[ECW] Profiles Added, Tazz’s Reasons For Leaving, More

– Wrestler profiles were recently added to ECW.com for Roadkill, Kelly, Tony Mamaluke and Trinity.

– Tazz also gives his reasons for leaving Smackdown behind in an audio report, which you can download (in mp3 format) here.

– The One Night Stand DVD will include post-show fan comments, the Battle Royal won by Big Show from the USA Network special, and the opening segment with Heyman, Van Dam, Cena and Edge from Tuesday’s first Sci-Fi show. The DVD, which releases July 11, will also feature a copy of the first-ever ECW PPV, Barely Legal.

– The highest-rated segment from the ECW on Sci-Fi debut did not feature John Cena or Edge, according to PWInsider; rather, it featured Kelly doing her (not really a) striptease. In fact, Cena and Edge were featured in the segment that drew the least amount of viewers. If this trend continues, WWE will realize they’re not drawing ECW fans because of anything they are personally doing, but because there’s a large core of ECW fans who want to see the ECW they remember.

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