The Weekly Pulse: TV's Second Wife

An extremely slow week here at IPTV. It looks like a bunch of people are taking some time off since all of their shows are over with. It’s “rerun” time of the year for most nights of the week. Still..there are some interesting shows coming up in the next few weeks so hopefully things will pick back up again.

But if they don’t? Have no fear..I’m still here! Bringing you all the action that takes place only show now is the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’. So yeah..I still bring that to you. And maybe something else in the near future. Hmm…

Anyways..please remember that we do still have a tournament going on here. We still have to crown our best ‘Big Brother’ houseguest EVER! And this week is an important week since we vote on the second round and we create our “All-Star” lineup of ‘Big Brother’ with our “Final 12”. It won’t be too long until we find out the official list of 20 candidates for ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ and before you know it..that show will be back on the air! YES! I can’t wait.

But for now..check out the week that was at IPTV and VOTE on this important round in the tournament!!

Seinfeld Quote of the Week

“Ah, what’s to see? A woman from Norway, a guy from Kenya and 20,000 losers!”Jerry about watching a marathon

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Columns a.k.a. I Can Hear an Echo!!

Matt Basilo is the first brave soul to put out a column this week with little new on TV. He talks more about the finale of ‘Survivor’. He disagrees with Murtz and Eliza! How dare he?! Find out why along with everything else he has to say this week. Not much, but it’s something!

Romo went to the “Upfront” presentation by the Canadian Television Network (CTV). That’s the #1 TV network in Canada. Hence..the name. He has the complete programming grid for CTV. It is basically the best American shows on one network with a few Canadian shows thrown in for good measure. Pretty sweet..actually. I really like Thursday’s lineup.

You want more of Romo? problem. How about the programming grid for CTV’s competition in Canada? He’s got that right here! It’s two networks owned by the same parent company actually. Global and CH are the names. So go see what they have to show you up in Canada, if you live up there. If not, well..go anyways! You know you want to!

Murtz was with Romo for both of the “upfront” presentations in Canada. He has his thoughts on the CTV presentation and the new schedule along with the Global/CH presentation and new schedule! Oh..and the parties that were there during the day. And the shows that he is looking forward to. So check all of that out! Why? Because you have nothing else to do!

Farah Syed is Canadian as well! By the way, I will move to Canada if someone pays for my moving expenses and finds me a high-paying job there. Then, I can go to some celebrity parties! Anyways Farah talks about how Canada copies the American shows with their own versions of ‘Idol’ and ‘Next Top Model’ and even “MTV Canada”. She finds that shows being made in Canada are too similar to the American shows. I wonder if the other Canadians agree or not? Go see if you are Canadian and if you are not, well still go..NOW!

Recaps a.k.a. Only Me and Some Movie People!!

I am the only one doing any kind of recaps right now. It’s the second episode of the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’!

This week we had 3 TV on DVD reviews!

Mike Noyes has a show that I loved as a kid. Does it still hold up? Check out Alf – Season 3!

Robert Sutton is there for the big “moment” during Frasier: The Complete Eighth Season! You know the one I’m talking about if you are a fan of the show. If not, go find out!

Michaelangelo watched Pamela Anderson and her friends..human and non-human..this week! He reviews V.I.P.: Season One!

Celebrities a.k.a. Finale Thoughts From Jim and The Return of Katie!!

Former ‘Apprentice’, Jim, has his thoughts on the finale of ‘The Apprentice 5’!

‘Road Rules’ Katie is back with her behind-the-scenes information and comments on the first episode of the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’! I’m glad to have her back on my team!

The Weekly Pulse Weekly Poll

The tournament continues! The new polls and matchups and how you can vote is further down. Keep reading to continue your voting in the “Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER!” tournament!!

What Did My TiVo Record This Week?


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Deal or No Deal’

– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels’ (My hometown..or as close as it gets..Little Rock, AR!!)


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘Memphis in May’ (The BBQ competition, not the musical festival!)

– ‘Unwrapped’ (Spicy Foods!)


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road’

– ‘Build a Better Burger II’ (The conclusion of BBQ Week!)


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Deal or No Deal’

– ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’ (Episode #1!)

– ‘Fast, Inc.’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (Dinner drinks!)

– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (Cocktails!)

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Last Comic Standing’

– ‘The Real World: Key West’

– ‘Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

– ‘Titans of Taste’ (Fast food giants!)

– ‘Rescue Me’ (Caught about half of this!)

– ‘ComicView’


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Gameshow Marathon’

– ‘WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head’

– ‘Inked’

– ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’ (Cutting someone in half!)

