put me in a room with Ben.
“Oh.. see no. The room is already booked and packed with staffers.”
Fine then I guess I just get into the convention for free.
“Press is really really limited.”
Car to the con?
“Hah. No.”
Invitation to a big party?
“I’ll buy you a drink.”
A nice drink?
“14 ounces at most.”
Can Dani come?
“She has to buy her own drink”

So hope you are having fun at Wondercon, Ben. Godspeed.

So Marvel ISN’T at Wondercon, but that didn’t stop them from making a huge announcement:


And why would the constant freelance scribe say yes?

“They asked me,” David said straightforwardly, asked why he decided to sign with Marvel. “It’s really not much more complicated than that. They made me a great offer that boiled down to, ‘Hey, you wanna keep doing the exact same thing you’re doing now, except we’ll cover medical insurance and we’ll guarantee you work.”

Sounds fine to me. With his work on X-FACTOR and FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD secured. I’m sure we’ll be enjoying the hell out of David for a while to come.


I’m doing something a little different with this week’s mailbag, as Tim Stevens received a very telling letter that I think needs to be addressed on my end as well as his.

What’s the deal with you and Jamie Hatton? Do you guys really not like each other?

-Shellie Diven

And Tim’s Response:
No, no, no. No worries Shellie. Jamie and I could not be more fond of one another. We are just like oil and water though. We can never occupy the same space at the same time. The best was I can explain this is through the meme that has been making the round lately.

Tim then posted a very interesting picture of me that without any information might seem to be a bit… ahhh.. strange light. As it had me in the center with feet lounging all around me. This was in fact taken as the cover for Exit Magazine. Which is a publication in New Jersey for finding great places to hang out. I did it as they needed a cover model and who am I to say no to hamming it up a bit. Not to mention, it’s where Dani works and I help the ones I love. I’m a giver like that.

Ironically, that brings up the issue of fetishes. And I do remember back in the heyday of when we had Tim hanging around all the time… even though it was a bit awkward with his own personal stigmas…. don’t judge him nor I by our own problems. Our problems with each other aren’t as severe as one might think. We just tolerate – and isn’t that what this world is about.. tolerence. As a note, Tim is the one in the middle:

Oh Jamie”¦I’m so ashamed of you. I was proud of you when you came out as a member of the fetish community. Good for him, I thought, standing up for everyone like him. But now, this backpedaling”¦shameful.

As for me in the Tigger outfit, shame on you for making a sweet thing I did for a child with cancer and two broken legs into something tawdry.


CABLE DEADPOOL #25 – I’ve said it week after week.. month after month.. This title is excellent, and Niceza consistantly writes an amazing version of the characters that are involved. Captain America goes to Providence. Nuff said.

I HEART MARVEL: WEB OF ROMANCE – What Dani says – It was very cute, much better than the I Heart Mutants book. Written by Tom Beland, it was just a cute little story about Spidey trying to find a gift for Mary Jane. Good stuff.

SON OF M #3 – Each issue this story seems to change, and is such a telling of how great a story without decompression can be. Issue one has Quicksilver near killing himself. Two has him in the world of Inhumans. Three has him now dealing with a doppleganger of himself. I can’t explain how intriguing this book is and it has kept me on the edge of my seat about the fate of Marvel’s favorite Speedster.

ULTIMATE X-MEN #67 – Kirkman can do it. It is possible. I’m amazed, but I now know that Kirkman can in fact write a Marvel story that doesn’t in fact suck. I know that sounds mean, as I’m a huge fan of Walking Dead and Invincible, but just couldn’t get a handle on his take on Marvel. This is good stuff from beginning to end.

X-MEN #182 – Not as much a story about the X-Men as it is a lead into the Apocalypse story which I will be discussing in further weeks. Milligan is so hot and cold, he’s like my bi-polar comic writer.

X-MEN: The 198 – Mr. M is here and I’m a happy camper. This book actually has an interesting take on what is going on, quite literally, in the X’s backyard. Where the mutants gather together and try and band together under the common goal of similarity, the comparison to internment camps is disgustingly close. Great storytelling through and through… now if only we could fix the art.

YOUNG AVENGERS #10 – Did I mention a few books ago that Quicksilver is Marvel’s number speedster. We get to meet who could be number two, in what is my favorite Marvel book of the day… and yes, this changes day to day.

So now I’ve done everything that needs to be done on such a quiet snowy day. Hope yall are safe.

Til next week… Make Marvel Mine. errr dammit!

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