WoQW: Spring Term Final Exam

Words of Questionable Wisdom: Spring Term Final Exam

By Paul Sebert

Yes fellow students at Comics Nexus University, the month of May is upon us. It is time for graduations and children heading off on summer vacation. But for you CMU students, it’s time to get out your number two pencils because this is the moment you have all been studying for. Yes it’s our spring term final exam. So let’s hope your hard work and studying paid off, and please no cheating. All questions in the first section of our test will be in Multiple Choice format except for the “Minority Report: True or False” questions in honor of Jeff Ritter’s Recent Columns.

And please be sure to e-mail your answers PaulSebert@gmail.com. There’s no prize for answering, but have fun. I’ll have the results posted in a few days.

House of M was just one of the worlds Blink and her friends visited in World Tour.

1. Which alternate Marvel Universe did the Exiles Not visit during the recent World Tour storyline?

A. Earth 2099
B. Days of Future Past
C. Future Imperfect
D. New Universe

2. Which Spider-Man title consists solely of well written “Done In One” stories and contains none of the recent elements (mysticism, the new costume, Spidey as an Avenger) many fans claim to hate about today’s Spider-Man Books?

A. Amazing Spider-Man
B. Spectacular Spider-Man
C. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man
D. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

3. Name the lowest selling Spider-Man title?

A. Amazing Spider-Man
B. Spectacular Spider-Man
C. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man
D. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

4. Minority Report True or False: The first Hispanic superheroes introduced by both Marvel and DC were abruptly killed with little or no fanfare.

5. Which of these DC Superheroines has never been involved in a immaculate/supernatural pregnancy story at some point?

A. Jade
B. Starfire
C. Power Girl
D. Donna Troy

Team Titans Was One Makeover the Titans Franchise Received, Can You Remember them All?

6. In between 1983’s New Teen Titans and 2003’s Teen Titans how many times did DC unsuccessfully re-launch/re-brand the Titans franchise?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

7. Minority Report True or False: Marvel’s most recognizable Asian superhero is actually a white woman whose mind was put in an Asian woman’s body?

8. Which superhero did Bane break the back of in Infinite Crisis #7

A. Oddman
B. Judo Master
C. Nightblade
D. No one, Bane re-deemed himself was cured of Venom addiction and gave up crime. Didn’t you read Legends of the Dark Knight?

9. Which Marvel Comics series was subject of an unaired TV pilot movie in 1991?

A. Power Pack
B. Excalibur
C. Defenders
D. The ‘Nam

Kirby Drew a slick looking Black Panther, but did he change the character's name at one point?

10. Minority Report True or False: To avoid being associated with the Black Panthers political association, the name of T’Challa’s superhero identity was briefly changed to “Coal Tiger.”

11. Back in the early 90s what was the first title released by Valiant Comics?

A. Solar: Man of the Atom #1
B. WWF: Battlemania #1
C. Rai #1
D. Super Mario Brothers #1

12. Storm and Black Panther’s romantic past was first revealed in what series?

A. Uncanny X-Men
B. Marvel Team-Up
C. Marvel Knights: Black Panther
D. The current Black Panther series (Reginald Hudlin made it all up!)

13. How many characters named Vigilente have existed in the DC Universe

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

14. Minority Report True or False: In the 70s DC Comics almost launched a book about a white racist who turned into a Black superhero?

15. What age was Jim Shooter when he wrote his first published comic book?

A. 13
B. 15
C. 18
D. 20

Did you know Jessica Drew was created in part due to a copyright dispute?

16. Spider-Woman was created by Marvel in response the name almost being used for a character in what cartoon?

A. Superfriends
B. Tarzan and the Super 7
C. Space Sentinels
D. The Mighty Orbots

17. What actress was cast for the title role in an She-Hulk TV movie that was alas never completed

A. Brigitte Nielsen
B. Linda Hamilton
C. Lisa Zane
D. Rebecca Romijn

18. Minority Report True or False: In an early pitch for the title, Dazzler was conceived as a Black character.

The highest selling comic of the modern age, ladies and gentlemen.

19. Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood started out as a pitched spin-off of what team?

A. Outsiders
B. Defenders
C. Titans
D. Champions

20. What kind of accent did Wolverine have in 1989’s “Pryde of the X-Men” TV special.

A. Canadian of course (eh?)
B. An Australian Accent (oye!)
C. An American Southern Accent (Y’all?)
D. A Brooklyn Accent, Like the Thing