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘Inside Dish with Rachael Ray’

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘Gameshow Marathon’ (No Whammies!)

– ‘My Name is Earl’ (Y2K episode was fantastic!)

– ‘Windfall’ (Comments coming next week!)

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

– ‘MTV Movie Awards 2006’ (My favorite awards show!)

Time to Talk a.k.a. Week 3 of the “Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER” Tournament!!

The third week of voting is done! Group #3 is done with their first round! Here are the results:

Lisa Donahue (BB3) – 17
Will Collins (BB1) – 7

Monica Bailey (BB2) – 10
David Lane (BB4) – 14

Jase Wirey (BB5) – 13
Roddy Mancuso (BB3) – 12

Nicole Nilson Schaffrich (BB2) – 15
Jean Jordan (BB1) – 9

April Lewis (BB6) – 8
Dana Varela (BB4) – 16

“Chicken” George Boswell (BB1) – 7
Chiara Berti (BB3) – 17

Eddie McGee (BB1) – 15
Scott Weintraub (BB4) – 9

Janelle Pierzina (BB6) – 22
Brittany Petros (BB1) – 2

Karen O’Neil-Ganci (BB5) – 15
Justin Sebik (BB2) – 8

Alison Irwin (BB4) – 17
Eric Ouellete (BB3) – 7

Diane Henry (BB5) – 19
Eric Littmann (BB6) – 5

Jack Owens, Jr. (BB4) – 16
Adria Okins (BB5) – 8

Only one close matchup this week. Janelle got the highest number of votes this week, which may be that she is popular (probably true) or that her opponent, Brittany from BB1, was not that popular. As I review the first round, I see that there are still 11 houseguests from BB5 left in the tournament, which is almost everyone! There are 8 houseguests from BB4 left. There are 5 houseguests left from BB3 and BB6 each. There are 4 houseguests left from BB2, and 3 houseguests are left from BB1. So it seems that seasons four and five were the most popular. It also proves my point that the later seasons are remembered easier than the earlier ones for whatever reason that may be.

Anyways we start the voting for the complete second round this week! After this vote we will be down to our “Final 12” and our “All-Star” ‘Big Brother’ cast! These 12 matchups this week feature three houseguests each to make the numbers work out even. help with your voting, you may need a reminder of who these people were. So I suggest you go to these websites to refresh your memory on Seasons #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6!

Here are the brackets again:

“Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER!”

Group 1

Second Round

Drew Daniel (BB5) vs. Will Wikle (BB5) vs. Bill “Bunky” Miller (BB2)

Holly King (BB5) vs. Kaysar Ridha (BB6) vs. Jee Choe (BB4)

Jun Song (BB4) vs. Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon (BB5) vs. James Rhine (BB6)

Danielle Reyes (BB3) vs. Marvin Latimer (BB5) vs. Nathan Marlow (BB4)

Group 2

Second Round

Will Kirby (BB2) vs. Jamie Kern (BB1) vs. Howie Gordon (BB6)

Josh Souza (BB1) vs. Scott Long (BB5) vs. Rachel Plencner (BB6)

Lori Valenti (BB5) vs. Erika Landin (BB4) vs. Marcellas Reynolds (BB3)

Michael “Cowboy” Ellis (BB5) vs. Jason Guy (BB3) vs. Krista Stegall (BB2)

Group 3

First Round

Lisa Donahue (BB3) vs. David Lane (BB4) vs. Jase Wirey (BB5)

Nicole Nilson Schaffrich (BB2) vs. Dana Varela (BB4) vs. Chiara Berti (BB3)

Eddie McGee (BB1) vs. Janelle Pierzina (BB6) vs. Karen O’Neil-Ganci (BB5)

Alison Irwin (BB4) vs. Diane Henry (BB5) vs. Jack Owens, Jr. (BB4)

Remember..we vote for our “Final 12” this week, which will be our “All-Star” cast of ‘Big Brother’ houseguests. I will announce the results next week and get you ready for the official announcements of the 20 houseguests that could be in the real ‘Big Brother 7: All-Star Edition’ this summer! But we will continue our voting until the end. But first the second round is this week. There are 12 matchups featuring three houseguests each! You can vote HERE! Tell your friends and any ‘Big Brother’ fans you might know. Spread the word as this is YOUR chance to decide which ‘Big Brother’ houseguest is the greatest EVER!

That’s all I got this week! Any questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome, especially if it is dealing with this new tournament.

Remember..“Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, but It’s a Beautiful Ride!”

And as always…“You Can’t Fight Fate!”. See you when I see you!